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The Palestinian Information Center is with Mir Ishtiyaq

Old enough to be his grandmother: Jewish terrorist knees Palestinian woman in her chest in occupied Jerusalem as Jewish fanatics parade Jerusalem with their racist flag chanting Israel’s anthem: Death to Arabs.

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A Jewish settler kicking an old Palestinian woman who defied the colons from entering the Aqsa.

Jerusalem قدس

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The Jewish settlers/colons were harangued to enter the Aqsa carrying the Israeli flag.
They were repulsed by the steadfast Palestinians who amassed and stayed there all day and night long.

The Palestinian Information Center

Archbishop Hanna confirmed that the extremist Israeli settlers’ raids on the Al-Aqsa Mosque constitute a violation against each Palestinian, labeling the flag march as provocative and aggressive.

Hanna: Christian churches condemn settlers’ flag march
Archbishop Hanna Attalah


A Palestinian elderly man raises the Palestine flag as he passes by an Israeli military jeep in Huwara town near Nablus today.

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May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'Palestine くぐ PHOTO ODAYDAIBES PHOTO:ODAYDAIBES DAY In a matter of hours, occupied West Bank bids farewell to 4 Palestinians murdered by Israeli gunfire'
They have names

In a matter of hours, 4 Palestinians, including 2 women, got murdered in cold blood by Israeli forces’ bullets in the occupied West Bank.

Because they NOT just Numbers, Say Their Names:
1. Ghada Sabatin, 47
2. Maha Za’atari, 24
3. Muhammad Ghneim, 21
4. Muhammad Zakarneh, 17

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Wonderful Town of Nablus
May be an image of text that says 'vous achetez des produíts israéliens Plus de terres ísraéliennes, plus de graines plantées Plus de profits ísraéliens, plus de recettes fiscales Plus de tué.e.s et dépossédé.e.s de leurs terres Plus de balles israéliennes, plus d'armes'

Briser le cycle.
Une illustration de Mona Chalabi sur la façon dont le boycott des produits israéliens peuvent intervenir dans le meurtre et le déplacement des
Visuel via: Jewish Voice for Peace

May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'IMEU L'exil est bien plus qu'un concept géographique. On peut être exilé dans sa propre patrie, dans sa maison, dans une pièce.I pièce. -Mahmoud Darwich Poète PHOTO:AFP'
Il y a trois jours nous commémorions l’anniversaire de la mort du poète et penseur palestinien Mahmoud Darwich.
Treize ans après sa mort, il reste une icône de la résilience palestinienne face à l’exil et à l’effacement.
Source visuel: The IMEU
Traduction: Agence Média Palestine

The History of Africa Magazine 


Note: When Islam spread in Africa, many countries expanded to become powerful and rich empires. The rule of equitability was dominant and wars among tribes diminished.

The so-called “Christian” invaders failed to be a catalyst for progress and focused on robbing Africa natural wealth and enslaving the Africans for extracting the riches.

“All of the countries named as Underdeveloped in the world are exploited by others. And underdevelopment to which the world is preoccupied is a product of capitalist, imperialist and colonial exploitation.”

– Walter Rodney (How Europe Underdeveloped Africa).

When the Europeans came to Whydah, they found a thriving kingdom with its own institutions, political system and a network of trading relations between Dahomey and other West African kingdoms like the Benin empire in what is modern day Nigeria.

Benin, for instance had being trading with Dahomey since the early 17th century CE and Ashanti kingdom in the following centuries, even before both Ashanti and Dahomey became a strong political entity to be reckoned with.

These trade relations were shattered by first the Portuguese, then the British and the French, with the sole intentions that all Africans polities should no more be trading among each other but that they should all depend slavishly on Europe.

To this end, Europe was most successful and the effects can still be felt today. So much so that some African countries today imports toothpicks from Europe.

The Europeans were welcomed with the traditional African hospitality, because according to Historian Dr John Henrik Clarke, “no one would have imagined that the welcomed guests will enslave the man of the house and the woman who cooked the meal.”

No one would have, indeed, imagined that.

Also, the African kings did not know that the European trading (and later looting and plundering) corporation had an active army.

For example, the British East Indian trading corporation under Colin Mackenzie in the 1800s, that took over India (especially the kingdom of Virjayanangra in southern India) had such an army.

The Dutch east Indian company had such an army too.

One of the successful transaction of such a trading corporation was when the entity that became northern protectorates and southern protectorates of the British (which was later amalgamated by the British in 1914 CE.

They formed Nigeria after series of wars and manipulations and was bought by the British from the Royal Niger company for an amount of about 850 hundred pounds.

No Africa was part of this transaction. And in this way, it was like a ‘mafia don who had taken over a territory, selling what wasn’t his to another mafia don.’

