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From 1918 to 1923, European Nations refused to recognize the Bolshevik State in Russia.

The consequences were:

Japan occupation of all of Korea was ignored. Not confronting further colonial expansion encouraged Japan to undertake the vastest and quickest maritime and land expansionist adventure in the Far-East neve experienced in history. And When Japan occupied Manchuria and the USA backed China, and japan ignored the decisions of the “international” Union of States, this institution fate was sealed.

Mussolini of Italy colonial expansion in Libya was Not challenged, a case when socialist initial ideology can turn dictatorial and colonial without political refraining pressures.

Beside, the colonial powers after WW1, Not only did Not change their expansionist mentality and unilateral decisions overseas, but their activities were precursors of further wars, against people who expected a change in world policies, a reforms on how to treat other Non-colonial and subjugated populations.

France of Poincare’ PM was the main obstacle for any peaceful understanding in Europe.

France adopted a hard militaristic political line against defeated Germany. France occupied the Ruhr region, rich in mineral and industrial installation for fabricating steel, against the opposition of England, Italy and USA.

The backlash of Poincare’ reactionary and military policies generated the following events:

A massive election turn toward the “socialist” movements. England and France elected the socialist goals in:

  1. Recognizing the new Soviet Russia
  2. Re-evaluating the war German retribution that would be commensurate to its economic development
  3. Adopting a financial program to help Germany surmount its miserable currency conditions

On May 11, 1923, Poincare’ and Millerand were defeated in election and replaced by Heriot and Doumergue

The Liberal and leftist radicals in England elected Macdonald.

The war retribution were re-negotiated according to Dawns report so that Germany would pay 350,000 gold marks in 1925 and 26. The total would amount to over 2 billion gold marks.

Germany was allowed to open trade facilities and running freely its industrial complexes, and especially Not interfering in its internal policies.

After the death of Lenin, Stalin stroke a deal with Germany: Republic Germany would dispatch its engineers to Russia and import cheap wheat. In exchange, Germany would be allowed to train its armed forces in Ukraine and produce its own ammunition and weapons and “cracking down” on German “Communist-leaning” parties

Stalin encouraged the German Republic to eliminate the communist and left-leaning German party so that the European States and USA could stop the advances of the Communist movement in Germany, France, England, Italy and the USA. This deal “benefited” Germany and Stalin.

Republic Germany needed the funds of capitalist colonial powers and Stalin had the mind of Monopolizing the ideology of Communist globally. Stalin did Not want powerful European variations on his brand of Communism

That is how to comprehend the involvement of Stalin in Spain and confronting all these “left-leaning” parties and by the Spanish communist party, those diverse parties who united to fight Franco.

This is how Germany was able to maintain its political structure and pay up its war debts

Still France insisted that Germany should be labelled a war criminal in order that the colonial powers be forgotten as the perpetrators of war criminals in the last 3 centuries.

Note: In 1923, Antoun Saadi published a series of articles in the daily Al Majalat (In Brazil) that analyzed in details the situation in Europe after WW1 and how Germany was handled in war retribution and internal intervention .

Saadi sharp deductive mind forecasted many events that will befall Europe and the world, based on the policies of the European States and a most probable war of Germany on France.

In one of his article, Saadi denounced the USA of falling in the rank of “Moral Standard” and friendly Nations due to its initial new spirit of supporting egalitarian justice and will of people for self autonomy and emancipation…

The USA took the opposite reaction by siding with the colonial powers and letting France and England become mandated powers in the Middle-East and allowing Mussolini to occupy Libya and Ethiopia.

A sharp deductive mind, based on facts and reality, can forecast future events. The single assumption is that you know exactly the Initial Conditions of the political texture

I claim that it is AIPAC, the Zionist lobby in the USA, that is the main hub for international criminal activities.

The members pay to the AIPAC Fund and the directors “lavish” this fund to the political candidates to direct USA policies

Actually, I conjecture that the top brass in the Pentagon are selected by AIPAC, the military branch to enforce the political decisions around the world.

Au Liban, le Vice s’appuie sur le bras du Crime. They both work in tandem and it is the common behavior among politicians

Ce sont les vicieux qui entendent profiter des tripotage d’argent du pouvoir politique et qui sont protégés par les criminels du pouvoir pour voler le trésor publique.

Most of all, we fail to invest in the second step after nailing down the knowledge and the techniques: just a little more effort to turn the good work into a habit, a daily routine.

La pensee’ n’ a pas de sang: on ne la voit pas mourir, sauf quand le Maitre succombe, sans heritier.

It would be great to be frequently indecisive: It implies the availability of choices at each moment. I like to beat the Maktoub concept

And what happens to all these zillion stimuli that our senses capture but the brain failed, or decided Not to process and interpret?

That’s the basic job of the brain to lead us away from the other invisible world we live in, and just procreate?

