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Base Matter Man

Aug 12, 2022

All the math you need for a Física Degree

When you study physics you use a lot of math. This puts people off from studying it, but it can be far less frightening when you know what you’re up against.

I’ve just completed my degree, and I want to talk about it. So, here’s a brief overview of all the math classes I took.


Precalculus should not exist. It is a testament to how poorly we teach math in American high schools. All it is, is a hodgepodge of concepts from Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry, which happen to come up often in Calculus.

I say it shouldn’t exist, because we should learn these concepts in our ordinary algebra/geometry classes, but we don’t. That being said, there is nothing to fear here.

There’s no real prerequisites to learning it. You do need to learn it though. You don’t need to be a pro at calculus to get a physics degree, but you do need to be able to do trigonometry in your sleep.

Math is a language, and algebra is its grammar.

You have to learn the basics first.

Once that’s out of the way, you learn Calculus. You do this in 3 stages, whose naming convention is terrible. Cálculo I is differential Calculus. Calculus II is Integral Calculus. Calculus III is three-dimensional calculus.

Calculus I (Derivatives)

In calculus I you learn about Limits, that is, approaching something forever without ever actually touching it. This is a far more profound idea than you will ever realize and many people have dedicated their entire lives to understanding it. It is this base idea, from which the rest of calculus arise.

After you get a basic handle on limits, you learn derivatives. A derivative is a measure of how something changes. The derivative of position is velocity, and the derivative of velocity is acceleration. this is why calculus is sometimes called the “study of change”. (And what could be the derivative of acceleration? any third derivative in physics?)

Nature is in a constant state of flux, physics is partially the study of this flux, so understanding change is imperative.

Calculus II (Integrals)

In arithmetic, there are basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In calculus the two fundamental operations are Derivatives and Integrals.

You get derivatives in Cal I and you get Integrals in Cal II.

Loosely speaking an integral is the area under a curve, which might seem unimportant but you can then manipulate integrals to find the area of any shape.

In classical geometry we can find the area of circles, triangles, and rectangles. In calculus, you can find the exact area of any shape imaginable. It’s hard to explain how significant that is, but all of physics moving forward depends on it.

Integrals are considerably harder to solve than Derivatives, so this course will be taught like a tool bag of techniques for solving different integrals.

You’ll also discuss infinite sequences and series, that is infinite lists of numbers following some pattern and infinite summations of those lists of numbers.

Sequences and Series have interesting philosophical implication and aren’t too hard to understand, but i would rank this as the hardest math course I had to take while in college.

It gets easier after this.

Calculus III (3D Calculus)

Once you master Derivatives and Integrals, you are taught to generalize those ideas to three dimensions. This involves lots of new “analytic Geometry” and the most beautiful theorems.

