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Most mega countries are restricting their food export of wheat, sugar, sunflower oil… And yet, agro-multinationals profit by the $billions

No sugar exportation from India (world largest producer) and Brazil.

I bet you, obesity will still increase: the less the brain functions, the heavier the tommy.

Kristalina Georgieva, the ever-gregarious director of the IMF said geopolitical frictions are creating new fault lines in the global economy.

“the risk that we are going to walk into a world with more fragmentation, with trade blocs and currency blocs, separating what was up to now still an integrated world economy.” (Integrated among the colonial powers?)

Damn it Kristalina, Lebanon needs a few $billion to let our sectarian political system sustain its status quo, amid our religious sects fault lines

Central Banks are meant to control the flow of “national” currencies. If the de facto currency in Lebanon is the $, then the USA should cover all the expenses of Lebanon useless central bank.

This single mom recount her story when there was a law for gun control in USA:

” When I bought my home, the gun dealership made fun of me for buying a Beretta 21 A Bobcat. This was in 1994 and I had to fill out forms, get fingerprinted and checked out by the FBI before I could bring my hand gun home.

After about a week I was given the OK to have it. That LAW expired in 2004

After surgery, the nurses wheeled my mother of 90 to ground floor for X-ray to check on the prosthetic status, they infused a unit of blood and performed many task on her, without even caring to explain to her every step of what she should expect and why? She cried non stop

We don’t have a bias toward Action: The comfort of the discontented status quo is much less scary than the potential of the unknown.

Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi discovery changed the way we look at the stars in the sky. The lunar crater “Azophi” and the minor planet “12621 Alsufi” are named after him.

Al-Sufi published “Book of Fixed Stars (كتاب صور الكواكب)” in 964 CE. The book is one of the most important medieval Arabic treatises on astronomy and contains an extensive star catalog, which lists star coordinates and magnitude estimates, as well as detailed star charts.

Did you know that one stone in the pyramid weighs between 2 tons to 15 tons? The number of stones in the pyramid is about 3 million.

The weight of the granite stone in the ceiling of the King’s Chamber reaches 70 tons!

(No one knows how the ancient Egyptians carried, cut, and arranged these stones despite their enormous size).

A conjecture, stitching events, and based on 3 valid assumptions:

1. The Assad regime has delimited Red Lines with Israel after the 1973 war and has stuck with them since then

2. Russia is totally intend on preserving the Assad regime. This is one point that Russia, the USA and Israel agree upon.

3. The main enemy to Israel is Hezbollah of Lebanon.

In the past year, Israel has been frequently bombing Iranian centers in Syria and transport of weapons to Hezbollah.

The Syrian regime was unable to counter these attacks (Russia control the air missiles), or the regime refused to engage in targeting Israel jets because of the Red Lines agreed upon

Iran wants to reacts but is unable to, unless the Syrian regime gives the green light.

Hezbollah is getting suspicious of the dealing of the Syrian regime with the “Guld States” and because

The Syrian regime reached this reality that Russia is Not such a valid ally for effective reconstruction and China is Not stepping in to relieve the faltering economy.

Consequently, the regime would Not mind to negotiate with the USA to allow Syria to sustain itself after these harsh sanctions.

My conjecture is that Hezbollah is getting worried of the plans of the Syrian regime and need to save its back from the regime “prices” to be paid for its “stability”

Consequently, better let the Lebanese politicians (deputies) and political parties, which may side with the regime, to get out of the political scene and be weakened in popularity.

I noticed from the state of my parents when hospitalized:

Why most elder people, responding to local anesthesia after a surgery, feel this rage to take off their hospital gown and every syringes attached to their body? They wouldn’t mind removing their skin too.

In 1807, UK Parliament abolished the slave trade, but it took another 26 years to emancipate those already enslaved. An important reason for this was the financial losses which slave owners – with vested interests represented in both the Houses of Parliament – had in maintaining slavery.

When emancipation was finally achieved, these slave owners received £20 million in compensation from the British government – the UK taxpayer. The slaves had to work to “earn their Freedom”.

This translates to around £16.5 billion today or 40% of the Treasury’s annual spending budget. The wealth of many of the most successful families and organizations today had its origins in the slavery business.

China, the one nation with surplus cash/credit, has not been supporting the G20 framework for dealing with debt restructuring.

And China is the largest creditor to African countries, which have been the first to apply for the new framework.

In a panel about “making the metaverse,” each panelist began with a definition:

“The next iteration of the internet…the part where it gets less flat.” —Chris Cox,

“A single shared place we would inhabit together as humans.” —Philip Rosedale,

“A new form of expression.” —Omar Sultan Al Olama,

“The seamless merging of our digital and physical worlds.” —Peggy Johnson,

Much of the discussion focused on avoiding the mistakes the tech industry made on social media, including the unintended consequences of predicting user behavior to target content and advertising.

But Meta’s metaverse, at least, won’t be ad-free.

“If you want free services at scale,” Cox said, “advertising is the natural business model for it.”




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