Lebanese Movie directors (late and current):

Jordano Pidutti (1932, Les aventures d’Elias Mabrouk,

Herta Gargour (1933, Dans les ruines de Baalbek,

Karam Boustani and Julio de Luca and Georges Costi, Ali al -Aris (Kawkab, princesse du desert),

Georges Nassar (Ila Ayn? To where?),

Mohamed Selman (Bonjour l’amour),

Taysir Abboud, Gary Garabedian, Christian Ghazi, Henry Barakat, Youssef Maaluf, Samir Nasri, Antoine Remi, Georges Chamchoun, Samir Khoury, Samir el Ghoussayni, Borhane Alawiyyeh, Joselyne Saab, Jean Cham3oun, Joseph Fares, Randa Chahal Sabbagh, Maroun Baghdadi, Samir Habchi, Jean-Claude Codsi, Bahij Hojeij, Ghassan Salhab, Khalil and Joanna Jreige, Philip Aractingi, Elie Khalifeh, Hany Tamba, Hadj Zaccak, Danielle Arbid, Nadine Labaki

Les guerres une fois que USA commencent, ne finissent jamais. C’est le mantra de USA: ils ne finissent jamais les guerres qu’ils commencent.

And the war in Syria is meant, planned and designed to be indefinite. Even the military retreat from Afghanistan is Not meant to end the war there.

Inutile de chercher si la mondialization est bonne ou mauvaise? Simplement parcequ’ elle est une realite ineluctable?

A totally crappy conclusion that intellectuals voluntarily disseminate to fool us into submission.

Civil disobedience?

This is the hardest movement/action that citizens can undertake. Just take a minute and figure out how this government in Lebanon is still surviving from your pocket cash. If you don’t care about participating in demonstrations, marches, expressing your frustration… At least don’t pay. Honest people stop paying TVA. Drivers stop driving and paying for gasoline. Stop paying traffic tickets… Drive slowly and let these elite fanatics horn and bypass you and get the traffic tickets instead of you. Rob this government from ready cash and then demand your rights as a citizen

Accounting colonial powers gimmick:

The strategy is to drastically under-value the US sovereign debt.

The way this debt is handled: Accumulated Interest on USA Federal Reserve Note (in the $ ten of trillion) set the price of national debt.

Charles Dickens ushered a period of humanism in British society to counter Shakespeare’s characters based on instincts of pure brutality. The spirit of Dickens failed to reach the USA, even today.

Natural product Is Not every citizen’ asset

National debt is every person’s liability, excluding the elite classes.

Is Lebanon practically entitled to issue its own currency? The currency that we Print in London…is it limited to the amount that the World bank allow us to print? Why having a currency if we are unable to provide the necessary liquidity for our tiny internal market, a market that is Not expanding anyway?

A time should come Not to say what we are supposed to say, but how we sincerely feels: Like every time one of those super corrupt “leaders” are in their deathbed before they passe away. More likely, the news will Not mention this imminent “relief” and their descendants will Not restitute their robbed wealth: transformed into whitewashed Family Old Money

Note: Julia Haart (a former Hassidic Jew) at Elite World Group modeling is responsible for denying Palestinians women from modeling jobs. Few modeling agencies in the US.

Nur Ayoubi

18 August 2022

Dutch-Palestinian supermodel Bella Hadid has said she is unafraid to lose modelling jobs in order to continue her support for Palestine, days after she revealed that her advocacy had caused some companies to stop working with her.

Dutch-Palestinian supermodel Bella Hadid has said she is unafraid to lose modelling jobs in order to continue her support for Palestine, days after she revealed that her advocacy had caused some companies to stop working with her.

In a joint interview with Egyptian-American actor Ramy Youssef for GQ magazine, the 25-year-old model opened up about her Muslim and Arab heritage and her continued support for the Palestinian cause. 

‘I had so many companies that stopped working with me… I have friends that completely dropped me’

– Bella Hadid

Hadid is the daughter of Palestinian real-estate developer Mohamed Hadid and Dutch model Yolanda Hadid and is often lauded as being one of the most outspoken celebrities advocating for Palestine.

In the interview, Hadid referenced her parent’s divorce in 2000 when she relocated to California and felt that she was “extracted” from her Palestinian side of the family.

“For so long I was missing that part of me, and it made me really, really sad and lonely,” she said, talking of her Arab heritage. 

“I would have loved to grow up and be with my dad every day and studying and really being able to practice [Islam], just in general being able to live in a Muslim culture,” Hadid says. “But I wasn’t given that.”

Despite her detachment from her Palestinian family, Hadid says she is proud of her heritage and often uses her platform as a tool to raise awareness about the Israeli occupation. She also spends time thinking about her family and what they endured. 

“I speak about [this stuff] for the elderly that are still living there that have never been able to see Palestine free, and for the children that can still grow up and have a beautiful life.”

Her father’s family fled Palestine in 1948 during the Nakba or “the Catastrophe” when Zionist militias expelled more than 700,000 Palestinians from historic Palestine and destroyed some 500 villages to make way for the creation of Israel.

At the time, Mohamed Hadid became a refugee in Syria, losing his family home in Safad to a Jewish family.

