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Clowning for ISIS families in Erbil (Iraq)?

Posted on: June 21, 2022

Sabine Choucair, June 2022

Just came back from a day of 6 shows in a raw in 3 big camps outside of Erbil.

90% of people there are coming from ISIS families. Mainly kids and women, as all men, are either in jail or not to be found.

In the morning before meeting the kids I didn’t know what to think or how to think. I didn’t know what to expect.

Had all these existential questions going on. Couldn’t help but remember all the atrocities of ISIS.

How hard not to have prejudice. How hard it is not to think of so many other people I performed for who were personally attacked, displaced and lost families and home because of ISIS.

I asked myself a ton of questions.

Is it ethical to perform there? Would it be ok ?

Can I dance? Can I be silly? Can I laugh out loud? Will they interact with us clowns?

The minute we stepped foot out of the car, in our clown noses, costumes hoops and kazoos all these thoughts vanished.

The kids and teenagers were the sweetest. Innocent little human beings, running to us, laughing out loud, playing, being silly and the best and most important part of the whole day is that around 960 kids all danced on يا واد يا اسكندراني

Today was the first time these kids and families watch a live show in their life.

I was crying while dancing…


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