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Posted on: September 3, 2022

Fayrouz (Lebanon famous singer) could have said to Macron when he visited her at her home after the cataclysm of port of Beirut:

If Mr. President can claim the independence of the judiciary and the executive in France, then you should free Georges Abdullah immediately.

Georges Abdullah has been in French prison for over 40 years and was due to be released a decade ago. USA pressure on France executive is keeping the prisoner jailed.

Unbelievable how Europe depended so much on Russia gas, and yet they alienated Russia with economic and financial sanctions, and even lorded it over for extending hard currency to Russia for an economical commodity.

Euro zone inflation hit 9.1%. 9 consecutive months of record high consumer prices have intensified calls for a big ECB rate hike next week.

China arrested hundreds in a banking fraud probe. Over 200 people were linked to the $5.8 billion scam, the largest of its kind in China, involving four rural banks in Henan province. Ya 3ammi, ne7na badna bass $170 million of deposits in the banks

Do you think their are strong correlations between personal views and applications and global take on economics? WHO KNOWS BEST, PERSONAL FINANCIERS OR ECONOMISTS?

From your personal experience and the way you managed your finances, do you think the personal finance Book you just bought was on target? A new study finds that economists disagree with personal financiers on saving, managing your financial portfolio, paying back debt, and home ownership.

For example, should you Not annuitize or Fully annuitize your wealth, as economists recommend, for Retirement? Apparently, psychological factors weight heavier in the balance.

How long it should take for the concept of social justice to settle in the mind? All the horrors and sacrifice in human dignity and rights were due because Strong leaders wanted a realization in their lifetime.

Happiness is a modern concept. We are back to the concept of sobriety: the world is no longer able to afford the luxury life of the very few in a devastated earth

The survival of the EU concept and structure is by including western Russia in the equation.


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