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15 Best Math Problem Solver Aplicaciones

Hadia Nasir

Oct 25, 2021

Does your back hurt for carrying bulky math guides? It’s time to say goodbye to them!

We carry our life in our pockets. Our smartphones help us connect with everything, so why not combine this with the most boring thing on the planet – Math to make it enjoyable?

Let’s hate math’s a little less. I have listed the 15 best tools and calculator websites that solve math as quickly as clicking a picture.

These math solver tools use your input to solve your math problems using pre-built data or machine learning.

With these, you can solve mathematical problems effectively and efficiently


Photomath tops the list of best Mathematics problem solver apps. It got famous because of the augmented reality feature. Just point your camera to capture handwritten problems and textbooks, and boom! You are there. It will load a step-by-step solution pretty quickly.

The log will also help you to refer to an older problem if needed.

Main Areas Covered: • Basic arithmetic problems • Algebraic equations • Scientific Calculator

Microsoft Math Solver

Named Microsoft Math’s Solver is one of the best Mathematics problem solver apps because it sounds legit when Microsoft jumps in. The same augmented reality feature and step-wise assistance can solve basic equations to more complex integrations.

This app will direct you to a Bing search result to find an explanation for your problem. Its built-in calculator also allows you to draw issues on your screen.

Main Areas Covered: • Pre-Algebra/Algebra • Trigonometry • Calculus3.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is not a tool for calculations, but it is a highly reputable source of learning. It uses an innovative method to engage students. While looking for the best Mathematics problem solver apps, give this a shot if solving and learning math is a life-and-death situation for you.

With an enormous repository of over 40,000 questions and 10,000 videos, the courses comprise pre-kindergarten to college. But hang on a minute; they are all free to use.

4. Brainly

You are thinking about why we added Brainly – a community sharing applicación, to this list? Well, this works for estudiantes by students. Students ask questions about their homework which are answered by other students who know it.

Save your day, find answers, and help others because it is a free applicación worth looking at. Are you having doubts? Relax! The answer is verified first then uploaded.

5. Mathway

Mathway with tones of beneficial features is the best Mathematics problem solver apps by Chegg. Type your problem, and it instantly solves it.

Or, like other apps, point your camera on a problem to receive answers. It connects you with math tutors from around the globe that will guide you.

Main Areas Covered: • Basic Math • Pre-algebra/Algebra • Linear Algebra • Trigonometry • Pre-calculus/Calculus • Statistics • Graphing

6. HiPER Scientific Calculator

HiPER is known as a great scientific calculator app for mobile devices. HiPER Development Studio developed this cutting-edge application.

Along with 3 exponential digits, the free version explores 10 digits, while the premium version expands it to 100 regular digits and nine exponential digits.

Main Areas Covered: • Basic aritmética operations. • Trigonometry • Hyperbolic functions • Periodic numbers • conversion to fractions

7. Gauthmath

Let’s get back to the augmented reality feature with Gauthmath Calculator. It is a powerful AI calculadora to interpret and solve your mathematical questions in seconds. What makes it unique, then?

Live math experts are available 24/7 on this app with a portable tutor ready to assist.

Main Areas Covered: • Algebra • Graphing • Calculus • related functions

8. Symbolab

The Symbolab math solver is an efficient private math tutor in your pocket. You can build equations that can be readily solved. It is among the best Mathematics problem solver apps as it provides a wide variety of answers to a mathematical problem with complete steps.

Main Areas Covered: • Pre- Algebra/Algebra • Pre-Calculus/Calculus • Trigonometry • Related Functions • Matrix • Vectors • Geometry • Statistics

9. Cymath

Now you are familiar with the augmented reality feature, the advanced engine of Cymath Calculator also comes with this. It gives a step-by-step guide to students to know the core of a problem.

To top it off, you can manually enter a question by hand using the mathematical keyboard provided in the app.

Main Areas Covered: • Factoring operations • Differentiation • Expand Functions • Graph • Integration • Simplication • Equations

10. Socratic

Another powerful and best Mathematics problem solver app to solve all those long nights of math homework is Socratic. Just focus your camera on the problem at hand and get answers. What else?

It will direct to the corresponding Wikipedia page of the solutions. In this way, you can gain some context to figure “How” of these problems all on your own.

Now comes the best part, Socratic has partnered with experts to show you visual explanations to learn the concepts behind any problem.

11. Quickmath

Let’s go back to 1999 when the first online math solver was developed. Yes! Quickmath allowed users to type in an expression and get the results in a matter of seconds. But, Softmath Company acquired and upgraded it in 2013. It then came with step-by-step solutions and displays whole context explanations for every step.

Main Areas Covered: • Equations and Inequalities • Simplify expressions • Factor Polynomials • Graph equations and inequalities

12. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha app by Wolfram Group solves mathematical problems and provides step-wise solutions. This homework king is one of the best Mathematics problem solver apps as it keeps adding topics so that students don’t slip at any point.

Main Areas Covered: • Elementary Math • Algebra/Linear Algebra • Plotting and Graphics • Calculus and Analysis • Geometry • Differential Equations • Statistics • Probability • Continued Fractions • Applied and Discrete Mathematics • Trigonometry

13. Cuemath

Cuemath’s Online Math Calculators readily display results. These results are easy to interpret because of the step-wise solution to each problem. The calculations are provided on almost all prominent mathematical topics.

Main Areas Covered: • Numbers • Algebra • Geometry • Data • Measurement • Commercial Math • Trigonometry • Calculus

14. Maple Calculator

It uses the world-renowned and one of the best Mathematics problem solver apps is Maple mathematics engine for simple calculations as well as university-level problems. It grasps your problem with your phone’s camera and provides step-by-step solutions.

Main Areas Covered: • Basic Math • Algebra • Pre-calculus/Calculus • Linear Algebra • Differential Equations

15. MyScript

Draw your question or capture it with your phone’s camera; MyScript will tell you the correct answer for every problem.

At CES 2013, the app won the Mobile App Showdown award. Wanna know why? Use it and feel it.

Main Areas Covered: • Basic Arithmetic • Square and cube roots • Trigonometry • Logarithms • Percentages


In a nutshell, these are the best Mathematics problem solver apps that will enhance your mathematical skills. Back in the times, in my childhood, I do wish that I had such beautiful ways.

But our future stars do not have to carry the burden of bulky guides because of the apps mentioned above.

All thanks to the internet, which is your free tutor. These apps are available on both Android and iOS stores for download. Use them and also share with those in dire need.




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