The British (descendants of the European barbarian tribe, the Angles-Saxons) claimed this territory as their own property, just as the French (descendants of the European barbarian tribe known as the Franks) took over Dahomey in 1894 CE.

This had come at huge price for the Africans.

First, the visitors were allowed room on the coastal areas and they brought in an invisible enemy, alien disease like gonorrhea, syphilis, smallpox and other germs causing ailments that the Africans were not immune to.

Next was slavery that was followed closely by colonialism that shattered African ancient polities to this very day.

And why Europeans were busy with this ‘enterprise,’ Arabs were busy in the Sahel, north Africa and east Africa, placing a ‘knife on everything that had held the societies together, even before there was an Europe or an Arab in existence. This knife was Mohammedanism or Islam; and it has confused the Africans to this very day.

We shall be looking into how these events in history had unfolded over the centuries, and what Africa was like before the first Arab or European arrived Africa, in subsequent articles.

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Most mega countries are restricting their food export of wheat, sugar, sunflower oil… And yet, agro-multinationals profit by the $billions

No sugar exportation from India (world largest producer) and Brazil.

I bet you, obesity will still increase: the less the brain functions, the heavier the tommy.

Kristalina Georgieva, the ever-gregarious director of the IMF said geopolitical frictions are creating new fault lines in the global economy.

“the risk that we are going to walk into a world with more fragmentation, with trade blocs and currency blocs, separating what was up to now still an integrated world economy.” (Integrated among the colonial powers?)

Damn it Kristalina, Lebanon needs a few $billion to let our sectarian political system sustain its status quo, amid our religious sects fault lines

Central Banks are meant to control the flow of “national” currencies. If the de facto currency in Lebanon is the $, then the USA should cover all the expenses of Lebanon useless central bank.

This single mom recount her story when there was a law for gun control in USA:

” When I bought my home, the gun dealership made fun of me for buying a Beretta 21 A Bobcat. This was in 1994 and I had to fill out forms, get fingerprinted and checked out by the FBI before I could bring my hand gun home.

After about a week I was given the OK to have it. That LAW expired in 2004

After surgery, the nurses wheeled my mother of 90 to ground floor for X-ray to check on the prosthetic status, they infused a unit of blood and performed many task on her, without even caring to explain to her every step of what she should expect and why? She cried non stop

We don’t have a bias toward Action: The comfort of the discontented status quo is much less scary than the potential of the unknown.

Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi discovery changed the way we look at the stars in the sky. The lunar crater “Azophi” and the minor planet “12621 Alsufi” are named after him.

Al-Sufi published “Book of Fixed Stars (كتاب صور الكواكب)” in 964 CE. The book is one of the most important medieval Arabic treatises on astronomy and contains an extensive star catalog, which lists star coordinates and magnitude estimates, as well as detailed star charts.

Did you know that one stone in the pyramid weighs between 2 tons to 15 tons? The number of stones in the pyramid is about 3 million.

The weight of the granite stone in the ceiling of the King’s Chamber reaches 70 tons!

(No one knows how the ancient Egyptians carried, cut, and arranged these stones despite their enormous size).

A conjecture, stitching events, and based on 3 valid assumptions:

1. The Assad regime has delimited Red Lines with Israel after the 1973 war and has stuck with them since then

2. Russia is totally intend on preserving the Assad regime. This is one point that Russia, the USA and Israel agree upon.

3. The main enemy to Israel is Hezbollah of Lebanon.

In the past year, Israel has been frequently bombing Iranian centers in Syria and transport of weapons to Hezbollah.

The Syrian regime was unable to counter these attacks (Russia control the air missiles), or the regime refused to engage in targeting Israel jets because of the Red Lines agreed upon

Iran wants to reacts but is unable to, unless the Syrian regime gives the green light.

Hezbollah is getting suspicious of the dealing of the Syrian regime with the “Guld States” and because

The Syrian regime reached this reality that Russia is Not such a valid ally for effective reconstruction and China is Not stepping in to relieve the faltering economy.

Consequently, the regime would Not mind to negotiate with the USA to allow Syria to sustain itself after these harsh sanctions.

My conjecture is that Hezbollah is getting worried of the plans of the Syrian regime and need to save its back from the regime “prices” to be paid for its “stability”

Consequently, better let the Lebanese politicians (deputies) and political parties, which may side with the regime, to get out of the political scene and be weakened in popularity.

I noticed from the state of my parents when hospitalized:

Why most elder people, responding to local anesthesia after a surgery, feel this rage to take off their hospital gown and every syringes attached to their body? They wouldn’t mind removing their skin too.

In 1807, UK Parliament abolished the slave trade, but it took another 26 years to emancipate those already enslaved. An important reason for this was the financial losses which slave owners – with vested interests represented in both the Houses of Parliament – had in maintaining slavery.