The Nakba, day of catastrophe for Palestinians, explained

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What will force USA into negotiating with Putin is Not the likelihood of dropping Small nuclear bombs on Ukraine as the Chinese let the Pentagon know. They are France and Germany decision to end the military campaign: they are the ones supplying Ukraine with food subsistence and daily needs to survive.

A sharp deductive mind, based on facts and reality, can forecast future events. The single assumption is that you know exactly the Initial Conditions of the political texture

Astrology, astro-therapy, handwriting analysis, biorhythm analysis, palmistry, tarot card readings, sessions with the dead, reading coffee grinds…

All these charlatan of pseudo-sciences work well by applying the 4 behaviors common to us all and ingrained in our unconscious and permitting us to function in our daily life:

1, The statements are general in nature. No specificity involved.

2. Many statements are flattering

3. No negative statement in the text: This is the “feature-positive effect” at play

4. We accept whatever corresponds to our self-image and filter out everything else: this is the “confirmation bias” effect

Lesson # 10 on sovereign debt:

Resolution of public debts goes through 8 estrategias;

Created Inflation option is always one of the estrategias, especially in developed Nations

.After WWII in 1945, the public debts of England was 250% on its GNP, France 110% (which represented 10 fiscal years of revenues), and the USA was 100% of GNP.

These países adopted the inflation plan for 30 consecutive years, factitiously reducing the ratio.

With steady crecimiento económico, and since when prices of commodities increase, they never come down, the average yearly income increased, but it was mostly hidden by the inflation factor.

For ejemplo, the Chinese worker with a salary less than $1,000 is saving half his earning so that the Chinese government finances the growing external debts of the “rich States” in order to maintain the “standard of living” of their ciudadanos that effectively reflects 30 years of inflation policy.

Fact is, one of los métodos for sustaining inflation was creating credit cards with limits up to 50 times the actual earning of the individual!

Social Bias #7

In general, women are less capable of running big businesses or holding important political positions. The reasons are:

Women are rarely found in high positions; physical handicaps during pregnancy are not conducive to persistent work in becoming expert; women are emotionally less strong than men in critical events; women get bogged down in details; the temperament of women is less focused on business targets;

This is a wrong statement. The question is biased in its formulation. Women are more capable than men in running big businesses and controlling personnel.

Lesson #9 on sovereign debt:

Financial crisis relevant to public debts depends more on subjective confidence of creditor markets than on the ratio level of the debts to GNP or fiscal revenues.

Invariably, States unable to generate enough fiscal revenues so that 50% of the budget are dedicated to paying interests on sovereign debts are in deep trouble.

Many developed Nations can sustain up to 300% of debt to GNP for several years (Japan and the USA), while developing countries crumble under 50% ratio, simply because the political system is unstable ( USA credit rating schemes) and unable to bring in at least 50% of the budget to cover paying interest on debts.

On the Epistemology of Modern Science

If a theory can be refuted, it belongs in science.

By 101 summaries. Aug 2, 2022

This book is Karl Popper’s classic work on the purpose of science and knowledge. Scientists should test their theories Not to verify them, but to falsify them, and hence become even more accurate.

Key Insights in this book:

  1. Deduction is preferable to induction, and scientists should work to disprove their beliefs rather than prove them.
  2. It is not always logical to choose which hypotheses to believe.
  3. Science only uses probability statements to a limited extent.
  4. Popper disagreed with Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.
  5. Science isn’t about pursuing truth — it’s about achieving ever greater accuracy.

Why should I care? Explore a classic of scientific philosophy from the 20th century.

Imagine this In your little hometown, it’s a gorgeous morning, so you’ve made the decision to take a quick stroll down the river. A stunning white swan swims around the closest bend while you’re strolling along and enjoying the warm summer weather.

Oh, and look! Another white swan is immediately behind it!

Then another follows!

Being a ponderous, scientific type, you identify a recurring theme. These swans are all white. It’s also simple to create a small theory because these are the first swans you have ever seen: they must all be white.

Then, seemingly on cue, a fourth swan appears. Surprise, it’s also white. That certainly confirms it! This hypothesis is rapidly becoming reality.

How do you know there won’t be a black swan or of another colorful existence? Despite how uncommon that is, it is difficult to rule out that possibility.

You’ve unintentionally come across one of the trickiest philosophical problems in all ages.

How can we ever genuinely demonstrate that a hypothesis is true?

The Logic of Scientific Discovery seeks to answer this very issue.

You’re about to learn why your beliefs might not be as solid as you originally believed, whether they involve white swans or any other theories you’ve been fermenting on the side.

1. Deduction is preferable to induction, and scientists should work to disprove their beliefs rather than prove them.

You have a thought as you make your way back from your stroll along the river. How will you communicate to the rest of the world your amazing discovery that swans are all white?

Not too difficult, I think. The facts are on your side. You came up with a sound theory based on a small, focused sample size — four swans, which is essentially a flock. You have only ever seen white swans. Therefore, the theory that all swans are white is simply logical.

