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And the “Night sky looked darker”. It is nice that we will Not be around

Posted on: July 10, 2022

As stars explode/collide (fission/fusion nuclear processes) Gamma rays (high energy light) are emitted with high velocity.

These rays follow direct lines every which way from a center, and unless other explosions occur almost simultaneously across their paths, rarely these gamma rays will interact/collide in order to generate pairs of (matter-anti-matter)

The produced matter from these gamma collision are very small compared to the mass of matters that were wasted to generate the gamma rays during the explosions.

Consequently, the valuation of useful energy disseminated is degraded, a process I coin “Galactic Entropy)

This means that the drastic diminution of matters generates an energy depletion in the universe.

As the mass of matters are reduced with each star explosion, and as the Universe is expanding, it make sense that the night sky will get darker.

I conjecture that:

1) there were far many Big Bangs to produce this constellation and

2) Big Bang occurs the level of darkness in constellation brightness

What is needed a theory of the process of the readiness of all the conditions and “matter concentration” for initiating a Big Bang.

What happened in the few milliseconds after the Big Bang is a long story. What is needed is the lapse of time to create a Big Bang

I propose the following scenario:

As a Zone in our universe exhibit serious shortage of matter, a universe of Anti-matter will converge toward that zone. Specifically, two kinds of Black Holes will converge: the matter Black Holes and Anti-matter Black Holes.

Note: I had fun writing this piece since my spirit was released from the amount of real cesspools converging on us

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