When emancipation was finally achieved, these slave owners received £20 million in compensation from the British government – the UK taxpayer. The slaves had to work to “earn their Freedom”.

This translates to around £16.5 billion today or 40% of the Treasury’s annual spending budget. The wealth of many of the most successful families and organizations today had its origins in the slavery business.

China, the one nation with surplus cash/credit, has not been supporting the G20 framework for dealing with debt restructuring.

And China is the largest creditor to African countries, which have been the first to apply for the new framework.

In a panel about “making the metaverse,” each panelist began with a definition:

“The next iteration of the internet…the part where it gets less flat.” —Chris Cox,

“A single shared place we would inhabit together as humans.” —Philip Rosedale,

“A new form of expression.” —Omar Sultan Al Olama,

“The seamless merging of our digital and physical worlds.” —Peggy Johnson,

Much of the discussion focused on avoiding the mistakes the tech industry made on social media, including the unintended consequences of predicting user behavior to target content and advertising.

But Meta’s metaverse, at least, won’t be ad-free.

“If you want free services at scale,” Cox said, “advertising is the natural business model for it.”

Human species have many origins, as many as there are main rivers in the world.

Starting from the Great Lakes, the Mississippi river, the Colorado River, the Amazon, the Congo, the Indus, The Ganges, the Yellow river and Mekong, the Niles, Euphrates and Tigris rivers…

With the frequent climate changes, people got on the move to “Greener Pastures” where water was still available.

I posit for the origins of people in the Middle-East:

Mind you that the Sahara Desert was blooming in green and all kinds of wild animals….more than 10,000 years.

As the climate changed to colder periods and ocean water got colder, evaporation diminished and rainy seasons turned rare and unstable.

Civilization or concentration of people, starting in the Sudan along the Nile river, expanded northward and established the successive Pharaoh dynasties.

In the Anatolia plateau, people converged toward the Euphrates and Tigris rivers and built empires such as Sumer, Akkad, Babylon, Hittite, Assyria…

The Canaanite civilization on all the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea played the transmission link between the Niles and the Euphrates/Tigris concentration of people.

Egypt culture and goods were traded with the culture and goods of the Euphrates/Tigris empires.

As traders and communicator (scholars/ experts), they spread the sciences, stories and myths of the empires.

It is no wonder that all the religions in this region are the same, in ceremonies and customs, and their gods were allocated the same functions with different Names.

And many City-States along that shore enjoyed periods of trade dominance, depending on the special goods and products the dominant empires wanted and required.

These City-States were mainly traders and skilled artisans and didn’t care for investing in stones and luxury palaces, monuments…

They were coerced, by force or infusion of money by the invading military empires, (wealth acquired by looting the city-states), to built “luxury domains” for the nobility of the occupiers.

That is what archeologists can still find in Greater Syria.

As for the great monuments in other regions they are the doing of the skilled artisans of the City-States, who were transferred to other empires to built sumptuous imprints for posterities.

I posit that Baalbek is many millennia old, more than 7,000 years BC. I conjecture that those who built the Pyramids and the great monument in Egypt, and who fled the climate change around the Nile, contributed to train the people in Lebanon to construct Baalbek.

Baalbek is Not excavated yet, and what is under is far more complex and majestic than what is found on the surface.

For example, the amphitheater in Tyr and its hippodrome is over 200 years older than anything Rome ended up constructing.

In any case, the maritime fortresses in Saida and Tyr and many city-states are testimony to the ingenious skills of the Canaanite, and later the Phoenician civilization that dominated all the Mediterranean Sea for at least 1,000 year, built cities and installed their brand of religion and trading traditions.

The city-States did Not deem it profitable to raise any standing armies: In time of unrest, they would hire mercenaries from the Bedouin tribes and pay them, including the privilege of looting, the preferred pass-time for them.

This were the cases of the Bedouin in the Arabic peninsula close to the borders and the “Jewish” tribes in the Nakab. These tribes function was to secure the trade routes in peacetime (Strong central power) and looting razia during period of weak central powers.

The Dutch EU envoy to the region, Sven Kopmayer, after visiting Israel spent a few days in Lebanon, meeting the President, the PM and the Parliament chief.

His proposal: negotiate a lasting peace treaty with Israel and Lebanon will be permitted to join a gas/oil consortiums with Israel/Egypt/Cyprus/Emirate…to export gas to the EU…

The warning was that EU will maintain its policies of keeping the Lebanese people in famine and living instability…unless Lebanon cooperate in that proposal, a proposal that has been frequently on the table and which Israel consistently refused.

تهديد أوروبي للبنان: استسلام مقابل الغذاء

بتوقيتٍ ولغة ابتزاز واضحة، حمل مبعوث الاتحاد الأوروبي سفين كوبمانز «المبعوث الخاص للاتحاد الأوروبي لعملية السلام في الشرق الأوسط»، طرحاً غربياً للبنان ومقاومته للانخراط في عمليّة «سلام» مع العدوّ الإسرائيلي تحت مسمّى الحل النهائي.