Given how airtight it is, even Popper would undoubtedly support you.

Popper is adamantly opposed to inductive reasoning, which is what this kind of reasoning amounts to.

The issue is that we’re trying to prove generalizations, like “All swans are white,” using singular claims, like “This swan is white.”

Popper contends that this strategy is unsound logically. Any number of swans, including black ones, pink ones, and yellow ones, may have come swimming around the corner. That holds true whether you’ve seen four swans, 40 swans, or every swan you can think of. Always be prepared for a black swan.

However, let me ask you this: What would occur if a black swan did indeed appear?

That would refute the idea that all swans were white, I suppose. There is an imbalance in the logic at play here because particular claims cannot invalidate general ones, but they can do so.

That’s a crucial aspect to remember when discussing deduction, Popper’s favorite scientific technique.

Deduction begins with universals rather than details and explores the connections between them to see what other logical inferences can be made.

For instance, you might assert that all birds have the ability to fly and that since swans are birds, you might infer that they have the same ability.

Popper argues that although it is logically sound, it need not always be true. Instead, a smart scientist would be alert to anything that contradicts their idea.

They would seek to disprove their own theories. For instance, suppose they learned about a bird that cannot fly, such as a penguin. The generalisation that all birds can fly is debunked by that unique instance.

For a scientist, that outcome ought not to be depressing but rather thrilling. It’s a fascinating new development that will lead them to develop a more precise theory.

Perhaps “All birds have wings” should be used in place of “All birds can fly.” They’ll then search far and wide for a bird without wings in an effort to refute that claim.

Falsifiability is important to Popper in this way. It is what he refers to as the demarcation criterion: the uncomplicated truth that separates science from nonscience.

Popper claims that a claim can only be considered scientifically valid if it has the capacity to be refuted. Otherwise, you’re dealing with metaphysics, which is much more nebulous than science at all.

2. It is not always logical to choose which hypotheses to believe.

In the first place, there’s nothing improper with asserting that “all swans are white.”

The error is to assume that this is the case just because you have spotted a few white swans in your neighborhood river. You must acknowledge that your assertion that “All swans are white” is simply a hunch.

Even so, we’re not quite out of the woods. Popper is still able to dissect that.

Because you have to consider how you even came up with that theory in the first place in order to maintain it, guess or not. How did you think it would be a good idea to say that all swans were white?

Although it might seem like a simple question, that is not the case.

Keep in mind that Popper vehemently opposes induction: the appearance of a few white swans does not suffice to support the generalization. Therefore, developing a hypothesis like your swan theory or even more plausible scientific hypotheses like gravity or relativity has any logical foundation at all. Essentially, it is speculation.

According to Popper, developing a theory requires a small but crucial act of imagination as well as a leap of faith. He refers to it as psychologism, and logic cannot explain it in any way.

As a result, it basically falls outside the purview of what he covers in his work: Popper is worried with the logical procedures that you subject a theory to, or all the events that take place after you’ve developed a hypothesis. But he gladly acknowledges that this flash of creativity is an essential first step. That’s all it is, we just have to keep that in mind.

The choice of which hypotheses to believe also involves a small amount of unreasonable leap of faith. Because doing so would be inductivism, we cannot make decisions on what to accept solely based on our personal experiences; rather, we must make a choice. (And we prefer our own personal experience “Choices”)?

It resembles the way a jury decides cases in court. It is up to the jury to decide what actually transpired in a given instance. The only things it has to base its decision on are the facts of the case as they are currently known and the law.

The jury’s decision is taken as gospel truth, however it’s possible that they would have reached a different conclusion if fresh information had become available. Is the decision of a jury the truth? It would probably be more accurate to describe it as closely as we can.

Science therefore resembles a jury’s decision in essence even though it strives for neutrality. It basically makes the best assumptions it can based on the facts at hand; it doesn’t really deal in absolutes.

3. Science only uses probability statements to a limited extent.

Probability will be covered in the following section. Because it’s important to consider the potential role that probability can play in our reasoning when addressing the idea that assertions can be true or incorrect.

Take a six-sided die as an illustration.

Imagine that you wish to roll a six. You have a one in six chance of getting a six. Let’s pretend to roll the die 600 times, you would probably have 100 sixes in all, but would it be exactly that? Probably not. You could have rolled 103 sixes instead.

Therefore, should you update your original hypothesis to reflect the fact that the likelihood of rolling a six is actually 103 out of 600? No, because our original claim was a scientifically calculated numerical probability claim rather than an experiment.

The likelihood of throwing a six remains one in six, assuming the die is fair (Here is the catch: I would study the dice to find out where the bias reside, if this endeavor is worth the effort). That likelihood is completely unaffected by the preceding 600 tosses.

For Popper, the implication that probability statements cannot be refuted is significant.

Maybe things would be different if we could actually roll the die an unlimited number of times, but we can’t. Simply put, we can’t put claims about probabilities to the test. (But statistics we can?)

