Adonis Diaries

I told myself: “Adonis, If tonight is your last among the living…, at least I am passing away, painlessly, cool and comfortable”

Posted on: July 1, 2022

I was watching a movie on my TV around 10:30 pm and discovered that the screen was overwhelmingly yellow, bright light yellow, and the characters were moving in a yellowish hues.

I wondered: “How this director managed to color a shinny bright day this way?”

And my eyes told me that “The problem is with my eyes”.

I switched to another channel and the screen was again yellow. And my eyes were playing me tricks and pictures were jumping any which way.

I realized that my “eyes brain” is experiencing serious difficulty: maybe an artery in my head is being blocked/restricted.

And I go: “Alright. This could be my last night among the living”

My fan was functioning and I was sweating profusely. My posture on my chair was sliding and I felt this urge of dozing it/sleeping where I am, as I am.

I felt cool and comfortable with No pains whatsoever.

And I felt reassured that no artery obstruction is the cause. I conjectured that possibly it is a “food poisoning”

I am trying to get up to drink water in order to clear my esophagus: for a while I was coughing frenetically, Not of any cold/Covid symptoms, but an obstruction in my throat.

I managed to get up and stepped toward my fan to turning it off. And surprise, I was dripping vomit from my mouth and my shirt. And I never felt like I was vomiting or experiencing this kind of consequences: It was this “new” kind of vomiting slowly and effortlessly while lying down.

I removed my shirt and all my cloths, carefully, in order Not to dirty the floor any further.

This was Not the time to clean up after myself: I was in a survival mental mind. Any cleaning could wait for a tomorrow, if any.

I washed my face and changed my underwear and drank water and tried to lay down in bed, carefully and focusing on my breathing and trying to be conscious whether I am in any pain.

There was still No pains and I waited motionless, breathing leisurely, for a stable situation for half an hour.

I woke up fine and started with a routine day, with additional tasks.

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