في مقابل التطبيع والتنازل عن الحقوق، يقدم الأوروبيون للبنانيين مغريات الخبز والدواء والكهرباء، وللمقاومة اللبنانية\ امتيازات واسعة في النظام الجديد

قبل أسبوعين من موعد الانتخابات النيابية، ترك سفين كوبمانز، صخب الجبهة الأوكرانية ضد الروس، وحطّ ضيفاً ثقيلاً في بيروت، ليروّج لـ«الحلّ النهائي» مع العدوّ الإسرائيلي، بوصفه السبيل الوحيد للاستقرار في الشرق، والمخرج الوحيد للبنان من أزمته الحالية.

الدبلوماسي الهولندي الآتي من فلسطين المحتلة بعد لقاء وزير حرب العدو بيني غانتس، جال على مدى أيّام بين مقرّات الرؤساء الثلاثة ووزارة الخارجية وحزب الله، متحدّثاً باسم 27 دولة أوروبية عن ضرورة تفعيل «عمليّة السلام»، بينما تُقرع طبول الحرب من القدس إلى حلب، ومن تايوان إلى السويد.

اختصر رئيس الجمهورية ميشال عون موقف لبنان الرسمي بـ«دعم لبنان أي تحرّك أوروبي لإحياء عملية السلام انطلاقاً من مبادرة قمة بيروت»، من دون أن يظهر إلى العلن موقف لبناني يشرح كلام عون أو يتناول «عروضات المندوب السامي» الأوروبي.

إلّا أن كل المصادر المتقاطعة تؤكّد لـ«الأخبار» بأن كوبمانز تحدّث بشكل واضح عن سعي أوروبي لإجراء مفاوضات بين العدو الإسرائيلي والعديد من الدول و«الجهات» العربية التي لا تزال تتمسّك بموقفها من الصراع، ومنها لبنان والمقاومة فيه، وعن نيّة أوروبيّة مدعومة من إدارة الرئيس الأميركي جو بايدن، للوصول إلى «حلّ نهائي» خلال السنوات القليلة المقبلة.
يبدأ طرح المبعوث الأوروبي من الانهيار الاقتصادي في لبنان وتعذّر استخراج النفط والغاز،

وأنه «ليس أمام اللبنانيين أي حلول عمليّة للأزمة من دون مساعدة خارجية وأوروبية – أميركية تحديداً»، وأن هذه المساعدة لن تتمّ من دون «الحل النهائي».

الجديد في خطاب المبعوث، هو الفذلكة الأوروبية المستجدة بالقول إن «المقاومة اللبنانية والفلسطينية نجحت في تثبيت قوّتها، لكن هذه القوّة تحتاج إلى الدخول في مسار سياسي لتحقّق الاستقرار الاقتصادي والرفاهية».
وعلى ما تقول مصادر «الأخبار»، فإن كوبمانز أكّد انطلاق الاتحاد الأوروبي من تضمين الحلّ النهائي «الدولتين» والقدس عاصمة للدولتين (شرقية وغربية) مع «حرية ممارسة الشعائر الدينية والحفاظ على التعايش الديني»، و«معالجة أزمة اللاجئين وفق ترتيبات الحل الدائم في عملية السلام».

فاوضوا إسرائيل… تعيشو
بالنسبة للبنان، يعتقد الأوروبيون أن الانهيار سبب كافٍ للبدء بمفاوضات مع العدو برعاية أوروبية، فـ«أنتم لستم قادرين على حل أزماتكم ولم تشاركوا في مفاوضات السلام سابقاً، نحن نعرض الآن الأبواب المفتوحة للعمليّة السلمية والتي ستنعكس ازدهاراً عليكم»، .
ومن بين المغريات، يؤكّد الموفد الأوروبي أن «عمليّة السلام تحلّ مشكلة الطاقة في لبنان بشكل نهائي، وتسمح للبنانيين بإنتاج الكهرباء واستثمار الموارد النفطية والغازية بشكل سليم»،

وأن «لبنان قد ينضم سريعاً إلى كونسورتيوم إقليمي يضم مصر والإمارات وقبرص واليونان وإسرائيل ودولاً أخرى، ما يساعد على استقدام الاستثمارات وإنعاش الاقتصاد».

لا ينفصل هذا الطرح القديم/الجديد، والحركة الديبلوماسية المرافقة في لبنان عموماً، عن الحماسة في بروكسيل لاستقرار أمني وسياسي في المنطقة جرّاء «الحلّ النهائي» المتخيّل، والاتفاق النووي الإيراني «المرتجى»، ومدى الحاجة لتأمين مصادر وخطوط نقل آمنة للغاز من الشرق وشمال أفريقيا بديلة عن الغاز الروسي.