So what function do probabilities serve in science? Popper, the enthusiast of falsification that he is, says not much. Since probabilities cannot be refuted, they typically serve no purpose.

The theory of Brownian movement, which describes how particles travel in a fluid, is one instance where probabilities actually play a part in theories.

Since the liquid is moving somewhat randomly, certain variations from the mean results are absolutely expected. However, in a situation like that, the variation is hard-wired into the theory and becomes part of it.

Overall, a theory like that can be disproven because the results would have to fall beyond the range of acceptable outcomes. Therefore, because it can be refuted, it belongs in science.

Popper also makes another point regarding probability that sheds a fascinating perspective on his ideas in general. What’s the difference, he asks, between forecasting the orbits of the planets and predicting a throw of a die?

You’d presumably argue that throwing the die is sheer chance, whereas the planets move in a predictable rhythm. But Popper believes that fact, the two cases are considerably more similar than you think.

Why? Because it’s all about initial conditions.

We know the beginning conditions in which the planets move quite precisely via observations over many generations.

But precisely what actions happen on inside someone’s fist as they shake a die? What are the specific qualities of the surface they’re throwing onto? Throwing a dice seems random, but only because we have such low awareness of the conditions.

If we knew all that in detail, we’d be able to forecast the conclusion just as well as where Mars will be next Friday. And that would absolutely assist at a casino.

4. Popper disagreed with Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.

There are some things, though, that we actually have no choice but to be uncertain about. At least, according to the physicist Werner Heisenberg.

In quantum mechanics, Heisenberg’s renowned uncertainty principle is all about the boundaries of what we can know.

At a subatomic level, the more correctly we know where a particle is, the less accurately we know its momentum. The most famous example of this is if we simply examine a particle at the subatomic level: this creates a little exchange of energy with the particle, which modifies the way it acts.

In other words, there actually are severe boundaries on just what we can know. It’s not conceivable to continue getting more and more exact in our measurements throughout time. It’s only ever a matter of approximation.

Given what you’ve already heard about Popper’s ideas on probability, it’s simple to see why he was uncomfortable with Heisenberg’s results. Popper felt that scientists should be constantly updating their theories to make them more and more correct as they acquire more information and knowledge — but Heisenberg argues no, at a certain point it just isn’t possible.

To cut a long and confusing story short, Popper disagreed so passionately with Heisenberg’s ideas, that in The Logic of Scientific Discovery he actually presented an experiment aimed to falsify Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. But Popper’s initiatives came in for criticism too, particularly from Albert Einstein. And, in later editions of his book, he adjusted his viewpoint on this.

It’s odd, actually, when you stop to think about it — from one perspective, Popper and Heisenberg aren’t so far off. What they have in common is an acceptance that it’s essentially impossible to know anything with 100 percent confidence. It’s only that. Whereas for Heisenberg that sets a limit on what scientists may aspire to achieve, Popper thinks scientists should never cease in their search for ever-greater accuracy. (Still, it is a matter of initial conditions: there is no way to measure in subatomic matters)

5. Science isn’t about pursuing truth — it’s about achieving ever greater accuracy.

For this last portion, let’s zoom out a little, and think about what Popper’s theories truly mean. And let’s forget about swans this time — I think you’ve got the picture with those. So, here’s another scenario for you.

Let’s assume, tomorrow morning, the sun doesn’t rise. It just stays dark all day. (A bad example)

We’re presuming, for the purposes of argument, that you don’t live in the Arctic circle where this is genuinely conceivable — just suppose something happens that’s utterly out of line with what you’d expect of the natural world.

Assuming all the scientists manage to find their way to the lab, what should they do?

It wouldn’t be enough just to explain why, in this one case, the sun hadn’t risen. The scientists would have to go right back to the drawing board and change all their previous theories about the way the world works in order to account for this one day’s odd events. (Most probably, all scientists would be dead before reaching their labs)

They’d need to establish new scientific laws that described not only the present but the history too — new laws that fit with all the information they had accessible.

That one day when the sun didn’t rise would be enough to disprove our existing scientific ideas. But recall, even once the scientists had made the required modifications and come up with more accurate theories, every day that the sun either did or didn’t rise in accordance with those theories wouldn’t prove those theories to be true — because it would be inductive reasoning.

What those days would do is support the hypotheses — but that’s far weaker. It’s effectively just arguing that there wouldn’t be any need for the scientists to be concerned.

The moral of the story is that science is always uncertain and tentative. Science isn’t knowledge. (What then is the use of sciences again?) It isn’t true. It’s just as close as we can get to it.

And when we find a result that falsifies what we think we already know, that’s something to get excited about — because it suggests we can come up with new hypotheses that are ever so slightly better.

What then is the purpose of science? It’s not to find the whole truth, which is impossible. And after all, there’s always a chance that a black swan will appear gliding down that river or that tomorrow won’t see the sun rise, in which case we’ll have to start over and reevaluate our hypotheses.