Its a difficult class but in my opinion it is the most beautiful. Everything you learn builds on what came before, and it all leads up to two incredibly important theorems: Stoke’s theorem and the Divergence theorem, which you learn at the very end of the course. To understand them, you need to understand Everything that came before. Calculus II is an unorganized hodgepodge of techniques like Precalculus, whereas everything in Calculus III is extremely methodically laid out. It all culminates in Stokes and Divergence.You need calculus III when analyze any kind of a field. First and Foremost you will need it to study the magnetic and electric fields in ElectroDynamics, but also the gravitational fields in Classical Mechanics, as well as water in fluid mechanics, and it even has applications in General relativity. I was proud when I finished this course. I had to retake it a few times. I remember thinking “I’m done, I did it.”Linear Algebra (Multidimensional Algebra)It’s hard to say what linear algebra is, there’s a few ways to think about it. Officially it’s the study of linear equations, but that doesn’t do it justice. I’ve also heard it described as the study of vector fields, but I passed it without knowing what a vector field was. It’s definitely an entirely different thing from calculus and despite what your advisor tells you, calculus is not a prerequisite. Here you don’t deal with Integrals and Derivatives, but with matrices and vectors. two dimensional blocks of numbers and one dimensional Lists of numbers.It is basically algebra, but generalized to higher dimensions (as many as you like), with the restriction that we only work with equations that make straight lines when you graph them. It’s relatively easy, but extremely tedious, a single problem can take upwards of an hour, which is why we often program computers to help us. A smart high schooler could learn the basic rules easily. The only reason they don’t is because we are taught not too. Finally it is incredibly powerful. You will use it everywhere. It is the language of Quantum mechanics, and a prerequisite for Tensor Calculus, the math of general relativity. That’s getting ahead of myself, It has applications in everything to follow. In the most mundane of tasks. Everything. Absolutely Everything, somehow relates to linear algebra.Ordinary Differential Equations (single dimensional)A differential equation is an equation that contains derivatives (like from Calculus I). the best way to explain it is to compare it to an algebra equation. You solve an Algebra equation for x, but you solve a differential equation for an algebra equation.It isn’t an exaggeration to say that nearly all of physics is differential equations so this is one of the most important classes you will take. Newton’s second law for instance, Force = Mass x Acceleration is a differential equation. Acceleration is the Second derivative of Position. By solving, we can determine an objects position based on the Forces applied to it.Partial Differential Equations (Multi dimensional )“Partial” makes it sound easier, but that is certainly not the case. This Course is differential equations multiple dimensions. It is extremely difficult, but you can and will get through it. Here you will learn how to solve the heat equation and the wave equation.I had to take this class more than once. At a certain point I realized, PDE is fundamentally about linear algebra, not Differential Equations. A PDE solution is a generalization of a kind of Vector. Once you start seeing it like that, it starts to fall into place.PDE is important for Waves, any kind of changing phenomenon in multiple dimensions, and it is the language of quantum mechanics.That covers all the required math, but most physics students will take a few extra, just for kicks. I mean, if you don’t like math, you really shouldn’t be getting this degree.Foundations of Matemáticasyou might ask yourself, “why does calculus work?” or “where does the quadratic formula come from?”. They are derived from more fundamental truths, which arise from even more fundamental truths, and this goes on for some time…Around the start of the 20th century, mathematicians became very concerned with grounding all of math in a set of undeniable axioms, which could be used to reproduce all of mathematics. It turns out this is an incredibly difficult and controversial task, but one worth studying.Basically foundations is a class on proofs. You will learn set theory and have many profound philosophical discussions about what a number is. It’s a great course to take if you plan on studying pure math, because it gives you an opportunity to learn how to prove something before your feet are put to the fire in a class like Real Analysis. It is also great if, like me, you plan on studying mathematical philosophy later on in grad school. Much mathematical philosophy deals with the paradoxes that arise when you study foundations.Numerical Methodsmost math classes teach what can be thought of as “Analytical methods”, that is, you learn how to solve it for an exact solution. That’s great! That’s what we want! unfortunately it’s often impossible. We do not understand how to solve the Vast majority of differential Equations, for example. If you can find an analytic solution to the Navier stokes equation, you will be rewarded a million dollars and you will be remembered forever.This was a revelation for me. I think in high school I assumed that, we as humanity, just sort of had math figured out. I also didn’t realize just how much math there was. Not the case at all. If you have an álgebra equation, even if it’s very hard, somebody can solve it, but there are many differential equations that NO ONE knows how to solve. Some people devote their lives to understanding them.A numerical method, is kind of like trial and error. You guess and check a solution over and over again, usually with some rule that makes your next guess slightly better, and you keep doing that until you approximate a solution. It’s a dry brute force sort of course, with plenty of help from computers. It’s the sort of work we used to get slaves to do, as its not very creative and involves a lot of doing the same thing over and over again until it’s good enough. Euler’s method and Runga-kutta are two ways of solving a differential equation without actually solving it. Dull, but important to learn.Statistics and ProbabilityYou use statistics for everything in physics, especially for lab work, but they never make you take an official class on it so lots of physics students are very confused. Probability is extremely important for quantum mechanics as well as Statistical Mechanics (microscopic thermodynamics). All of statistical mechanics is just basic probability theory. It’s pretty dry, but good to know, and definitely the easiest math class you’ll take. My university taught it in the english literature building for some reason.Complex VariablesComplex variables is essentially Calculus with imaginary numbers. It is Divine. It is pure yet applied. The last math class that I took and I am so happy that I did. It isn’t too hard, but it has a myriad of applications in many branches of physics as well as many in electrical engineering. It also helps you get a feel for imaginary numbers, which show up anywhere there are waves, especially in quantum mechanics. The whole course works towards the residue theorem, which is a method of integrating in a loop on the complex plane. I can’t convey how beautiful it is here. You have to experience it first hand. My favorite math class by far, and the last one I took.Those were all the math classes I took. Is that all the math you need for physics? God no. There is so much more math than you will ever realize, and the Type of physics you specialize in determines the type of math you need to study. I’m currently trying to learn Tensor Calculus, which is kind of like a cross between Cal III and Linear Algebra and is the language of General Relativity. Education is a continuing process, these suffice for an undergraduate physics degree. The core courses you need for physics:Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations

I am reading an eye-witness account of how the Leader Antoun Saadi reflected, analyzed and decided on issues and events. Late Elias Gergis Konayze7 published a book “Ma2ather ma3 Saadi

On page 206, Elias recount how a grave discontent, verging on a split, wracked a unit (moudiriyat) in Homs of the Syria National Social party in 1948.

The main issue is “How to handle the many demands/applications of new citizens to join the party, while this unit is a total disarray? Should all applications be postponed until the “old unit” has proven its worthiness in ideology and organizational functions (tanzim/nizaam)? Should the unit be disbanded and reconstituted before new members are considered to join?…”

The minister of the Interior in the party (3amid dakhiliyat) felt cornered and unable to decide on this issue and had to rely on the Leader Saadi to get a handle on the problem.

The Leader demanded to review all the documents (reports, letters and decisions) that were sent to the minister and all the reports from the various organizational echelons in the party.

Leader Saadi refrained from issuing a decision on that matter, but the detailed options considered in the discussion opened an alternative to resolve this difficult issue.