كن عروض كوبمانز تدلّل على أن أوروبا شريكة أساسية في حصار لبنان حالياً وإفقار شعبه وتجويعه وتهجيره، بعدما كانت شريكة في نهبه وتدمير اقتصاده عبر دعم النظام الطائفي والاتفاقيات الجائرة مع الاتحاد ودعم سياسات الاستدانة ومنعه من بناء محطات الطاقة ومشاركة الشركات الأوروبية الفاسدين في القطاع المصرفي والتغطية عليهم. كما تكشف أن قرار مساعدة لبنان اقتصادياً للخروج من الأزمة وتخفيف الحصار السياسي – الاقتصادي، لا يرتبط بكل

المعزوفة الأوروبية عن الإصلاحات وإعادة الهيكلة ومحاسبة الفاسدين، إنّما حصراً بالموقف السياسي للبنان من الصرا مع العدوّ وسلاح المقاومة والتنقيب عن الثروات في البحر.
وما عرض كوبمانز إلّا ابتزاز للبنانيين في عزّ أزمتهم لانتزاع موقف سياسي تحت وطأة الجوع والمرض والحصار، ليصير «السلام» والاستسلام لإسرائيل مقابل الغذاء والدواء والكهرباء،

في سياسة مشابهة لمعادلة «النفط مقابل الغذاء»، التي أدمت العراق وحصدت أرواح مليون طفل عراقي خلال عشر سنوات.
أما الضغوط الأوروبية على حزب الله، إن عبر العقوبات والتصنيفات أو عبر الحملات الممنهجة التي تشنّها المنظمات والشخصيات المدعومة من الأوروبيين في لبنان والتي برزت خلال الانتخابات الأخيرة بمرويّة واحدة تحمّل سلاح المقاومة مسؤولية الانهيار، فتظهر هزيلةً أمام كلام كوبمانز،

مع استعداد أوروبا للتخلّي عن أدواتها المحليّة و«منح» لبنان لحزب الله، في حال دخوله «الحلّ» المزعوم، متخليّاً عن الدور الذي نشأ من أجله

تنفر من مقاربة بروكسيل هذه أيضاً، ازدواجية المعايير المعتمدة من الاتحاد الأوروبي والانفصام السياسي والأخلاقي حيال مسألة اللجوء الفلسطيني مثلاً.

حيث يمرّ اللاجئون في لبنان مع 12 مخيماً وغيرها من التجمعات بشكل عرضي، من دون أي اهتمام لمصيرهم، مع ما يتضمنه «الحل النهائي» من هدر متعمّد لحقّ العودة، ومخاطر التوطين على لبنان، بالتوازي مع عملية التصفية الممنهجة أميركياً وأوروبياً لوكالة غوث وتشغيل اللاجئين «الأونروا».

كلّ هذا، وأوروبا تنوح على اللاجئين الأوكران (مع اختلاف طبيعة الصراع طبعاً بين فلسطين وأوكرانيا) وتسهّل انتقال 200 ألف مستوطن يهودي جديد من أوكرانيا إلى فلسطين،

ولا تستطيع أن «تمون» على حليفتها الدولة العبرية على الأقل لتخفيض عدّاد اللاجئين الفلسطينيين الجدد الذين تسطو عصابات الاستيطان على بيوتهم كل يوم وتبني المستعمرات على أراضيهم، فتكتفي أوروبا بالتعبير عن قلقها!
ويمكن الاستنتاج من طرح كوبمانز، السعي الأوروبي الواضح لفصل المسار اللبناني عن المسار السوري في أي مفاوضات مطروحة، للاستفراد بلبنان وسوريا معاً،

وطي صفحة «تلازم المسار والمصير» نهائياً. وهذا الأمر، تكشفه أيضاً المساعي الفرنسية المستمرة لعرقلة أي تقدّم في العلاقات الرسمية بين بيروت ودمشق.

إلّا أن أخطر ما في العرض الغربي الحالي، هو استمرار التجاهل الأوروبي لطبيعة الصراع الوجودي بين أصحاب الأرض والمشروع الصهيوني،

والإصرار على تطبيع وجود مستعمرة عنصرية اقتلاعية خارجة عن الطبيعة على أرض فلسطين، وسوء تقدير للمستوى الذي وصل إليه الصراع في هذه المرحلة.

فمنذ أوسلو وحتى اليوم، باءت كل مسارات التسويات المزعومة بالفشل، وأعلنت السيادة الإسرائيلية على القدس وعلى الجولان المحتلّ وتوسّع الاستيطان بشكل خطير في الضفّة الغربية،

مع عجز غربي واضح عن فرض أي تنازل على العدوّ حتى من ضمن تفاهمات أوسلو نفسه، حتى فقدت السلطة الفلسطينية أي طرح منطقي أمام الشعب الفلسطيني عن جدوى التفاوض.

