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Can we forget about Ukraine for the moment? One of the poorest country with over 200 million population, Pakistan is reeling under a massive devastation: Flood has destroyed 700,000 home and made at least 1,000 victims. Urgency is of utmost requirement from around the world.

You had an excellent grade on one of the courses. What is the main reason? Are you just very intelligent? Or it is because you studied hard; the course was pretty easy; the teacher was good in explaining the subject matter; the school environment is conducive to learning; the teaching method was appropriate to your temperament; your close community is supportive to learning?

Two illegal skyscrapers were demolished in New Delhi. A controlled blast took down 850 unoccupied flats in what was seen as a warning to corrupt construction companies. When in Lebanon many of our skyscrapers will be blown?

What’s new about this generation’s Moon mission? USA spent $93 billion on the biggest Rocket Artemis and which launching today was postponed. Scientists now know there is water on the Moon and want to check it out; Like how much water and can it be brought back to earth affordably? Politicians know China is aiming for the Moon and want to be there first; and the private sector hopes to unlock new economic opportunities in space, like building affordable condominiums?

Eventually, everyone loses the battle with willpower. The only question is when.

And remember that everyone is the easiest persona to be fooled, and many times. And why is that? We have much confidence in our “intuition” (that is totally biased) than investing the effort in doing our due diligence. The response should be: “I will think it over. And do Not harass me. I will call you

People who take psychedelics reported diminished fear of dying. The substances could play a role in dealing with anxiety and distress in end-of-life care.

“God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. Yet his shadow still looms!”

—Friedrich Nietzsche, “Parable of the Madman” (1882)

Few people have the courage to admit there is No God or any entity that created the universe and be called Atheist.

Mostly, people can claim to be Agnostic, meaning that they are still Not sure of all these myths and stories in religions are valid to be believed.

Every religious sect has its own God, the all encompassing idol God. Every religious sect has a narrative of a Second Coming and the Super Hero will free them from the indignities suffered by other communities




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