The alternative was to form/constitute a new unit exclusively of all the new members, a kind of “secret unit”, functioning parallel to the Old Unit so that the new members should Not divulge that they are indeed members in the Party.

As a few of the new members proved to be solid organizationally and ideologically…then they will be moved to join the Old Unit in order to establish a counter-weight to the discontented Older members and re-establish a healthy old unit…

I contend that this is “ideal” alternative is fraught with practical problems, unless the Party has already experimented before hand with this new organizational structure. Mainly, that new members are organized in a separate unit until a decision is made for a few to join the precursor older unit.

First, No such large discontent can surface unless a few in the leadership of the unit fomented the upheaval. Thus, the logical first step is to discard these leaders (fassel 7ayati) meaning No members are to remain in daily contact with the “suspended” members, in any form or shape. This bring up the follow question: Is the Unit capable of pinpointing the responses of Not staying in relation with the suspended member? Otherwise, the alternative is doomed to failure.

Second, how the reduced selected leaders to forming a New Unit can handle two units, unless they are demoted in the old Unit as mere members?

Actually, that how any political party should be structure when acting underground in a hostile State… organized in “Cells” Not knowing one another.

You can be a member and Not be obligated to claim your membership: Only your immediate “leaders”, those who accepted your application, should obviously recognize the validity of your membership. Only your “immediate leaders” are entitled to be contact with the Center and send “coded” reports on your “progress”

I posit that it is the “behaviors”/activities in his community of a member in a political party, organization/institution that should constitute the criteria of his level of indoctrination.

It is the job of the “immediate leaders” in a unit to evaluate and “correct” any discrepancies in the ideological foundation, the soundness of the belief system.

Perry Marshall 

August 25, 2014  · 

“Years ago I learned a very cool thing about Robin Williams, and I couldn’t watch a movie of his afterward without thinking of it.

I never actually booked Robin Williams for an event, but I came close enough that his office sent over his rider.

For those outside of the entertainment industry, a rider lists out an artist’s specific personal and technical needs for hosting them for an event- anything from bottled water and their green room to sound and lighting requirements.

You can learn a lot about a person from their rider. This is where rocks bands list their requirement for green M&Ms (which is actually a surprisingly smart thing to do).

This is also where a famous environmentalist requires a large gas-guzzling private jet to fly to the event city, but then requires an electric or hybrid car to take said environmentalist to the event venue when in view of the public.

When I got Robin Williams’ rider, I was very surprised by what I found. He actually had a requirement that for every single event or film he did, the company hiring him also had to hire a certain number of homeless people and put them to work.

I never watched a Robin Williams movie the same way after that. I’m sure that on his own time and with his own money, he was working with these people in need, but he’d also decided to use his clout as an entertainer to make sure that production companies and event planners also learned the value of giving people a chance to work their way back.

I wonder how many production companies continued the practice into their next non-Robin Williams project, as well as how many people got a chance at a job and the pride of earning an income, even temporarily, from his actions.

He was a great multiplier of his impact. Let’s hope that impact lives on without him.

Thanks, Robin Williams- not just for laughs, but also for a cool example.”

Reposted with permission from

Robin insisted on hiring homeless people in his movies

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Sunny Labh

Aug 15, 2022

The Unanswered Questions in Física and Filosofía

10 Questions that have puzzled thinkers for ages

I’ve covered several aspects of physics, philosophy, theology, and mathematics in my stories before. The combination of these disciplines might seem a little absurd but I find them really fascinating.

I believe that the mere purpose of human existence is to try analyzing and understand themselves, and the universe and the world around them as well.

We’ve come a long way since the evolution of modern human beings in uncovering the secrets of the universe through our consistent quests. Nature, in several instances, provides hurdles throughout these quests, and sometimes because of that reason we question our own ability to comprehend the functions of nature.

While many such mysteries have been resolved through proper observation, analysis, experimentation, and thinking, there are many other questions that haven’t been answered yet.

In this story, I shall try to briefly introduce such questions primarily in physics and philosophy.


When someone says God, people often jump to the conclusion that they’re talking about the all-powerful, all-knowing, and omnipotent creator. In the past, it was the greatest crime to deny the existence of God.

But when ciencia progressed and found a clearer path, various pieces of evidence, like evolution, it made it difficult to accept the verses in Bible and Quran in a literal sense.

So the modern interpretation would be, is there a reason behind our existence?

The concept of God shouldn’t just be limited to someone who looks like us. In the vastness of this universe, if it’s the higher beings that planted the first gene on earth, they’re our engineers, or it could be any causation that leads to the existence of all the matter and energy of this universe, that would be a God too.

The interpretation of God is different in different religions and this is a big question in modern science as science and most scientists deny the existence of God.

(Every religious sect has its own God, the all encompassing idol God. Every religious sect has a narrative of a Second Coming and the Super Hero will free them from the indignities suffered by other communities)

Free Will

When you make a certain decision on any matter at hand, is it entirely your choice or your actions have already been planned out? There have been speculations that we live in a simulated world, which makes sense theoretically.

