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The 30-Something Lebanese have themselves to blame for their arrogant know-it -all: They boasted Not to care about “politics”

Posted on: May 10, 2022

I recall that in the last 10 years, I used to listen to the “30-something” Lebanese boasting that they don’t care or meddle in politics.

Actually they were proud that they have no idea who are the government ministers , their deputies, or even the PM.

I warned them that Politics will eventually take care of them if they don’t care at this stage.

I am Not sure if those 40 something living overseas by now, have taken a minute to chastise themselves for their arrogant know-it -all.

And yet, Lebanon calamities and total bankruptcy was a long-time in the making in the last 3 decades: All indicated of a coming doomsday.

And yet, those 30-sometings played the fools, just focusing on global problems such as climate change, Green difficulties, global social inequalities, waste disposal, shortage in global potable water…

While Lebanon was suffering from all these problems at a large scale and close to home.

And most of them refused to own a TV and listen to the news or read dailies: They are all lying to their intelligence and wasting their precious time connecting with close-loop clubs/clans.

The most they endeavored to act upon was to take their own “green disposable bags” to supermarket in order to save on these non-degradable plastic bags.

A few of them learned to separate their home wastes into categories while the municipalities turned a blind eye on coming to support their activities.

And Lebanon experienced frequent waste disposal calamities and entire streets and locations filled up with nauseating environment and eye-soaring views. And this problem has Not been resolved.

And they were supposed to be expert on bitcoin and investing on this new financial gimmick and experts in navigating the internet and cloud….

But the basic problems in Lebanon were none of their trouble as long as they can afford to pay twice and 3 times for each basic necessity in electricity, water…

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