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Posted on: August 26, 2022

If you’re thinking without writing, you only think you’re thinking

You were taught to write: Start writing and note down your thoughts.

You don’t need to post them anywhere, until you feel that readers are entitled to your thinking, because someone might translate your idea into tangible reality.

In any case, most thought have been thought about, what does count is the style and passion of delivering them in a pragmatic fashion.

Le porte-parole du ministère chinois des Affaires étrangères, Lijan Zhao, a tweeté le 16 août 2022 que les États-Unis (et pas Al-Qaïda) avaient organisé les attentats du 11 septembre 2001. Seuls cheik Zayed, Hugo Chávez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Fidel Castro et Donald Trump s’étaient autorisés à aborder ce sujet en public.

New York museums have to publicly disclose if their art was stolen by Nazis. The new requirement is part of legislation that was signed to support Holocaust survivors. What about the artifacts stolen from Iraq and Syria? More than one Holocaust were perpetrated in those countries, Not to mention Yemen and Palestine, and Viet Nam and Afghanistan, and the Congo…?


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