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The western colonial powers, lead by USA, are Scared Of Countries That Defend Their Sovereignty

24 JUNE 2022

Lavrov’s Right: The West Is Scared Of Countries That Defend Their Sovereignty

Microsoft’s latest report confirm that its international media platforms reach more Americans nowadays than before the special Ukraine operation and subsequent censorship began.

Which translates into “The more the Western elites “cancel” Russia, the more intrigued the colonial powers citizens are”

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said on Friday in an interview with Belarusian media that “The West is scared of an honest competition, this is widely known.

This is why they ‘cancel’ the culture of any country speaking from its own nationally oriented positions, prohibit TV channels from broadcasting, ban unwanted politicians on social networks and remove from the public space everything that disagrees with the neo-liberal concept of the world order.”

His insight is sound since it’s indeed the case that the West is scared of countries that defend their sovereignty.

The New Cold War that’s being waged over the direction of the global systemic transition to multipolarity has catalyzed what can be described as “The Great Bifurcation” that’s unfolding over 3 levels:

  1. the systemic duality between the Golden Billion vs. the Global South;
  2. the ideological one between the first-mentioned unipolar liberal-globalists (ULGs) and the second’s multipolar conservative-sovereigntists (MCS); and
  3. the tactical level between the establishment and populists. The Golden Billion’s ULGs fear the Global South’s MCS because the latter are genuinely popular.

For that reason, they’re resorting to information warfare to discredit their opponents’ governments and thus manipulate their people into thinking that they’re out of touch with the population. (Lately, the summit of the 7 colonial powers discussed investing $600 billion in Africa with objective of circumventing China “on the field” inroad there)

This modus operandi is being done in parallel with the artificially manufactured food crisis in order to catalyze regime change processes across the Global South, all because the ULGs truly fear the popular MCS governments in that part of the world.

Russia’s the poster child of this emerging Hybrid War scheme but it certainly won’t be the last victim, which is why its partners must brace themselves for what’s to come.

Apart from the economic restrictions that have been unilaterally imposed on Russia following its ongoing special military operation in Ukraine and the unprecedentedly intense information warfare that followed, the Eurasian Great Power is also being “canceled” by the Golden Billion exactly as Lavrov said.

This doesn’t harm Russia but is being done for purely domestic political reasons related to the Western elite’s fear of that country’s sovereign example inspiring a populist uprising against them.

After all, President Putin predicted in his speech at this month’s Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) that the West will see an upsurge of populism that’ll result in so-called “elite change”.

The Western elites have more of a reason than ever to fear Russia’s sovereign example to their people.

Ivan. Jun 26, 2022


1. Permutación, Disposition, Combination

In this article we are going to approach: Simple permutation, Permutation with repetition, Simple disposition, Disposition with repetition, Simple combination, Binomial Coefficients,

Considering:n = elementsk = available positions,

Simple Permutation

We had this permutation when there are n possible spaces and n elements. For example, if I had 7 positions on the podium and 7 horses, every horse will arrive in one of these positions.

How can I calculate all the possible combinations?

I can take 7(horses) and calculate the factorial of 7.

That’s mean = 7 * 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1. The factorial is indicated with !.

So 7. Why?

Every horse can arrive at every position: The first can be occupied by all the seven horses. The second can be occupied by six horses because one is already in the first position. The third can be occupied by 5 horses because there’s one horse in the first position and one in the second.…

Those are the simple permutation! Pretty easy! For now…

Permutation with repetition

But if I have repeated elements how can I do it?

For example, I have 3 marble, two yellows and one red. The two-position occupied by the two yellow marbles are the same. How can I calculate in this case?

Doing the factorial of 3, for the 3 marbles, divided by the factorial of every group of marbles, in this case, 2!1! two yellows and one red.

Factorial 3 divided by factorial 2 * factorial1

Simple Disposition

When I want to order more elements than the available position. For example, if I want to order 3 elements in 7 positions. We do the same things as Simple Permutation but only for the requested positions,

In this case: 7 x 6 x 5.

Disposition with Repetition

When the results can be repeated every time, for example, when we throw a die.

Every time the possible number is the same, from 1 to 6.

Considering 5 throws the possible results are 6⁵.n = 6 (possible elements)k = 5 (number of lunch)

Simple Combination

In this case, we had to consider a group of elements n. Every element of the group is different. So we wanna say all the possible combinations in this group, composed of 8 elements, that contain only 3 elements.

Considering that every element is unique, a group can’t exist with the same element, and two groups with the same element but in different positions are the same group.

For example, considering: {a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h} so n = 8

I have to calculate every subset composed of 3 elements.{a,b,c} and {c,a,b} are the same set.

How can I proceed? Factorial 8 divided by factorial 3 * factorial 5

Binomial Coefficients

Count the subset of k beginning with n elements, basically it count the simple combination, it’s the same formula we have used before.

Binomial Coefficient formula

Don’t you remember what n and k are? Go back to the beginning of the articles!




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