If that’s the case, then all our life choices have already been planned out.

Also, there have been several studies that the decisions we make are greatly affected by our subconscious minds (the power of habits?)

So do we really have absolute control over our life or are the decisions we make shaped by the life choices and circumstances around us.

The Purpose

It’s often very difficult to imagine that after all the events that human civilization has gone through, it has all been for nothing, that there is not a greater purpose to our existence. (Maybe it is the following generations duty to uncover your contributions?)

It could either be the case that we’re here for a reason, or when we look at the unfathomable depth of this universe, we’re just trying to find meaning at the expense of our convenience that this all means something, when in fact we’re just a product of a simple coincidence.

The Good and Bad

Except for the simple examples that we see in movies about heroism and villainy, there’s no such analogy in real life.

The morality of people in this world is not black or white, but it’s rather grey. All that needs is a matter of perception of who’s good and who’s bad.

There are laws that state what is good or bad (depending on the justice system decision?).

But at the end of the day, they’re the laws made by us to keep ourselves in the lane (of the political system structure).

But what is the absolute truth? We may never know the answer. (Before jumping to absolute truth, it is important to define the premises of what is Truth)


The human brain is surprisingly more complicated than we think. There have been studies made on it and we’ve dissected every single part of it and designated the conclusions on what they’re responsible for.

But the very idea of consciousness is still a mystery. Does consciousness come with life? If so, does every living unit is a conscious unit? Why doesn’t a primitive bacteria have consciousness? Or does it?

At the very heart lies the greatest mystery of all of biology and psychology. Life itself becomes a big question in our comprehension of consciousness.

The Concept of Time

Since Einstein, physicists have considered space as a geometry of three dimensions with time being the fourth dimension. But as the principles of moving forward and backward and changing our position hold true for space, it should be theoretically possible that the same principles might apply to time.

But we only move forward in time, we only grow older, not younger, and finally, meet death. Most of the accepted laws of physics work with the unidirectional time and it defies logic and well-established theories if we consider time to be bidirectional.

The Extraterrestrial Business

As a result of the Fermi paradox, we could hypothesize that there must be millions of other planets like earth and millions of possibilities that life could have started there too.

Looking at the immensity of the universe and the time scale of the evolution of the universe, it should be obvious that intelligent creatures should exist and by intelligent I mean the ones that could potentially reach us and give us some signs of their existence.

But we’ve yet to make any contact. There have been several attempts made in the past to try and communicate with aliens but so far we haven’t succeeded.

Of course, there are many rumors and conspiracy theories about the existence of ETs but that seems more like the idea of terrestrial intelligence rather than extraterrestrial ones.

The telescopes have been scouring the skies relentlessly to find a subtle hint of life out there, but we’ve yet to encounter any if none.

Prime Numbers

Unlike integers, odd or even numbers, prime numbers are not so uniformly distributed. They’re the unique numbers that could only be divisible by 1 and themselves.

But a German mathematician claimed that the frequency of occurrence could be roughly predicted by the Reimann Zeta function, yet this has yet to be proved. Mathematicians say, if this is solved, the entire basis of modern capitalism, financial system, and cryptocurrency would crash within seconds because all use prime numbers as the encryption for their security.

Something really fascinating to think about, isn’t it?

Reconciling General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

There have been two overarching ideas on physics namely the General theory of relativity provided by Albert Einstein in the mid-1920s and Quantum Mechanics which was developed in the early 1900s and throughout the 30s and 40s by various prominent physicists like Planck, Dirac, Schrodinger, Heisenberg, and Feynman.

While they both do a good job of explaining the universe, they have different perspectives on how things actually work.

The laws that work in the respective areas don’t seem to work when the areas are swapped i.e, the laws that govern the quantum world don’t seem to stay fit in the large-scale dimension of the universe and the laws that work with the big structures fail to explain the quantum phenomenon.

String theory is the best one to come close to the unified law of physics but scientists prefer other theories as well, like loop quantum gravity.

These theories, no matter how promising they might sound mathematical, haven’t made many testable predictions yet. The math works just fine, but for any theory to be accepted as a law, experimental evidence is important.

Expansion of the Universe

It’s a really hard question to answer, because experimentally, as we see the redshift, we could conclude that the galaxies are in fact moving away from each other. The very concept of expansion has to deal with the concept of space.

But if Big Bang was responsible for the creation of time and space itself, then the question of expansion doesn’t carry a lot of weight, because if there is no space outside of this universe, then the question relating to the position doesn’t have any meaning.

There have been several hypotheses like we’re in a multiverse, and when one expands, another contracts, which is an interesting analogy, but remains a theory nevertheless.

Contributed by Rishab Karki and curated by the author.

In 1921, Churchill visited Tel Aviv as minister of the colonies. The municipality uprooted a few trees and planted them hurriedly to show how green the city has been transformed

Little Ruth of 6, in order to shield herself from the heat, she leaned on one of these trees. The tree fell. And the response of Churchill should have sent the right message to the colonial powers Not to go ahead with creating a State of Israel.