كما أن عروض «الحلّ النهائي» الأوروبية ليست جديدة، بدءاً بترتيبات كوفي عنان المقترحة للجنوب بعد تحرير عام 2000، ثم بعد عام 2005 وفي 2011 مع بداية الحرب على سوريا، ومختلف هذه الطروحات كانت تلقى الجواب ذاته من المقاومة اللبنانية.

ومشهد العمليات شبه اليومية ضد الاحتلال في الضفة، ويوميات معركة «سيف القدس» في الداخل المحتلّ، والقوة العسكرية التي وصلت إليها المقاومة في لبنان، والإعداد المستمر للمعركة الفاصلة، هي الأجوبة الكافية عن شكل «الحلّ النهائي» الوحيد والمتاح بتفكيك إسرائيل وعودة الصهاينة إلى بلدانهم الأصلية،

وهو بالطبع، لا يشبه الحلول الغربية بشيء


During a discussion about how to discourage people from deforesting the Amazon basin, bankers and politicians offered rosy schemes for “agroforestry” and “financing the forest.

The lone skeptic was Ricardo Hausmann, a political economist at Harvard.
“Let me tell you how distorted this market is,” he said:
“Europeans are willing to pay $100 per ton of CO2.
The equilibrium price in Colombia has been hovering between $3 and $5.

A hectare (of trees) captures about 5 tons a year for about 20 years, and then it stabilizes.
At $5, that’s $25 (per year).

They put half a cow per hectare. You need two hectares for one cow, in that region.

Half a cow is worth more than $25. So you’d rather put a cow than leave the forest…

The prices are not there yet, because the markets in Europe don’t know if the forest they’re paying for is going to be there tomorrow.

They don’t know if they’re paying for reforestation, because that’s going to create a new incentive: to deforest, so that you can reforest.

Climate changes are cyclical since earth was formed. (Drastic change every around 20,000 years and less drastic every 2,000 years but still change power empires)

Countless powerful empires vanished due to climate changes and many species were annihilated.

These changes are “independent of man-made” exhaustion and tampering on nature.

The frustration of people is that multinational companies in all production fields have robbed the next generation of a couple hundred of years of natural rejuvenation.

Fact is the Solar system is advancing far away from the center of the galaxy, and thus a long period of cold is to engulf earth, as it occurred many times and lasting for millennia.

The wave of drier seasons and typhoons Not coming at a timely expectations are in to stay: The oceans are colder and evaporation are diminishing and preventing frequent rain precipitations.

The violent reactions of nature are convincing humans that he is helpless in whatever technologies he is inventing to tamper nature rage.

Applying statistics to faked data/facts generate another weird world history

Anatoly Fomenko (a renowned Russian mathematician). 

MAY 22, 2022 

In Fomenko’s world, the “Russia-Horde” built the Great Pyramids, colonized America, and inspired a fiction the rest of us know as the Roman Empire.

If you know enough mathematicians, you might believe almost any story about one.

They can simultaneously be brilliant and completely bonkers. (To be fair, we physicists aren’t much better.) Anatoly Fomenko is an accomplished Russian mathematician who also happens to be — in his own mind, anyway — a historian.

Anatoly version of history, however, is quite different from most.

Fomenko combs through historical records of past millennia, looking for statistical correlations in the patterns of events and their relative timing.

Knowing the proper order of events and their relative separation in years helps a historian narrow down the absolute date at which they occurred. This is chronology.

Fomenko doesn’t believe that statistically similar chronologies repeat by chance.

When two timelines match up too closely, one of them must be phony. This leads him to some eye-popping conclusions.

The synthesis of his 40 years of work: All of written history is merely copying, altering, and repeating a limited set of historical events that have occurred entirely since 800 AD, and mostly since 1000-1100 AD.

Nothing in earlier eras truly happened. This is pithily summarized as Antiquity is Middle Ages. It’s a bit hard to imagine, so let’s look at an example.

Fomenko’s parallel universe

Line up a chart of the reigns of the kings of Judah from roughly 0 to 400 AD with a chart of the German kings of about 950 to 1350 AD. You can see that the patterns look similar.

This could mean that the Kingdom of Judah was concocted by historians ripping off the real history of the Middle Age Saxon dynasty in Europe. (Not sure from this sentence which history is bonkers)

This is Fomenko parallelism, a method somewhat akin to science.

It finds many statistical correlations between historical chronologies; you can see about 20 of them here. In some sense, this could mean that an entire false prehistory of Western civilization was stitched together by repeating more modern history with fudged names, dates, and details — emphasis here continues to be placed on could.

