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And what about comparing ourself with another person? Same gender, different gender and inclination, “race’, language, culture, social standing…?

How important is sex?

Again, what is meant by sex?

How many kinds of sexual activities and sexual emotions are we consciously aware of?

What’s the difference between arousal and desire?

How can we stay connected and keep our relationship strong?

For so many “interminable” Years?

Do “couples” ask or listen to tacit “recommendations” of the partner?

I discovered that intercourse is Not that relevant to males: He actually is basically devoid of the many potentials that females have in order to get “pleasure” and feel satisfied.

With years passing by…How may a male partner go around to keep his mate “relatively” satisfied?

When you read Bukowski write: “Having a a great bowl movement is far more satisfying than sex…” you need to put it in “context”

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Is the greatest killer of happiness comparison?

Obviously, comparing material products and services is a qualitative difference from comparing social connections.

Comparing what? Qualities, talents, parents social standing…?

Are high school reunions a great happy event?

Are these reunions after many years of graduation have a different taste and happiness?

Schools are setting of a shared common social environment, among students of same age…and probably communicating a wide gamut of emotions, desires, and feeling of shortcoming and insufficiency…

Yet, we would rather meet with graduates from different schools that makes less likely to think of ourselves as their rivals..




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