عجوز يهودية اسمها (روت) احتفلت قبل أيام بعيد ميلادها الـ(106)، حيث قالت:

كنت قبل مائة عام طفلة ذات ست سنوات. في ذلك الوقت كلفت بإعطاء ونستون تشرشل باقة ورد، لأنه صاحب فكرة وعد بلفور عام 1917

وكان تشرشل داعماً للفكرة على الأرض عسكرياً وسياسياً ولوجيستياً.

قدمت له باقة الورد عندما زار فلسطين كوزير للمستعمرات عام 1921، ثم ذهب لزيارة بلدية تل أبيب التي أنشأها الإنكليز عام 1909 لتكون البذرة الأولى التي زرعوها لتكبر فيما بعد لتكون إسرائيل الوطن المنشود لليهود على حساب أهل الأرض العرب الفلسطينيين.

وقالت العجوز:

إنه ومن ضمن تزيين منطقة استقبال تشرشل في حديقة بلدية (تل أبيب)، اضطر منظمو الحفل إلى قطع أشجار صنوبر بالقرب من حدود لبنان،

وإحضارها على عجل إلى تل أبيب، وغرزوها في الأرض الرملية في حديقة البلدية لتجميلها كي تبدو أمام الضيف أكثر جمالاً ورونقاً وأقرب إلى حدائق أوروبا!

وقالت الطفلة آنذاك الطاعنة في السن هذه الأيام:

لقد شعرت بالملل بعد دقائق من بدء الضيف إلقاء كلمته، وتنحيت جانباً مستندة إلى إحدى الأشجار، فما كان من الشجرة إلا أن مالت وبان جذعها المقصوص وأدى ذلك إلى ميل عدد آخر من الأشجار وظهرت الخديعة.

عندئذ شاهدت تشرشل ينفجر ضاحكاً ومال على رئيس البلدية وهمس في أذنه بكلام، علمت منه لاحقاً، أنه قال لرئيس البلدية:

أخشى أن تسقط دولتكم يوماً ما حتى لو ساعدناكم وساعدكم كل العالم على إنشائها فلا شيء ينبت هنا بدون جذور

See Translation

If you’re thinking without writing, you only think you’re thinking

You were taught to write: Start writing and note down your thoughts.

You don’t need to post them anywhere, until you feel that readers are entitled to your thinking, because someone might translate your idea into tangible reality.

In any case, most thought have been thought about, what does count is the style and passion of delivering them in a pragmatic fashion.

Le porte-parole du ministère chinois des Affaires étrangères, Lijan Zhao, a tweeté le 16 août 2022 que les États-Unis (et pas Al-Qaïda) avaient organisé les attentats du 11 septembre 2001. Seuls cheik Zayed, Hugo Chávez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Fidel Castro et Donald Trump s’étaient autorisés à aborder ce sujet en public.

New York museums have to publicly disclose if their art was stolen by Nazis. The new requirement is part of legislation that was signed to support Holocaust survivors. What about the artifacts stolen from Iraq and Syria? More than one Holocaust were perpetrated in those countries, Not to mention Yemen and Palestine, and Viet Nam and Afghanistan, and the Congo…?

A wolf remains a wolf even when he looses his canines.

Ali Abunimah From the Editors 15 August 2022

Why did Israel launch its latest spree of killing Palestinians in the occupied Gaza Strip earlier this month and why now?

That was the first question put to me when I joined Eugene Puryear and Rania Khalek on their BreakThrough News show The Freedom Side on Thursday.

That question is depressingly easy to answer: Israel always has to kill Palestinians because it is an illegitimate settler-colonial regime that faces constant resistance from the people whose land it is occupying, colonizing and stealing.

That resistance is active, deep and broad and therefore as a colonial implanted entity, Israel has to keep killing Palestinians in the hope that – as Israeli leaders call it – “mowing the lawn” will deter and destroy the will to resist.

16 Palestinian children are confirmed killed after the Israeli military launched a three-day military offensive on the Gaza Strip last Friday. Here’s what we know so far »

There is another factor at play.

Insecure settler-colonial regimes like Israel – similar to the ones that existed in Algeria and South Africa – tend to become more vicious as they approach their end.

The settler psychosis and fear of giving up power becomes the dominant response: “We have to kill or be killed.”

By contrast, I observed that colonized peoples tend to be much more generous to their oppressors, offering them the opportunity to stay and live in peace under conditions of equality.

But as Columbia University professor Joseph Massad recently explained, this is a bargain the settlers – entirely committed to their own racial superiority and privileges – almost always reject.

Simply put, then, the regular shedding of Palestinian blood is a necessary component of maintaining the existence of Israel.

As I noted, no sooner had a ceasefire been reached in Gaza, Israel launched an attack in the densely populated Old City of Nablus in the occupied West Bank, in order to kill two resistance fighters.

The Israeli invaders fired indiscriminately at civilians, killing a 16-year-old boy and injuring dozens more people including the child’s father.

