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This dogma narrative that every event has to have a “Single Origin”: it is spreading bonkers, even in “scientific” fields.

Posted on: May 29, 2022

Human species have many origins, as many as there are main rivers in the world.

Starting from the Great Lakes, the Mississippi river, the Colorado River, the Amazon, the Congo, the Indus, The Ganges, the Yellow river and Mekong, the Niles, Euphrates and Tigris rivers…

With the frequent climate changes, people got on the move to “Greener Pastures” where water was still available.

I posit for the origins of people in the Middle-East:

Mind you that the Sahara Desert was blooming in green and all kinds of wild animals….more than 10,000 years.

As the climate changed to colder periods and ocean water got colder, evaporation diminished and rainy seasons turned rare and unstable.

Civilization or concentration of people, starting in the Sudan along the Nile river, expanded northward and established the successive Pharaoh dynasties.

In the Anatolia plateau, people converged toward the Euphrates and Tigris rivers and built empires such as Sumer, Akkad, Babylon, Hittite, Assyria…

The Canaanite civilization on all the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea played the transmission link between the Niles and the Euphrates/Tigris concentration of people.

Egypt culture and goods were traded with the culture and goods of the Euphrates/Tigris empires.

As traders and communicator (scholars/ experts), they spread the sciences, stories and myths of the empires.

It is no wonder that all the religions in this region are the same, in ceremonies and customs, and their gods were allocated the same functions with different Names.

And many City-States along that shore enjoyed periods of trade dominance, depending on the special goods and products the dominant empires wanted and required.

These City-States were mainly traders and skilled artisans and didn’t care for investing in stones and luxury palaces, monuments…

They were coerced, by force or infusion of money by the invading military empires, (wealth acquired by looting the city-states), to built “luxury domains” for the nobility of the occupiers.

That is what archeologists can still find in Greater Syria.

As for the great monuments in other regions they are the doing of the skilled artisans of the City-States, who were transferred to other empires to built sumptuous imprints for posterities.

I posit that Baalbek is many millennia old, more than 7,000 years BC. I conjecture that those who built the Pyramids and the great monument in Egypt, and who fled the climate change around the Nile, contributed to train the people in Lebanon to construct Baalbek.

Baalbek is Not excavated yet, and what is under is far more complex and majestic than what is found on the surface.

For example, the amphitheater in Tyr and its hippodrome is over 200 years older than anything Rome ended up constructing.

In any case, the maritime fortresses in Saida and Tyr and many city-states are testimony to the ingenious skills of the Canaanite, and later the Phoenician civilization that dominated all the Mediterranean Sea for at least 1,000 year, built cities and installed their brand of religion and trading traditions.

The city-States did Not deem it profitable to raise any standing armies: In time of unrest, they would hire mercenaries from the Bedouin tribes and pay them, including the privilege of looting, the preferred pass-time for them.

This were the cases of the Bedouin in the Arabic peninsula close to the borders and the “Jewish” tribes in the Nakab. These tribes function was to secure the trade routes in peacetime (Strong central power) and looting razia during period of weak central powers.

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