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Electric bike are the rage in Europe

50%+: Percentage of e-bike customers in Europe over the age of 50 in 2015, per electric bike company Cowboy

25 to 40: Age of most of Cowboy’s customers now, the majority of whom live in big cities

What seems expensive at first is often cheap in the long run.

You almost always end up paying twice the price when you purchase the less expensive item, with frequent replacement.

For example, buying a cheap mouse along with an expensive computer…

Inevitably, the customer would come back in about a month and purchase a slightly better mouse. The process would repeat until they eventually ‘caved’ and bought a great mouse.

I need a free train ticket: where are the trains in Lebanon? Spain has one solution for inflation: free train tickets. Half a million people have already registered for the No fare rides.

India has 1% of all cars running in the world, and 10% of road car deaths

Let us Not forget with all the technology around that in the end, we humans (especially scientists) are doing the observing. And we are doing the interpreting of the data.

A Rothschild family biography mentions a London meeting where an “international banking syndicate” decided to pit the American North against the South as part of a “divide and conquer” strategy.

Justice only means that someone will have to pay for the crime. Not necessarily the criminal. Actually, for the Elite Classes “Justice” does Not apply either way

In a proper democratic system, the minorities must have a sense that the election laws have the potential to allow them to become majority. Thus, the minority parties will preserve this hope to exercise the same rights of the current majority.

You don’t want to be re-incarnated a female shark: Most of them die from deep bites inflicted by male sharks during copulation and they cannot recover because they fast an entire year during the gestation.

A female shark give birth to a single baby shark that is ready to shark on him own and doesn’t need his mother at all. Why a single shark baby? The first baby shark in the womb eats all the other baby sharks and eggs.

Everyday, Israel news divulge the number of Palestinian youths who were administratively detained during the night. Sort of pre-empting another Intifada

ndia and China approved needle-free covid vaccines.

The former gave the green light to Bharat Biotech’s nasal vaccine, and the latter to CanSino Biologics’ inhaled vaccine.

We are still expecting from the Syria regime to hit an fighter-jet and Not targeting the Israeli missiles.

Today: Hiroshima. Hiroshima
Tomorrow: Nagasaki. Nagasaki

Scientific racism”, or more accurately psuedo-scientific racism (because racism is not scientific)? European colonial governments — and the statisticians they hired to do government surveys and data collection — justified their racist policies by using statistical measurements, often in an extremely biased and incorrect way.




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