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Opinions on Fb. Part 3

Posted on: September 28, 2022

Les guerres une fois que USA commencent, ne finissent jamais. C’est le mantra de USA: ils ne finissent jamais les guerres qu’ils commencent.

And the war in Syria is meant, planned and designed to be indefinite. Even the military retreat from Afghanistan is Not meant to end the war there.

Inutile de chercher si la mondialization est bonne ou mauvaise? Simplement parcequ’ elle est une realite ineluctable?

A totally crappy conclusion that intellectuals voluntarily disseminate to fool us into submission.

Civil disobedience?

This is the hardest movement/action that citizens can undertake. Just take a minute and figure out how this government in Lebanon is still surviving from your pocket cash. If you don’t care about participating in demonstrations, marches, expressing your frustration… At least don’t pay. Honest people stop paying TVA. Drivers stop driving and paying for gasoline. Stop paying traffic tickets… Drive slowly and let these elite fanatics horn and bypass you and get the traffic tickets instead of you. Rob this government from ready cash and then demand your rights as a citizen

Accounting colonial powers gimmick:

The strategy is to drastically under-value the US sovereign debt.

The way this debt is handled: Accumulated Interest on USA Federal Reserve Note (in the $ ten of trillion) set the price of national debt.

Charles Dickens ushered a period of humanism in British society to counter Shakespeare’s characters based on instincts of pure brutality. The spirit of Dickens failed to reach the USA, even today.

Natural product Is Not every citizen’ asset

National debt is every person’s liability, excluding the elite classes.

Is Lebanon practically entitled to issue its own currency? The currency that we Print in London…is it limited to the amount that the World bank allow us to print? Why having a currency if we are unable to provide the necessary liquidity for our tiny internal market, a market that is Not expanding anyway?

A time should come Not to say what we are supposed to say, but how we sincerely feels: Like every time one of those super corrupt “leaders” are in their deathbed before they passe away. More likely, the news will Not mention this imminent “relief” and their descendants will Not restitute their robbed wealth: transformed into whitewashed Family Old Money


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