Science’s main goal is to simply get more precise over time while also improving.

Final thoughts

You just listened to our insights to Karl Popper’s The Logic of Scientific Discovery.

These insights’ main takeaway is that scientists should work to disprove their beliefs rather than confirm them. (Psychologically, No scientist will ever have the courage and stamina to go on doing science)

By doing this, they can update and improve their hypotheses. It is erroneous to believe that science will ever learn the complete truth about how the world functions. Every time we learn anything new, our goal should be to just get a little bit better.

Here is some fast, practical suggestions you may use to put this into practise in your day-to-day life:

Lie about your own beliefs.

Popper focuses on difficult-to-understand technical subjects like quantum mechanics, but what he truly discusses is a mentality that can also be used in much less formal settings.

Therefore, the next time you create an opinion about something, whether you’re reading Twitter or listening to a podcast, look for information that refutes it rather than proof that supports it.

In this way, you’ll be interested in something that challenges your views and encourages you to develop a better, more inclusive worldview rather than feeling excited when you see yet another tweet that validates what you already believe.

I appreciate you listening so much. Additionally, if you can, give us a rating. The “Rate It” button can be found on your screen right now. We value your comments. Until the next insight, take care.

Note: What? Apparently from this article, it seems Makhoul has passed away? I knew him during the university period in Beirut.

مخول قاصوف فاتح عهد العصيان

لؤي زيتوني (Louay Zaytouni)

كبيرٌ ظلمت الحياة والتّحوّلات إبداعه، مع أّنه استحقّ العرفان والتّكريم؛

لم يكن فناناً عاديّاً أو عابراً، نهل الموسيقى الغربيّة، وأتقنها، ثمّ شرّقها، جاعلاً منها أنموذجاً فريداً مدرحيّاً، لا يغرق في المادّيّة الغربيّة، ولا في الرّوحانيّة الشّرقيّة؛

كما أنّه أنموذج جديد لإنسانٍ جديد، يرفض قيود التّقليد السّائدة في الفنّ وفي النّظرة إليه وإلى الوجود.

كبيرٌ لم نعرفه بحقّ، لكنّه جدير بالمعرفة، لكونه حمل في رؤيته الهمّ القوميّ الاجتماعيّ بكلّ كيانه، فعمل على نشر مفهومه الرّياديّ إلى الإبداع من خلال موقعه الحزبيّ الذي شغله مرحلةً غير قصيرة،

لكن تحت اسمه الحركيّ “سهيل جرّاح”، إيماناً منه بأنّ نهضتنا تتّخذ قيمتها من فعلها في الثّقافة أوّلاً، كما فعلت دوماً.

إنّه المبدع النّهضويّ مخّول قاصوف الذي يعرّفنا به قلم نصري الصّايغ –مع حفظ الألقاب- حينما نقرأ:

“طالباً كانَ في كليةِ الطبِّ في الجامعةِ اليسوعية، عندما أعلنَ «العصيانَ» الفنيَّ والسياسي. خلعَ الموسيقى من طوباويَّتِها وأعطاها جسداً آخرَ جديداً، بنصٍّ شعريٍّ ملتزم، وتغيبُ عنه المباشَرةُ والخطابيةُ، ويميدُ معنًى وثورةً وغضباً. قيلَ عنهُ في صحافةِ ذلك الزمنِ، إنهُ وضَعَ المدماكَ الأوّلَ للأغنيةِ السياسيةِ الوطنية. وهي في العمقِ، لم تكنْ كذلكَ إلا من جهةِ التصنيفِ، فيما هي في الأساسِ، تنخرطُ في حملةِ عصيانٍ كاملٍ، على اللحنِ السائدِ والكلمةِ السائدةِ والجمهورِ السائد.”

عازفُ الغيتارِ والملحّنُ والشّاعرُ الرؤيويُّ، عَشِقَ الموسيقى فأبدعَ فيها، وتمرّدَ فيها. أطلقَ الأغنيةَ السّياسيّةَ النّقديّةَ مع رائعتِهِ “في خيامِنا أطفال” وبعدها توالَت سُبْحَتُهُ في مجموعات (انتو كلّ الحكاية) و(بواب الفرح) و(مثقّفون نون)،

ومن ثمّ توالت سُبْحَةُ غيرِهِ منَ الأعمالِ الغنائيّةِ التي عُرِفَتْ بالملتزمةِ، ونُعَرِّفُها بالنَّهْضَوِيَّةِ المتمرِّدَة. فكان بحقٍّ فاتح عهد العصيان في الفنّ والرّؤية.

إلى جانب ذلك، وضعَ مجموعتينِ شِعريّتَينِ حداثيّتَين هما: (حروفٌ على ورقِ النورس) و(مغارةُ الحلُم)، أب

رزَ فيهما رؤيتَهُ الرّياديّةَ المنبثقةَ من واقعِ الأزماتِ التي يعيشُها مجتمعُه، والتي سَعَتْ إلى أنْ تكونَ منارةً للأمّةِ وأبنائِها.

