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Opinions posted on Fb. Part #6

Posted on: September 29, 2022

I claim that it is AIPAC, the Zionist lobby in the USA, that is the main hub for international criminal activities.

The members pay to the AIPAC Fund and the directors “lavish” this fund to the political candidates to direct USA policies

Actually, I conjecture that the top brass in the Pentagon are selected by AIPAC, the military branch to enforce the political decisions around the world.

Au Liban, le Vice s’appuie sur le bras du Crime. They both work in tandem and it is the common behavior among politicians

Ce sont les vicieux qui entendent profiter des tripotage d’argent du pouvoir politique et qui sont protégés par les criminels du pouvoir pour voler le trésor publique.

Most of all, we fail to invest in the second step after nailing down the knowledge and the techniques: just a little more effort to turn the good work into a habit, a daily routine.

La pensee’ n’ a pas de sang: on ne la voit pas mourir, sauf quand le Maitre succombe, sans heritier.

It would be great to be frequently indecisive: It implies the availability of choices at each moment. I like to beat the Maktoub concept

And what happens to all these zillion stimuli that our senses capture but the brain failed, or decided Not to process and interpret?

That’s the basic job of the brain to lead us away from the other invisible world we live in, and just procreate?

Lebanese Movie directors (late and current):

Jordano Pidutti (1932, Les aventures d’Elias Mabrouk,

Herta Gargour (1933, Dans les ruines de Baalbek,

Karam Boustani and Julio de Luca and Georges Costi, Ali al -Aris (Kawkab, princesse du desert),

Georges Nassar (Ila Ayn? To where?),

Mohamed Selman (Bonjour l’amour),

Taysir Abboud, Gary Garabedian, Christian Ghazi, Henry Barakat, Youssef Maaluf, Samir Nasri, Antoine Remi, Georges Chamchoun, Samir Khoury, Samir el Ghoussayni, Borhane Alawiyyeh, Joselyne Saab, Jean Cham3oun, Joseph Fares, Randa Chahal Sabbagh, Maroun Baghdadi, Samir Habchi, Jean-Claude Codsi, Bahij Hojeij, Ghassan Salhab, Khalil and Joanna Jreige, Philip Aractingi, Elie Khalifeh, Hany Tamba, Hadj Zaccak, Danielle Arbid, Nadine Labaki


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