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These are Not new slogans throughout the development of mankind, and there were many periods of awakening and Renaissance that pondered on these slogans and most of these periods are dusted below the carpet and Not rekindled for their true benefits to the development of the living species and nature.

These were Not new slogans that generated a better species… but catalyst for further dictatorship of many kinds, massive campaigns of bloodshed and standard servitude accepted and applied globally

Most “historical” documents, and rhetoric of philosophers and authors would like us to consider the French Revolution as the lightening rod for human awareness of inequality, servitude and indignity…

Wrong. The place and the timing of the French Revolution were Errors in the unfolding of future horrors done on levels of greater magnitudes in each century.

First, France was never the ideal nation to sustain such lofty slogans in their application. The French have demonstrated, in general, throughout historical accounts and actual social research that it is a people cruel, harsh, blood thirsty, inconsistent and inclined to engage in wars and centralized administration, and they engaged in colonizing other “nations”. We will return to these “claims” later on.

Sure, you have authors who would claim that the British people are more consistent in holding to these slogans once the people “win” there demands.

Like steady, incremental “democratic” reforms from totally biased election laws that restricted candidates to the “designated” aristocratic class, the baron of “industries”, the old landlords… and denied the rights of vote to women and working classes…

Like a continuous British constitutional monarchy whose purpose is to coverup the demonic political decisions…in order to round up the “citizens” under a faked “historical unifying institution“. These monarchs who never lent any “Moral Voice” to oppose undignified and humiliating political decisions at a world scale.

Mind you that the British Kingdom made it a law to allow landlords and industrial barons to let entire families submit to servitude, from children to women, in mines and factories.

Actually, the British Kingdom preceded most of the European “nations” and for decades in these inhumane practices.

The British Kingdom made laws to hang anyone who stole from any higher up classes and whisk them as “White Slave” to their colonies, mostly in the America, Australia and New Zealand… These wretched pseudo-citizens were shipped across oceans in totally inhumane manners and many died and were thrown overboard

The leaders of the “American Revolution” claimed these same slogans a decade before the French, in a revolt to England law that forbid further import of slaves to the colonies.

And history tells us how this American Revolution expanded and killed over 27 million Native Indians and millions of Mexicans… and instituted the Klu Klox Klan to subdue the Black people in the plantations and still keep the minorities in daily fear of aggression and maltreatment

Second, the timing was all wrong.

King Louis 16 was the best ever monarch that the French got. He made France the greatest nation in Europe: In land army, maritime power, industry, agriculture, development in many fields…and most of all the administrative organization and taxation.

Actually, Napoleon did Not perform any minor reforms on the Administrative structure, a structure that served him well during his many war campaigns.

The French revolution was Not instigated by the reformist authors of Voltaire, Rousseau…These authors offered the superb rhetoricians of the revolt with ready catchy ideas and sentence.

What brought about this revolution were:

First, the pamphlets, leaflets and short leud stories, published and cheaply sold to the urban dwellers that recounts the behavior of the religious clerics, aristocrats and princes in the provinces…another good point of the Louis 16 flexibility in freedom of expression..

Second, France experienced successive drought that made it hard to bring to Paris enough wheat and other ingredients that poor classes required for daily subsistence

Third, the treasury of the monarchy was totally depleted due to massive involvement and support of the American Revolution

The centralized structure in the French administration was a handicap in allowing provinces to develop their own way of life and express political opinion and participate in the planning and political decisions.

This centralized nature permitted the “citizens” in Paris to march and demonstrate and express their frustration and spread it to the outskirts

Note: I got the idea of Not relying on poets and romantic authors account of the French Revolution for this article from an article “Freedom and Mother of Freedom” published by Antoun Saadi in 1923 in the daily Al Majalat (Brazil). He was 19 years old.

British John Lock of the 17the century laid the ground work for all of these slogans and encouraged experimentation for any inherited idea and relying on the rational thinking system.




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