قدّم فنّاً مدرحيّاً متكاملاً لا تنفصل فيه الكلمة عن النّغمة، فكان شعره ولحنه بنيةً واحداً أو كياناً واحداً؛ غيرَ أنَّهُ معَ ذلكَ غنّى لغيره من كبارِ الشعراءِ المعاصرينَ في بلادِنا ككمال خير بك وطلال حيدر..

لذلك كان يجدر بمجتمعنا إعادةِ الاعتبارِ لريادتِه في المجالِ الفنّي، وتقدير أعماله، وهو المبدعُ الذي رسمَ خطّاً فنّياً جديداً، غريباً، ومتميّزاً، والذي يتجاهل الإعلام اسمه، وتجهله الأجيالُ الصّاعدةُ.

صاحبِ هذه المسيرةِ الغنيّةِ والرياديّةِ يستحقّ الإضاءة على قيمتِهِ وموقعِهِ وقامتِهِ؛ وذلك انطلاقاً من اقتدائِنا بقولِ سعاده: “الموسيقى والغناءُ من العواملِ الكبيرةِ في تطوّرِ الأممِ الاجتماعيّةِ والرّوحيّةِ”.

فأمثالُ الرّاحلِ مخّول قاصوف همْ مَن يمثّلونَ الوجهَ المشرقَ من هذه الأمّةِ، وهم العلامةُ الدّالّةُ على ما في مجتمعِنا من مناراتٍ للتّطوّرِ والتّقدّمِ.

مخّول قاصوف، أيّها الكبير الذي أعدّ فخراً وحملاً عظيماً أن أتولّى الموقع نفسه الذي شغلته وبرعتَ فيه،

إليك أقول:

لقد حقّقتَ بالفعل ما غنّيتَه من كلمات كمال خير بك: “ضليت من الشعرا وضلّيت من الكبار”.

د. لؤي زيتوني

Electric bike are the rage in Europe

50%+: Percentage of e-bike customers in Europe over the age of 50 in 2015, per electric bike company Cowboy

25 to 40: Age of most of Cowboy’s customers now, the majority of whom live in big cities

What seems expensive at first is often cheap in the long run.

You almost always end up paying twice the price when you purchase the less expensive item, with frequent replacement.

For example, buying a cheap mouse along with an expensive computer…

Inevitably, the customer would come back in about a month and purchase a slightly better mouse. The process would repeat until they eventually ‘caved’ and bought a great mouse.

I need a free train ticket: where are the trains in Lebanon? Spain has one solution for inflation: free train tickets. Half a million people have already registered for the No fare rides.

India has 1% of all cars running in the world, and 10% of road car deaths

Let us Not forget with all the technology around that in the end, we humans (especially scientists) are doing the observing. And we are doing the interpreting of the data.

A Rothschild family biography mentions a London meeting where an “international banking syndicate” decided to pit the American North against the South as part of a “divide and conquer” strategy.

Justice only means that someone will have to pay for the crime. Not necessarily the criminal. Actually, for the Elite Classes “Justice” does Not apply either way

In a proper democratic system, the minorities must have a sense that the election laws have the potential to allow them to become majority. Thus, the minority parties will preserve this hope to exercise the same rights of the current majority.

You don’t want to be re-incarnated a female shark: Most of them die from deep bites inflicted by male sharks during copulation and they cannot recover because they fast an entire year during the gestation.

A female shark give birth to a single baby shark that is ready to shark on him own and doesn’t need his mother at all. Why a single shark baby? The first baby shark in the womb eats all the other baby sharks and eggs.

Everyday, Israel news divulge the number of Palestinian youths who were administratively detained during the night. Sort of pre-empting another Intifada

ndia and China approved needle-free covid vaccines.

The former gave the green light to Bharat Biotech’s nasal vaccine, and the latter to CanSino Biologics’ inhaled vaccine.

We are still expecting from the Syria regime to hit an fighter-jet and Not targeting the Israeli missiles.

Today: Hiroshima. Hiroshima
Tomorrow: Nagasaki. Nagasaki

Scientific racism”, or more accurately psuedo-scientific racism (because racism is not scientific)? European colonial governments — and the statisticians they hired to do government surveys and data collection — justified their racist policies by using statistical measurements, often in an extremely biased and incorrect way.

These are Not new slogans throughout the development of mankind, and there were many periods of awakening and Renaissance that pondered on these slogans and most of these periods are dusted below the carpet and Not rekindled for their true benefits to the development of the living species and nature.

These were Not new slogans that generated a better species… but catalyst for further dictatorship of many kinds, massive campaigns of bloodshed and standard servitude accepted and applied globally

Most “historical” documents, and rhetoric of philosophers and authors would like us to consider the French Revolution as the lightening rod for human awareness of inequality, servitude and indignity…

Wrong. The place and the timing of the French Revolution were Errors in the unfolding of future horrors done on levels of greater magnitudes in each century.

