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What the use of a totally handicapped pseudo-State on its death bed: a total burden for the living?

Posted on: September 16, 2022

I cannot withstand a “State” that is totally handicapped in its death bed: a total burden for the living.

I do say “peace” for the living nations and “peace” for the dead Nations: climate change did Not leave much room to adapt to a dying environment.

Most of the current “States” are pseudo created States by the colonial powers: Either their spirit get a vigorous wind for survival and unite and work on a Renaissance for their community, a soul that abolish discrimination regarding race, genders and wealth social standing…or let them die quickly.

Let the graves remain silent. I will Not withstand the lies of the dead.

Let the abandoned houses keep their silence: I don’t care to listen to their whining.

How can I daydream of a nation of mine? Knowing full well that I have No nation?

How can I feel joy and contentment, and all who died had black hearts, dry tongues and submitted to indignities and spread indignities to people around them?

I wish that I could claim that I was brought up in an environment that laughed and had joy in their daily routine. Even the real bitterness were Not shown and expressed? The non spoken, the no conversation...and how our emotions could develop and care for the complicated difficulties of people around us?

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