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In classical sciences and physics, the “Independent Variables” are on the right side of the equation. the left side, known as y, is called the dependent variable or the data.

For example, Time, Length and Mass, Temperature (in a controlled environment) …are generally viewed as Independent variables and are considered as Not dependent on one another and cannot be affected in any experimental manipulations

My question is: How totally unconnected variables can produce any valid physical dependent result?

The importance of the theories of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are in explaining that All variables are physically dependent on one another, can be measured and their dependence should be evaluated: Thus, the difference in equations is what variable is to be designated as Data to be analyzed and evaluated.

What we are in fact measuring is the “proportion” of dependency among the “Independent” variables or factors (as called in social sciences.)

Actually, in psychology and social sciences they evaluate the “correlation” among the variables used in the experiment so that a few variables can be eliminated and replaced by more useful variables in those expensive and complex experiments

I cannot understand why intuitive and more “performing” variables are Not used in physical sciences that should supplant the more commonly adopted variables:

There are measurable variables that dependent on many so-called “independent variables” in the manufacture of the measuring instruments. Variables such as elasticity, flexibility, endurance, resilience, resistance…)

If these instruments have been extensively validated and widely tested and do Not require complex technical “calibrations“… then let them be used and simplify the equations.

The constants used in equations are Not how much factors are dependent on one another, but their contribution for reducing the number of variables in experiments.

Note: Yalla, waiting for your input to add sense in my worldview




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