First, France was never the ideal nation to sustain such lofty slogans in their application. The French have demonstrated, in general, throughout historical accounts and actual social research that it is a people cruel, harsh, blood thirsty, inconsistent and inclined to engage in wars and centralized administration, and they engaged in colonizing other “nations”. We will return to these “claims” later on.

Sure, you have authors who would claim that the British people are more consistent in holding to these slogans once the people “win” there demands.

Like steady, incremental “democratic” reforms from totally biased election laws that restricted candidates to the “designated” aristocratic class, the baron of “industries”, the old landlords… and denied the rights of vote to women and working classes…

Like a continuous British constitutional monarchy whose purpose is to coverup the demonic political decisions…in order to round up the “citizens” under a faked “historical unifying institution“. These monarchs who never lent any “Moral Voice” to oppose undignified and humiliating political decisions at a world scale.

Mind you that the British Kingdom made it a law to allow landlords and industrial barons to let entire families submit to servitude, from children to women, in mines and factories.

Actually, the British Kingdom preceded most of the European “nations” and for decades in these inhumane practices.

The British Kingdom made laws to hang anyone who stole from any higher up classes and whisk them as “White Slave” to their colonies, mostly in the America, Australia and New Zealand… These wretched pseudo-citizens were shipped across oceans in totally inhumane manners and many died and were thrown overboard

The leaders of the “American Revolution” claimed these same slogans a decade before the French, in a revolt to England law that forbid further import of slaves to the colonies.

And history tells us how this American Revolution expanded and killed over 27 million Native Indians and millions of Mexicans… and instituted the Klu Klox Klan to subdue the Black people in the plantations and still keep the minorities in daily fear of aggression and maltreatment

Second, the timing was all wrong.

King Louis 16 was the best ever monarch that the French got. He made France the greatest nation in Europe: In land army, maritime power, industry, agriculture, development in many fields…and most of all the administrative organization and taxation.

Actually, Napoleon did Not perform any minor reforms on the Administrative structure, a structure that served him well during his many war campaigns.

The French revolution was Not instigated by the reformist authors of Voltaire, Rousseau…These authors offered the superb rhetoricians of the revolt with ready catchy ideas and sentence.

What brought about this revolution were:

First, the pamphlets, leaflets and short leud stories, published and cheaply sold to the urban dwellers that recounts the behavior of the religious clerics, aristocrats and princes in the provinces…another good point of the Louis 16 flexibility in freedom of expression..

Second, France experienced successive drought that made it hard to bring to Paris enough wheat and other ingredients that poor classes required for daily subsistence

Third, the treasury of the monarchy was totally depleted due to massive involvement and support of the American Revolution

The centralized structure in the French administration was a handicap in allowing provinces to develop their own way of life and express political opinion and participate in the planning and political decisions.

This centralized nature permitted the “citizens” in Paris to march and demonstrate and express their frustration and spread it to the outskirts

Note: I got the idea of Not relying on poets and romantic authors account of the French Revolution for this article from an article “Freedom and Mother of Freedom” published by Antoun Saadi in 1923 in the daily Al Majalat (Brazil). He was 19 years old.

British John Lock of the 17the century laid the ground work for all of these slogans and encouraged experimentation for any inherited idea and relying on the rational thinking system.

Ethereum? Cryptocurrency multinational?

This blockchain that hosts ether, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency, has finally completed its much anticipated “Merge” upgrade. The new technology is pegged as a more climate-friendly way of minting ether, and its carbon footprint is expected to reduce by more than 99%? The switch from “proof of work” to “proof of stake” is the key transition here, enabling energy use savings equivalent to the electricity used by Austria, at 72 terawatt-hours a year.

Like how much power these blockchains were consuming each year?

The USA sanctions of technology to Russia goes ways back. What the Russian received was what Germany and the EU were willing to export in technology. Russia economy was relying on the military infrastructure and that is Not enough for a prosperous economy.

Though, the Ukraine war was a must to be undertaken before the USA complete its total occupation of Ukraine.

BlackRock? Not the “Black Stone” in Mecca It is this financial multinational investment which circulate about $6 trillion in its investment every single day.

An amount as much as the entire USA GNP for an entire year.

Most State Presidents, central bank chiefs and financial ministers are in contact with Leonard Finkle for analysis by its Aladdin artificial intelligence of the exhaustive data it hold.

#Facebook Oversight board has recommended an independent review into alleged bias in moderating posts related to Israel and Palestinians.

It comes after the board said the tech giant failed to answer all its questions around alleged censorship of Palestinian activists.

Human is the only species that seeks a Leader/Master to keep the faith for his survival.

Most mammalians babies/kids rely on the Mother for a duration, except sharks and tortoise…. They simply die when the mother “disappears”. There are high indications that thousands of human babies die in that manner and the world community dare Not investigate the magnitude of that subject matter.

Colonial powers invented the terms Semite/Arian in order to establish their racist ideology. Those adopting the term Anti-Semite are racists and spreading a racist ideology, They should be ashamed of themselves




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