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“Clown-me-in” performed in Kurdish-Iranian camp base

Posted on: June 25, 2022

Sabine Choucair

June 2022

We performed in 4 different camps around the KDP-Iran base (aka the castle).

The Kurdish Iranian community was the sweetest ever. They had small camps and we had a kind of smaller audiences than usual in each location. “They don’t have many kids, they are worried about their uncertain future and shaky legal status” one of the volunteers said.

We were also definitely the first clown delegation to set foot in that KDP-Iran “castle”, and having a “clownish” conversation with the fighters and their leader.

The audience in all four places was composed of many women with their kids and fewer men and younger women part of the KDP. They were laughing a lot but there was this very special quiet peaceful sweet ambiance that filled the rooms and that I’ve never felt anywhere else.

And you know how usually kids and adults run to us and hug us after the show and go crazy? Well this community was quieter, more distant and definitely more calm.

During our last show, there was this man who was filming the whole event. He came at the end, was so excited, and talked to us about Brecht.

He said he studied theatre in Iran and had to leave the country and became part of the guerrilla force. He was so happy and so excited.

This trip has been a very interesting journey. I’m learning a lot, I’m meeting and spending quality time with many different communities.

Listening to personal stories and digging more into the history of this part of the world.

And mostly enjoying the fact that adults are the ones enjoying the most the visits of us, crazy clowns.


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