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Under “Hayhaat menna al zelat” (Not submitting to Indignity)

After several countries abolished slavery in one way or another in different years, it was until 1948 that slavery was considered to be abolished worldwide explicitly by Article 4 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR.

This declaration considered slavery contrary to human rights.

Nevertheless it was only in 1981 that Mauritania became the last country in the world to abolish slavery and. Mauritania political system waited till 2007 to make slavery a crime. But then again, was Mauritania really the last country?

One can argue that in Mauritania’s northern neighbor still  exists because that’s how a great part of the people experience the life they live under the oppression by the oligarchy  who bleed the country dry and seem only to be interested in filling their Swiss bank accounts.

The Moroccan regime promotes a way of living for its citizens that’s nothing more than servitude and a subservience bordering on slavery.

People who choose to defy the Monarchic/dictatorial regime and exercise their constitutional right of free speech are harassed and put in jail on bogus charges.

Not only journalists, rappers and other dissidents are being harassed but also their relatives and people who support them.

This way of worsening repression is perfectly described by Human Rights Watch in a 129-page report, “They’ll Get You No Matter What: Morocco’s Playbook to Crush Dissent”.

While this all is ongoing, the absolute monarch keeps starting his speeches by ‘Dear citizens’ while in reality remaining totally uninterested in their needs.




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