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A few people adopt, at certain period in life, a style (physical exhibition) that does Not match the common agreement among the community.

For example, if a community expect of an adult (regardless of genders) to wear a headdress when outside, and if this style is Not theoretically hurting anyone physically or mentally, should this person maintain his silence and never respond to all the complaints and recriminations emanating from the community?

For example, if someone decides to grow a beard that is Not common to the lifestyle of the community, should this person wave away all the recriminations on the basis that his Style is Not hurting anyone physically or mentally, and his decision is a personal decision and is Nobody business?

Mind you that I excluded the “emotional baggage” consequences because it is precisely Emotions that are targeted in this defiance adventure for both sides. It is implicitly assumed that once emotions are exposed and disturbed …then the rational mind will kick in… Do Not take this assumption for granted, even after evaluating the community “emotional intelligence“, deeply rooted in myths and traditions.

A few tries to “toughen” their physical and mental resistance to all kinds of “nature” forces and harsh exigencies, on ground that we should be ready to endure life many hardships.

Examples of these “toughening” decisions are sleeping almost naked in cold weather, swimming/taking cold shower in cold water, camping in the wild, fasting protocol, ….

The list of these examples can grow long in all kinds of personal decision in clothing and mannerism…

Those early decisions of “defying” common acceptable behaviors could be the bases of a long-term idea and plan to form and constitute a small group/clan that is ready to join an “ideology” or a set of ideas…

Frequently, if these decisions are Not researched and based on firm “facts”…a person can be harmed in his safety and health.

The other facet of the coin is when this “personal” lifestyle has a definite symbolism that is known experienced by the community…

In that case, the lifestyle is No longer a “personal” decision but require an extensive explanation for the position.

If a style convey a set of behaviors/belief system that is Counter to the agreement of a community…then remaining silent and “sticking to the 5th right” of Not commenting is No longer admissible, unless the person is actually Not aware of the consequences or knowledgeable of the tacit meaning of this symbolism.

Note: The martyred Leader Antoun Saadi who founded the Syria National Social Party experienced on himself many versions of hardships that a person will be confronted with.

He started as a young person to experience societal hardships and continued throughout his short life, packed with prison terms and forced exiles.

Leader Saadi taught by personal behaviors, confronting relentlessly the social historical limitations in feudalism, sectarianism, economic degradation and education, and consistent reliance on foreign interventions for political alliances

Saadi learned that he was set up by Syria President to hand him over to Lebanon security delegation, and yet, in mid way to his plan to go into another exile toward Jordan, he decided to return in order to safeguard the members dignity and Party standing in the spirit of the new society.

Note 2: I learned recently that this trip toward the borders with Jordan was false and a bunk story. Saadi was handed over to the Syrian secret services from where he lodged in Damascus.




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