We also talked about the broader question of Palestinian armed resistance. I argued that the necessity of such resistance is imposed by the occupier. Resistance is always a response to the invader’s violence.

Indeed, Palestinians have tried every alternative, including what is tantamount to surrender:

In 1993, the Palestine Liberation Organization signed the Oslo accords, in which it recognized Israel, gave up most Palestinian rights and committed to becoming Israel’s proxy force fighting Palestinian resistance – which the PLO now agreed to call “terrorism.”

The PLO’s attempt at surrender – and the ongoing collaboration of the Palestinian Authority with the occupier – have failed to spare the Palestinian people Israel’s depredation. Israel just won’t take yes for an answer.

Such PA collaboration has only enabled and encouraged Israel to accelerate the theft and colonization of Palestinian land across the occupied West Bank, especially in Jerusalem.

I noted that the attack in Nablus was in an area ostensibly under PA control, and yet Israeli forces are able to enter the area unmolested and murder Palestinians at will.

This leaves Palestinians to conclude that resistance is their only option to fight back against the existential threat Israel poses to them.

But whereas Israel is getting huge quantities of weapons from the US and European countries, only Iran is known to provide the Palestinian resistance with support.

That needs to change, I argue: Either the so-called international community has to stop Israel and isolate it so it can no longer harm and kill Palestinians, or they have to help Palestinians fight back.

With that said, the Palestinian resistance strategy in the latest confrontation, which Israel provoked, appears to have been to try to force Israel to accept a ceasefire with as little escalation as possible.

This is only a reprieve, however.

There will be permanent and escalating bloodshed, unless Israel’s regime of apartheid and settler-colonial terror is brought to an end.

Watch the 20-minute discussion in the video above.

Note: Even Mahmoud Abbas, President of Palestinian Authority for 3 decades and totally coordinating with Israel “security” demands, arresting Palestinians, handing over Palestinians and giving Israel coordinate of hidden Palestinians, has accused Israel of having committed ‘50 Holocausts’ when meeting with German PM

From a Cambridge Mathematics Student after graduating in physics.

And everyone can do it?

These are all my personal advice and something I’ve learnt after struggling with “performance anxiety” and the feeling of never being smart enough for physics and mathematics. (Performance is a catch it all term for most graduate students who do Not distinguish among the variety of Performance in their field of study)

In no particular order.

Eleonora Svanberg

Jul 13, 2022

1. Unmotivated Now, Effective Later

This was maybe the most challenging understanding for me to learn. However, three years ago, I started experimenting with only studying when I wanted to, e.g. not when “everyone else was studying” or “because I need to study *** many hours a day”.

If I knew I needed to study, but felt very tired and unmotivated, I took that as a sign to allow me to rest and not think about school.

Sometimes I ended up watching Stranger Things the rest of the day, but sometimes I ended up studying later because I wanted to.

I did study more effectively now, as I was motivated. I was also in control of my studies; I did it because I wanted to. Nothing else.

2. Make A Summary Together With Friends

If you’re studying a very complex course with many different components, you might benefit a lot from trying to simplify everything. Particularly in physics courses.

Two weeks before the exam, my friend Niklas and I would always open a Google Doc (or Overleaf) document and summarize everything that needed to be learned.

This gives an excellent overview of the course I should focus on next week. If we have time, a sentence or two for each concept.

3. Prioritize Your Sleep

I cannot stress this behavior enough; it is not worth staying up late and doing your homework with a tired brain.

I will never preach “you need to wake up at 5 to be successful”. Wake up when you want, go to sleep when you want, but do rest.

A while ago, I was the one who waited until the last minute and did my assignments at night. I slowly started getting trouble sleeping and difficulty studying during the day.

Now, I never study past 7 pm. In fact, I instead hand in assignments late than not sleep.

4. Ask Yourself Why You’re Doing This, Often

Sometimes we need long-term motivation to keep going. Among exams, homework and assignments, we often forget why we keep up with everything.

I think it’s very healthy to zoom out once in a while to remind yourself why you chose to study this. What is your main goal?

For me, it has always been to be able to understand the universe and become a researcher in modern theoretical physics. Reminding me of this has helped me in times during exam season when I haven’t seen the bigger picture.

5. You Are Not Stupid For Not Understanding

Mathematics and physics, in particular, make it easy to accept that you’re “stupid” or “not smart enough” when we don’t understand.

An essential part of being a student is not to understand, to feel like we are struggling; otherwise, it would have been too easy to learn something.

Remember when you were 6 and you didn’t know you could multiply two numbers? Or when you first found out negative integers exist? It’s all part of learning, and you are never stupid for not understanding something you are in the process of learning.

6. Explore Different Studying Places

I’m not going to lie; studying isn’t always fun. Even if it’s something as fun as mathematics.

Some people like to study in the same place, but I want to vary location. Your whole studying session might be more fun if you’re in a new café.

When I needed to pack my bag and tried to find someplace that looked cool, I bought a coffee and then spent 5 hours there.

7. Continue Improving Your Studying Technique

A great studying technique is essential for university studies. However, such methods can be very individual, and change with time.

