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Pictures speak louder: Palestine a prosperous land since thousands of years.

Posted on: April 30, 2022

#Palestine National Geographic’s 1947 map of Palestine, before European invading Zionists committed the gruesome and violent mass expulsion of 800,000 Palestinians (known as the Nakba),

The colonial powers encouraged Ben Gurion to proclaim the state of ‘Israel’ on the lands of Palestine they had ethnically cleansed.

Don’t be fooled by the nonsense that Zionist trolls throw at you here on social media; this is recorded and undisputed history.

Ignore them completely, they are just attempting to sow doubt, in order to try and justify the unjustifiable

May be an image of map and text
May be an image of 5 people and text that says 'KUFF TEAM YA Israel's invasion of Al-Aqsa was also an assault on Palestinian identity and culture. During the attack, Israeli police damaged the historic structure of the holy mosque, breaking stained glass windows and crumbling walls that have stood for centuries.'


May be an image of 2 people, people standing, outdoors and text that says 'KUFF TEAM YA IOF fired tear gas, stun grenades, and rubber-coated steel bullets at Palestinians praying inside the mosque, in addition to journalists, medics, elders, and children outside, injuring at least 158 Palestinians.'
May be an image of 10 people and text that says 'KUFF TEAM YA TEA Israel's assault on Al-Aqsa was a violent attack by a heavily-armed occupying power, IOF, against the civilian population it oppresses daily, the Palestinians, as they were gathered to pray during their holiest month of the year.'
May be an image of 4 people and text that says 'Le rapport indique qu'au village palestinien de Saliha, IMEU "1 La 7ème brigade a exécuté entre 60 et 80 habitants en utilisant une méthode déjà utilisée de nombreuses fois pendant la guerre: en concentrant les résidents dans un immeuble du village et en faisant exploser la structure avec les gens dedans. Source: Haaretz'


May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'IMEU In'yap IIn'y a pas eu de bataille et pas de résistance. Les premiers (sionistes) conquérants ont tué 80 à 100 arabes, hommes, femmes et enfants. Les enfants ont été tués en brisant leurs crânes avec des bâtons. -Un soldat sioniste qui a été témoin du massacre Source: Haaretz'

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