Fomenko parallelism also extends to observations of the stars, the physical distances between historical capitals, similarities in names, and so on.

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With so much history to re-write, there are many famous casualties.

Jesus Christ could have been the Byzantine Emperor Andronikos I Komnenos, fused with elements borrowed from the biographies of other historical figures, possibly including a Pope and a Chinese emperor.

If that sounds too unbelievable, consider that Komnenos was put to death at the end of his reign with some wounds similar to those of Jesus. Then again, he was also licentious, murderous, and cruel. (But that’s according to the official histories, of course.)

Several historically prominent cities are further casualties of Fomenko’s alternate chronology. It turns out that ancient Troy and Jerusalem/(Constantinople). were the same city. Ancient Rome, on the other hand, may have been in Egypt, though this “requires additional research.” Rome in Italy was only built in the 14th century.

Enter the Russia-Horde

While all that may sound wild enough, we’re just warming up for the main event. The biggest takeaway from Fomenko’s work may be that much of human history was dominated by the Russia-Horde. 

This force, led by czar-khans such as Georgiy — Genghis KhanDanilovichi, conquered most of the world. In the process, they built the Pyramids of Giza and inspired the historical fiction of the ancient Roman Empire.

The exploits of Dmitry Donskoy were repurposed to create the Roman Emperor Constantine.

In this version of history, Donskoy was not a Russian leader who defeated the Mongols, but rather a leader of the Russia-Horde. In the following centuries, the Russia-Horde accomplished other feats such as sending colonizers to America who began a Christian empire of American Incans.

Lessons from Anatoly Fomenko

Fomenko’s 7-volume series contains a vast range of (mis)information, which rewrites nearly all of human history into its alternate chronology.

We can barely scratch the skin of this large and juicy fruit. It’s an entertaining read if you’re looking for something unusual and absorbing. Many passages, including several linked above, can be accessed for free on the New Chronology website. Here’s Volume I for starters.

What conclusions can we draw from this work?

First, it’s a good thing that people are out looking for truth in unorthodox ways. Uncertain dates are foreign to us in an age of voluminous paper and digital records. However, knowledge of ancient history was only kept alive over several centuries by a small number of literate theologians and scholars.

With the channels of information so few and tenuous, it’s conceivable for large portions of it to be altered in some way.

Fomenko suspects a few Christian scholars, especially Joseph Scaliger, of pulling the Scaligerian chronology switcheroo.

This may be less crazy than it sounds when we consider that it has happened repeatedly within living memory.

Top Articles4 categories of pseudoscience — and how to talk to people who believe in them

Second, mathematics and science are powerful tools, but they are not omnipotent. They have limited value in figuring out history. Statistics is a self-consistent discipline, but when applied improperly — as it often is — the conclusions are worthless.

The lack of scientific reproducibility in some modern research disciplines is a testament to this.

Fomenko’s work is a fun “what if,” but also a lesson on the limitations of statistical analysis methods.

Slave owners received lavish compensation, while the slaves had to work harder to Earn their Freedom.

Queen Nanny of the Maroons

May 23 at 4:55 PM  · 


In 1807, Parliament abolished the slave trade, but it took another 26 years to emancipate those already enslaved.

An important reason for this was the financial losses which slave owners – with vested interests represented in both the Houses of Parliament – had in maintaining slavery.

When emancipation was finally achieved, these slave owners received £20 million in compensation from the British government – the UK taxpayer.

This translates to around £16.5 billion today or 40% of the Treasury’s annual spending budget.

The wealth of many of the most successful families and organizations today had its origins in the slavery business (and enslaving entire towns in their mines production)

In contrast, emancipated slaves received no compensation and were expected to work without wages for a further number of years in order to ‘earn’ their own freedom.

Yet this factor in the history of British colonial and financial success to the present day is relatively little known.

Professor Catherine Hall (UCL History) led the Legacies of British Slave Ownership project (launched in 2009), using the compensation records to trace the life trajectories of the c. 3,000 slave owners in Britain. These were eventually published online, in the Encyclopaedia of British Slave Ownership.

The project’s findings almost immediately had substantial impact on public perception.

In 2009, the Financial Times published a front page story on the roots of the City’s prosperity in slave ownership compensations.

The merchant bank NM Rothschild and the law firm Freshfields both publicly acknowledged and regretted their past association with slavery, whilst RBS acknowledged the compensation awarded to the directors of the bank at the time.

This forgotten history has sparked widespread interest.

Members of the public were encouraged to join in investigating it, and their contributions were included as part of the academic record preserved in the Encyclopaedia.

Hundreds participated in workshops, and many more attended exhibitions on the local history of slavery in and around London.


Friends of Palestine

Derek Harris

Boycott Israeli Apartheid Ireland 

Ramallah, Palestine, 1917.