In high school, I always took a lot of notes. I had several notebooks covered with everything I’d learnt. However, in university, I realized I didn’t learn anything from them. I just wrote them because that’s how I had been studying.

I started only writing down things I wanted to look up after class and prioritised listening and participating in discussions.

I’ve also realised that watching Youtube videos are great, but I learn more if I don’t manage the same person teaching (so I get different perspectives).

My point is to continue exploring and trying out other studying techniques. You might learn something about yourself.

8. Don’t Underestimate FlashCards

I think I’ve used flashcards for all my classes. Not to “memorise” things, but to train my brain to work fast.

In my mathematics courses, I often had papers with different theorems to practise proving them. There are, of course, several apps that can do this, like Quizlet, but I prefer physical papers.

I often colourise them and do a “round” on the bus or when I feel bored.

9. Reward Yourself

As a short-term motivation, this motivates me the most. If there’s a new episode of your favourite show, a bag of candy you’ve wanted to taste for a while, challenge yourself to study until you deserve that reward.

For me, it’s often that I can watch a new episode after I’ve finished a set of problems. Either way, I often think we’re too hard on ourselves. Being a student is hard, and we deserve to treat ourselves.

10. Use a Weekly Planner

Especially during stressful weeks, a weekly planner can be a lifesaver. I always plan the three weeks before an exam to make sure I cover everything.

I always plan “too much” when I plan, if that makes sense. If I follow everything in my schedule, I have done more than enough. In that sense, it’s okay if I don’t follow everything strictly.

If you want my weekly planner in notion, you can get it here.

Franck Keszi responded to an article by Samir Ayoub pour FigaroVox : « Pour l’heure rien ne peut enrayer cette fuite de cerveaux »

Faux et archi faux! Il faut justement vous réveillez tous de votre torpeur!

C’est quoi ce défaitisme à deux balles!

Adaptez vous et justement mettez votre énergie pour changer les choses en développant l’attractivité économique du Liban grâce à votre matière grise ! (Ya 3ammi, where are the valid opportunities and infrastucture to apply la matiere grise?)

J’ai créé cette année une société anonyme libanaise justement dans le but d’offrir des postes intéressants aux talents libanais qui veulent travailler sur l’internationale tout en restant au Liban, avec leurs familles et avec des salaires équivalents à ceux de la France!

Nous avons toutes les cartes en mains pour répondre aux besoins incessants du marché de l’emploi français en proposant des services de Nearshoring depuis le Liban!

Vendez vos compétences à toutes les entreprises qui recrutent en France tout en restant au Liban! (Je vois. you are the middle man?)

Vous pouvez travailler à distance et aider vos familles beaucoup plus efficacement qu’en allant vous isoler dans des quartiers miteux avec des loyers élevés pour peu de mètres carrés…

Vous serez seuls sans vos familles, personne pour vous aider!

Vous allez devoir affronter un choc culturel auquel vous n’êtes pas préparé car même si il y a un héritage culturel français ici ce n’est pas la même chose que de vous confronter à toutes les difficultés administratives françaises.

Vous allez aussi avoir un problème d’intégration quand bien même vous êtes francophones et francophiles.

Je parle d’expérience étant marié à une brillante juriste libanaise maîtrisant parfaitement le français. (Elle a un diplome pour exercer en France?)

Nous avons vécu ensemble en France et nous savons à quel point cela peut être compliqué quand on est étranger.

Je l’ai vécu aussi avec mon père étranger européen francophone et francophile marié à ma mère française.

Je connais trop bien ce que le déracinement peut entraîner comme sentiments de solitude, de frustrations, de tristesse…

Etre loin de sa famille, ne pas être la pour les moments de joie ou de peine, ne pas être la quand il le faut, ne pas avoir ses parents avec soi quand on en a besoin…

où que vous décidiez de partir c’est une fuite en avant qui ne va pas résoudre vos problèmes mais qui va en empiler de nombreux autres alors que vous êtes déjà affaiblis!

Je ne crains pas la concurrence mais j’espère et je souhaite avoir de la concurrence au Liban pour qu’on développe l’attractivité des activités de nearshoring dans de nombreux secteurs!

Nous pouvons nous conformer à toutes les exigences réglementaires des clients français en restant au Liban!

Nous pouvons ensemble aider nos familles au Liban, ce diamant que vous n’aurez nulle par ailleurs qu’ici !

Vous allez affrontez bien des tempêtes et vous risquez de vous cassez les ailes si vous n’êtes pas préparés à vivre dans un pays très structuré où les codes ne sont pas les mêmes et où il n’y a pas l’humanité et la compréhension que vous pouvez utiliser ici au Liban.

L’administration française est factuelle… il n’y a pas de souplesse…

Comment vous pensez pouvoir affronter cela en ne sachant pas les innombrables difficultés que vous allez devoir gérer en parallèle..

Restez au Liban, en plus de votre travail, étudiez même seuls à la maison ici, vous avez d’innombrables sources accessibles pour acquérir des connaissances et restez en famille.

