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A few believe that Technology Will Humanize Matemáticas Before Humans. As if Mathematics is the panacea for creating a reasonable person in an environment of total lack of fair justice to all.

Technology has demonstrated to be a lure to sidetrack policy makers from hard decisions: Kind, of just wait a few years…and technology will resolve the problem that has already reach the point of No return

Most probably, the collective Intelligence and valid common sense of the close community is greater than what I want to agree upon?

Is it necessary that mathematics be humanized for all — access and equity — without trauma and anxiety? If you feel you don’t have the patience to learn mathematics, then your teacher lacked the passion to teach and in viewing the problem from different interesting perspective .

Any knowledge require time and application: You either dedicate to invest in knowledge Or stop whining.

Every God to every religious sect is an Idol. And this is true to Gods of every political party

Time to change name from Arabic Syrian Republic to Syria Arabic Republic: Syria existed thousands of years before Arabic language. And Arabic civilization had Damascus for Capital

Sheep need constant guidance and patience when gone astray. A wolf remains a wolf even when he looses his canines. And yet, the leaders in this bankrupted political system of Lebanon still have their canines and demonstrating it every day. Ma bi fel al 7adeed ella…Organized and well structured civic willful opposition is what is needed to wipe out this system from its roots. No valid forceful programs are on the table to rally the people around

The best way to stop the colonial powers from taking Iraq into a civil war is by completely stopping the export of oil/gas. No money generated in abundance… and corruption will drastically decline

Even Mahmoud Abbas, President of Palestinian Authority for 3 decades and totally coordinating with Israel “security” demands, arresting Palestinians, handing over Palestinians and giving Israel coordinate of hidden Palestinians, has accused Israel of having committed ‘50 Holocausts’ when meeting with German PM

China’s destructive heat wave will burn the global economy. A dangerously dry Yangtze river basin has forced shutdowns of hydro-powered factories, including Toyota, lithium battery-maker CATL, and raw material companies.

Stalin gave the Russian Jews in 1928 an autonomous land/Republic twice the size of actual Palestine. And they still speak Yiddish. And it still exist

You have 3000 bananas to transport to a town 1000 km away. The camel can only carry 1000 bananas at maximum and it will eat 1 banana for every km it walks.

Why the most brutal of Olympics sport, the boxing, doesn’t have sensors to scoring as Tak Wan Dou?

The 3 judges role would be to add a few points on fitness and techniques on the sky rocketing total score.




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