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What will force USA into negotiating with Putin is Not the likelihood of dropping Small nuclear bombs on Ukraine as the Chinese let the Pentagon know. They are France and Germany decision to end the military campaign: they are the ones supplying Ukraine with food subsistence and daily needs to survive.

A sharp deductive mind, based on facts and reality, can forecast future events. The single assumption is that you know exactly the Initial Conditions of the political texture

Astrology, astro-therapy, handwriting analysis, biorhythm analysis, palmistry, tarot card readings, sessions with the dead, reading coffee grinds…

All these charlatan of pseudo-sciences work well by applying the 4 behaviors common to us all and ingrained in our unconscious and permitting us to function in our daily life:

1, The statements are general in nature. No specificity involved.

2. Many statements are flattering

3. No negative statement in the text: This is the “feature-positive effect” at play

4. We accept whatever corresponds to our self-image and filter out everything else: this is the “confirmation bias” effect

Lesson # 10 on sovereign debt:

Resolution of public debts goes through 8 estrategias;

Created Inflation option is always one of the estrategias, especially in developed Nations

.After WWII in 1945, the public debts of England was 250% on its GNP, France 110% (which represented 10 fiscal years of revenues), and the USA was 100% of GNP.

These países adopted the inflation plan for 30 consecutive years, factitiously reducing the ratio.

With steady crecimiento económico, and since when prices of commodities increase, they never come down, the average yearly income increased, but it was mostly hidden by the inflation factor.

For ejemplo, the Chinese worker with a salary less than $1,000 is saving half his earning so that the Chinese government finances the growing external debts of the “rich States” in order to maintain the “standard of living” of their ciudadanos that effectively reflects 30 years of inflation policy.

Fact is, one of los métodos for sustaining inflation was creating credit cards with limits up to 50 times the actual earning of the individual!

Social Bias #7

In general, women are less capable of running big businesses or holding important political positions. The reasons are:

Women are rarely found in high positions; physical handicaps during pregnancy are not conducive to persistent work in becoming expert; women are emotionally less strong than men in critical events; women get bogged down in details; the temperament of women is less focused on business targets;

This is a wrong statement. The question is biased in its formulation. Women are more capable than men in running big businesses and controlling personnel.

Lesson #9 on sovereign debt:

Financial crisis relevant to public debts depends more on subjective confidence of creditor markets than on the ratio level of the debts to GNP or fiscal revenues.

Invariably, States unable to generate enough fiscal revenues so that 50% of the budget are dedicated to paying interests on sovereign debts are in deep trouble.

Many developed Nations can sustain up to 300% of debt to GNP for several years (Japan and the USA), while developing countries crumble under 50% ratio, simply because the political system is unstable ( USA credit rating schemes) and unable to bring in at least 50% of the budget to cover paying interest on debts.




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