Dépensez votre énergie ici pour réaliser vos rêves car on peut le faire au Liban malgré tout!

Je ne suis pas fou, je suis français, je peux partir quand je veux mais je sais aussi la chance que j’ai de vivre ici avec ma famille, ma belle famille et j’ai l’opportunité de réaliser tous mes rêves grâce à mon entreprise au Liban tout en travaillant pour des clients exclusivement internationaux.

Ne me harcelez pas de demandes de contacts… j’en ai déjà bcp mais par contre si vous maîtrisez la langue française, si vous êtes un ingénieur en informatique, si vous êtes un consultant expérimenté en gouvernance des systèmes d’information, si vous avez un bachelor et que vous maîtrisez le développement web…

alors oui vous pouvez me contacter par mp et on pourra discuter des possibilités de vous offrir un poste au Liban qui vous permettra de vivre normalement, sans aucun stress, avec des formations à la clef chaque année pour atteindre l’excellence dans les services que nous fournissons à nos clients.

J’encourage en revanche tous ceux qui ont une réelle valeur ajoutée dans les métiers du tertiaires à vendre leurs services à l’étranger depuis le Liban!

Je suis prêt à ce qu’on réunisse les entrepreneurs pour développer une dynamique forte autour du développement du nearshoring! (Why you do Not explain the job of nearshoring? Related to finance?)

Je n’aiderais en revanche que celles et ceux qui sont responsables, éthiques et qui réellement ont une envie de développer des projets solides et pérennes!

Nous devons nous montrer exemplaires à tout niveau car le monde nous regarde (bullshit) et le monde est conscient des causes profondes de l’effondrement du pays! (Excepte’ les Libanais?)

Plus jamais on doit entendre qu’on ne peut pas faire confiance à un libanais ! Vous devez incarnez la probité, l’engagement, le civisme, la bienveillance!

C’est ce que j’exige pour toutes celles et ceux qui veulent travailler avec moi au sein de mon entreprise et que j’exige de mes fournisseurs. (Fournisseurs de materielle?)

Nous n’avons rien à attendre des politiques et de leurs joutes de pouvoir.

Par contre on peut les ignorer totalement et faire vivre nos familles décemment, faire vivre nos commerces de proximité, faire vivre nos écoles… (comme on l’a fait pour 3 decennis? All these 30 somethings didn’t care less for the name of the PM or their deputies…)

Faire ruisseler le fruit de nos efforts partout au Liban et bien mieux qu’en étant expatrié!

Haut les cœurs et remontez vous les manches!

Note: I lived in the USA for 20 years, without a single relative, and I got bored and helpless most of the time

A few believe that Technology Will Humanize Matemáticas Before Humans. As if Mathematics is the panacea for creating a reasonable person in an environment of total lack of fair justice to all.

Technology has demonstrated to be a lure to sidetrack policy makers from hard decisions: Kind, of just wait a few years…and technology will resolve the problem that has already reach the point of No return

Most probably, the collective Intelligence and valid common sense of the close community is greater than what I want to agree upon?

Is it necessary that mathematics be humanized for all — access and equity — without trauma and anxiety? If you feel you don’t have the patience to learn mathematics, then your teacher lacked the passion to teach and in viewing the problem from different interesting perspective .

Any knowledge require time and application: You either dedicate to invest in knowledge Or stop whining.

Every God to every religious sect is an Idol. And this is true to Gods of every political party

Time to change name from Arabic Syrian Republic to Syria Arabic Republic: Syria existed thousands of years before Arabic language. And Arabic civilization had Damascus for Capital

Sheep need constant guidance and patience when gone astray. A wolf remains a wolf even when he looses his canines. And yet, the leaders in this bankrupted political system of Lebanon still have their canines and demonstrating it every day. Ma bi fel al 7adeed ella…Organized and well structured civic willful opposition is what is needed to wipe out this system from its roots. No valid forceful programs are on the table to rally the people around

The best way to stop the colonial powers from taking Iraq into a civil war is by completely stopping the export of oil/gas. No money generated in abundance… and corruption will drastically decline

Even Mahmoud Abbas, President of Palestinian Authority for 3 decades and totally coordinating with Israel “security” demands, arresting Palestinians, handing over Palestinians and giving Israel coordinate of hidden Palestinians, has accused Israel of having committed ‘50 Holocausts’ when meeting with German PM

China’s destructive heat wave will burn the global economy. A dangerously dry Yangtze river basin has forced shutdowns of hydro-powered factories, including Toyota, lithium battery-maker CATL, and raw material companies.

Stalin gave the Russian Jews in 1928 an autonomous land/Republic twice the size of actual Palestine. And they still speak Yiddish. And it still exist

You have 3000 bananas to transport to a town 1000 km away. The camel can only carry 1000 bananas at maximum and it will eat 1 banana for every km it walks.

Why the most brutal of Olympics sport, the boxing, doesn’t have sensors to scoring as Tak Wan Dou?

The 3 judges role would be to add a few points on fitness and techniques on the sky rocketing total score.




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