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What are the consequences of this theory and how is it applicable in our current reality?

It is normal that social concepts/research studies to lag many decades behind current reality of lifestyle. And the worst part is that these outmoded and off-phased theories are taken to extreme consequences, Not commensurate to the current reality in social organization and behavior.

Tribal behaviors? Are we talking about Aboriginals tribes that are dwindling quickly?

Are we talking about these tribes in Africa losing their way of life because governments want their lands?

Are we talking about those loose tribes whose members are spread over the 5 continents and barely meeting once in a while?

Are we talking about those wretched “tribes” that are walking miles for barely potable water and frequently visiting UN camps for any kinds of food?

Most probably, today, it must be referring to those religious sects and cults that encourage “seclusive” environment where they live away from social communities and submit to rules and regulations in their living behavior?

Or these schools that accept internal students because their families work overseas?

And possibly in those remote small communities, far away from any urban centers, communities that no social researcher pay a visit, communities that have Not left any documented “stories”

In a few of these cases, it is natural for members to indulge in what is “available” to satisfy their natural urges, one way or another.

Why this article? Why now? What the story?

A nephew of mine was in Cyprus on a business trip for a couple of days and he sent me this message:

Could you please Not play with my kids while I am away from home. If you need any explanation let me know?

This message was weird because my nephew would Never send me such an awkward message.

Actually I don’t care much for kids or playing with kids: they have their own imagination for creating games to play. So what gives?

I responded: “Have a good day. Yes, I am interested in getting your side on this child rearing pedagogical theory”

He quickly responded: “It is just a tribal thing. Protecting the kids from potential pedophiles

“Will be Happy to talk to you further when back”

I could Not believe this explanation that was much worse than the message. What gives?

My nephew is the one we went together on countless excursions/adventures and I visited his workplaces when he was trying to earn pocket money while at the university… Actually, I don’t recall this nephew having any close relationship with any of his “uncles” on both side of the family, Not even with his father.

And then it hit me. A very probable link.

The day before his USA wife, born, raised and a Catholic, was to join him in Cyprus for a couple of days for a quiet “rencontre” without the 3 little daughters (the oldest is 6), I was on the balcony and saw the kids hopping on card boards they had arrayed in the yard.

I got the idea of going down and draw for them squares on the ground, in a Cross shape, as girds draw to hop between the squares…

I asked the girls if they had any chalk and they had none. I fetched a stone and drew these squares and told them to hop in these squares… The girls were curious but preferred the card boards to play on.

The mother was in the yard and watching the entire scene.

As I went back to my flat, I saw the girls with colored chalks drawing cats on the boards.

And early the next day my nephew sent me the “Message”

Note: The couple returned from their trip. I was going for my morning walk and did Not salute the wife. She uttered a loud “Oufff”. The husband said: “You are upset and avoiding me”. I succinctly replied “Yes”. Did Not look back and resumed my walk

Should Not generalize and be in the Right.




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