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Opinions on Fb. Part 2

Posted on: September 19, 2022

My conjecture for Russia in the coming decades: The Ruble will be an internal currency. The more the internal economy expands, the more Ruble will be infused. The Euro and the Yuan will be used for export trade, and the amount of these currencies in the external trades will depend on the level of foreign investments of the EU and China in Russia

The global population is set to reach parity between the sexes by 2050? On the basis that the largest population blocks, China and India “preferred” boys. It’s currently still a man’s world, but balance should be achieved within the next three decades. Statistics aside, it feels that women are the vast majority in States that experienced massive refugees exodus

Free expression is welcomed within the context of the subject matter. Most people go on tangents of the matter for lack of knowledge or lack of patience. And they blame you for rectifying the direction of the discussion, the compass, “boussol”

USA cannot rely on Israel/Saudi Kingdom for any military adventure: Thus, no other alternatives but to lengthen the diplomatic “discussion” with Iran…until after the partial congress election. The Iranian nuclear deal is a Hot potato and is never a win-win deal to the USA electorate

Poorer classes are mere chattel in all nations. Richest classes are breathing far more than freedom: No rules, regulations or civil laws practically apply to them.

How the ultra rich invest their wealth? Beside backing up capitalist systems? They are investing in medical anti-aging research.

Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page heavily invested in Calico, a medical anti-aging research venture, and Amazon chairman Jeff Bezos backed a startup called Altos Labs, which recruited GlaxoSmithKline’s top scientist Hal Barron as its CEO. The startup secured more than $3 billion in funding.

Advancing and capturing more cities is Not the main handicap for Russia. The big obstacle is how to sustain the occupied people when the economy is in shamble and the public infrastructure seriously damaged? Putin was lucky that Ukraine didn’t surrender in the first 3 days: he would have to own the consequences of his decision. Now it is EU feeding and sustaining the Ukrainians

Marshall plan? Two years after the war, Europeans were totally down and drowning in poverty. The plan was supposed to have “saved” western Europe, and with extreme difficulty preventing it from rallying communist Russia by extending what corresponded to a month in expense during the war or $5 bn (currently $50 bn). Capitalist USA dispatched its surpluses, monopolized the sea trade, “looted” the minerals in the French colonies and gained global markets for her trades. Effectively, The Aid returned to the USA.

The Elite classes (especially Old Money robber Barons) in every nation are establishing this malediction “truth” that they are a fatality to accept and bow down to. This monopolistic class own everything, while the other classes, even middle classes, lack of everything to sustain their autonomy. Actually, after every world calamity, it is the middle class that retrograde in “wealth” and blend with the poorer classes.

What would you do if death became more of a choice than an ultimatum? By the digits:

100 billion is the Number of people who have already died since our species roamed earth?

150,000: Number of people who die every day

385,000: Number of babies born every day

$610 billion: Estimated size of the immortality industry by 2025

300: Number of bodies frozen in liquid nitrogen in America in the hopes that science will one day bring them back to life

120: Age that some researchers expect people will live to in the future

30: Seconds before and after death during which unique brainwaves replay your life


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