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Opinions on Fb. Part 3

Posted on: September 21, 2022

Ethereum? Cryptocurrency multinational?

This blockchain that hosts ether, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency, has finally completed its much anticipated “Merge” upgrade. The new technology is pegged as a more climate-friendly way of minting ether, and its carbon footprint is expected to reduce by more than 99%? The switch from “proof of work” to “proof of stake” is the key transition here, enabling energy use savings equivalent to the electricity used by Austria, at 72 terawatt-hours a year.

Like how much power these blockchains were consuming each year?

The USA sanctions of technology to Russia goes ways back. What the Russian received was what Germany and the EU were willing to export in technology. Russia economy was relying on the military infrastructure and that is Not enough for a prosperous economy.

Though, the Ukraine war was a must to be undertaken before the USA complete its total occupation of Ukraine.

BlackRock? Not the “Black Stone” in Mecca It is this financial multinational investment which circulate about $6 trillion in its investment every single day.

An amount as much as the entire USA GNP for an entire year.

Most State Presidents, central bank chiefs and financial ministers are in contact with Leonard Finkle for analysis by its Aladdin artificial intelligence of the exhaustive data it hold.

#Facebook Oversight board has recommended an independent review into alleged bias in moderating posts related to Israel and Palestinians.

It comes after the board said the tech giant failed to answer all its questions around alleged censorship of Palestinian activists.

Human is the only species that seeks a Leader/Master to keep the faith for his survival.

Most mammalians babies/kids rely on the Mother for a duration, except sharks and tortoise…. They simply die when the mother “disappears”. There are high indications that thousands of human babies die in that manner and the world community dare Not investigate the magnitude of that subject matter.

Colonial powers invented the terms Semite/Arian in order to establish their racist ideology. Those adopting the term Anti-Semite are racists and spreading a racist ideology, They should be ashamed of themselves


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