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How do you conceive of Deforestation “Economics”? More planting of tree? Less cutting of trees? How skeptic are you about climate change?

Posted on: May 28, 2022


During a discussion about how to discourage people from deforesting the Amazon basin, bankers and politicians offered rosy schemes for “agroforestry” and “financing the forest.

The lone skeptic was Ricardo Hausmann, a political economist at Harvard.
“Let me tell you how distorted this market is,” he said:
“Europeans are willing to pay $100 per ton of CO2.
The equilibrium price in Colombia has been hovering between $3 and $5.

A hectare (of trees) captures about 5 tons a year for about 20 years, and then it stabilizes.
At $5, that’s $25 (per year).

They put half a cow per hectare. You need two hectares for one cow, in that region.

Half a cow is worth more than $25. So you’d rather put a cow than leave the forest…

The prices are not there yet, because the markets in Europe don’t know if the forest they’re paying for is going to be there tomorrow.

They don’t know if they’re paying for reforestation, because that’s going to create a new incentive: to deforest, so that you can reforest.

Climate changes are cyclical since earth was formed. (Drastic change every around 20,000 years and less drastic every 2,000 years but still change power empires)

Countless powerful empires vanished due to climate changes and many species were annihilated.

These changes are “independent of man-made” exhaustion and tampering on nature.

The frustration of people is that multinational companies in all production fields have robbed the next generation of a couple hundred of years of natural rejuvenation.

Fact is the Solar system is advancing far away from the center of the galaxy, and thus a long period of cold is to engulf earth, as it occurred many times and lasting for millennia.

The wave of drier seasons and typhoons Not coming at a timely expectations are in to stay: The oceans are colder and evaporation are diminishing and preventing frequent rain precipitations.

The violent reactions of nature are convincing humans that he is helpless in whatever technologies he is inventing to tamper nature rage.


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