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When doctor Li Wenliang posted his warning on Dec. 30, the new coronavirus had not yet been identified. Dr. Li warned troubling cluster of viral infections in a Chinese province that could grow out of control. He told us: “If the officials had disclosed information about the epidemic earlier, I think it would have been a lot better. There should be more openness and transparency.”⁣

The resolution to curb Donald Trump’s ability to declare war on Iran without approval from Congress has bipartisan support and is expected to pass.

Google is appealing antitrust fines levied against it for allegedly favoring its own shopping comparison tool over smaller European rivals.

The CIA secretly owned Crypto AG, the company that made the world’s encryption devices to listen in on private communications. For decades, spies used Crypto AG’s products.

Iraq is the strategic location for energy in the Middle-East and Syria the cultural center and national pride for this region. Bush Jr. quickly forgot Afghanistan in order to keep a close eye on Iran and sustain its economic embargo since the USA could Not invade or occupy Iran. 7ashed Sha3bi (Iraqi forces that liberated Iraq from Daesh) changed the done: give it time and Iraq will convince USA that it does Not need its presence to unite

“Ghost population”? The genomes from West African populations are found to have up to a fifth of their DNA appeared to have come from the unknown species. Geneticists suspect the ancestors of modern west Africans interbred with the to-be-discovered human species tens of thousands of years ago.

Influenza B (the flu more common in the Spring); whereas Influenza A is more common in the fall/winter. A team from the MIT Department of Chemistry @mit_chemistry unveil the structure of a flu protein, which could help researchers design drugs to treat infections from influenza B, designing small molecules that can block it .

Before World War II, Dresden was called “the Florence of the Elbe” and was regarded as one the world’s most beautiful cities for its architecture and museums.  By February 15, 1945, the USA savagely bombed this city for 2 successive days. This city, which had no strategic interest in the war, was a smoldering ruin and an unknown number of civilians—estimated at 25,000 dead, and thousands of injured and handicapped.

Consequences of China Coronavirus epidemic: Supply chains are tangled, global webs and China is the world’s second-biggest importer. Any economic weakness, no matter how temporary, is felt by all.⁠

The expert opinions of Sex forensic experts, and knowledgeable in a particular community idiosyncrasies need to be recognized in court to save the victims from public harassment, settle 90% of cases out of court, and cut court costs

The Award is named after Fridtjof Nansen, the first High Commissioner for Refugees (during WWI) who served from 1920 to 1930. He helped hundreds of thousands of refugees to return home using a valid international passport.

Marshall plan? Two years after the war, Europeans were totally down and drowning in poverty. The plan was supposed to have “saved” western Europe, and with extreme difficulty preventing it from rallying communist Russia by extending what corresponded to a month in expense during the war or $5 bn (currently $50 bn).

Capitalist USA dispatched its surpluses, monopolized the sea trade, “looted” the minerals in the French colonies and gained global markets for her trades. Effectively, The Aid returned to the USA.

The Elite classes (especially Old Money) in every nation are establishing this malediction “truth” that they are a fatality to accept and bow down to. This monopolistic class own everything, while the other classes, even middle classes, lack of everything to sustain their autonomy. Actually, after every world calamity, it is the middle class that retrograde in “wealth” and blend with the poorer classes.




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