May be an image of monument and outdoors

Boycott Israeli Apartheid Ireland

Israeli Occupied Haifa.

May be an image of outdoors

1M Palestine

May be an image of 1 person
Agence Média Palestine

Ghaith Yamein, a 16-year-old Palestinian teenager was shot dead tonight in the head by the Israeli occupation forces in the city of Nablus

In 2022, over 50 Palestinians were killed by Israel 

The Palestine Project

An incredibly rare £100 Palestine banknote found in a Oxfam charity store has sold online for a whopping £140,000 – 1,400 times its original value.

Rare £100 banknote found in charity shop sells at auction for £140,000


May be an image of outdoors and text that says 'IMEU Cette pratique traumatisante est non seulement illégale au regard du droit international, mais elle constitue aussi une technique de punition collective qui renforce l'occupation et déplace les familles palestiniennes, les laissant sans abri. PHOTO:JOSEPH DANA'
The Palestinians are pressured to demolish their own home to save the cost of paying for its destruction.


May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'Jarrar, leader politique palestinienne de gauche, a été arrêtée en 2019, moins d'un an après sa libération de 20 mois en détention israélienne sans inculpation ni procès.'


May be an image of 1 person and text
Le 30 septembre 2001, il y a 21 ans jour pour jour, Mohamed al-Durah, 12 ans, était assassiné avec son père à Gaza par les tirs de l’armée d’occupation israélienne.
21 ans après, la justice n’a toujours pas été rendue:…/20-ans-plus-tard…








See original  · 













It’s really hard for someone who loves mathematics to get bored: maticians can play fun games …

You may think that we are unable to match natural numbers to rational numbers, and the density is enormous.

However, we can use one-to-one correspondence in all positive rational numbers.

Let us move forward using the image below. We wrote natural numbers going to infinity in the first row and column. Then, following a specific pattern, we wrote all rational numbers.

For example, first, we wrote all of the numerators as one and made it so that the denominators were getting larger.

We followed the same process except with two as the numerator in the next row. We then continue these steps to infinity. If we follow the below method for matching, we notice that one-to-one correspondence is, in fact, possible — 1 to 2, 2 to ½, ½ to ⅓, ⅓ to 3, etc.

Cantor’s diagonal argument

As you can see, we can match all natural numbers to positive rational numbers. If we wanted to, we could also use this logic to match all rational numbers to integers. Therefore, we can surmise that rational numbers are countable.

What about real numbers?

Real numbers are Not countable, and Cantor has provided very lovely proof for this as well.

When proving that real numbers are not countable, Cantor used the contradiction method to show that the interval between (0–1) is uncountably large.

First, he assumes that the distance between (0–1) is countable, and when he proves it wrong, he gets a contradiction.

First, Cantor writes all natural numbers from 1 to n, starting at the top left of an empty piece of paper he finds. He then assumes he writes all the numbers between (0–1) on their right, naming them as x₁, x₂, x₃, etc.1 → x₁ = 0.256173…
2 → x₂ = 0.654321…
3 → x₃ = 0.876241…
4 → x₄ = 0.60000…
5 → x₅ = 0.67678…
6 → x₆ = 0.38751…
. . . .
n → xₙ = 0.a₁a₂a₃a₄…aₙ…
. . . .

According to his first assumption, Cantor thinks he should not find any other number between (0–1). He also knows, however, that he must prove this mathematically. 

That is why he starts looking for a number he thinks is not between (0–1), b.

Using a straightforward approach, Cantor finds a number b. 
First of all, he takes the first number that he wrote x₁ and increases its first decimal place by one, and writes b in the first decimal place. 
Therefore he makes two into three and says b = 0.3….. He then says that b is different from x₁.

Then, he makes the second decimal place of x₂ one greater and writes b in the second decimal place. Therefore, he makes 5 into 6 and says that b = 0.36…. 
He then says that b is different than x₂.

Afterward, he raises the third decimal place of x₃ by one and puts b in place of the third decimal place. Therefore, 6 becomes 7, and he writes that b = 0.367…. He then says that the number b is different from x₃.

Cantor continues this pattern and finds a number between (0–1) different from all the numbers he has written before. He then accepts that his assumption is false.

Using the contradiction method, he surmises that real numbers are uncountable because many numbers are left unmatched when one-to-one correspondence is done.

He makes a note in history that real numbers are uncountable.

Cantor published this revolutionary proof in his article called Über eine elementere Frage der Mannigfaltigkeitslehre .’

In less mathematical terms, he would show the world what he had discovered while dealing with his friend’s question, the existence of infinite-element sets with different numbers of elements.

In even simpler terms, he said that “while both natural numbers and real number sets have an infinite number of objects, the real numbers set has more objects in it.”

There are many different kinds of Infinity...In which Infinity would you like to play the game?




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