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Sabine Choucair, June 2022

First day in Erbil, (Northern Iraq, dominated by a Kurdish feudal family the Barazani).

We performed for around 150 Kurdish Syrian refugees but most importantly for 20 adults who are part of the NGO group we’re working with.

A Syrian camp manager who himself, in 2015, tried crossing the sea from turkey to Greece, on a rubber boat with his wife and two kids.

The boat stopped in the middle of the sea, « everyone got so agitated and scared that they were going to drawn us all » he said. He went back to turkey and from there to Erbil and « never again I would try such a thing. What was I thinking I felt I was one second away from death » he said.

The driver looked at him and sarcastically said « who cares about dying. Us Iraqi from Mosel, we went through years and years where everything second we were expecting to loose parts of our bodies or die ».

Today the show was mostly for these guys and all the adults that went through the trauma of war, loss of home and loss of hope.

They thanked us after the show and said they enjoyed it and needed it even more than the kids.

War sucks

No matter where you are, who you are or how old you are.

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