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From 1918 to 1923, European Nations refused to recognize the Bolshevik State in Russia.

The consequences were:

Japan occupation of all of Korea was ignored. Not confronting further colonial expansion encouraged Japan to undertake the vastest and quickest maritime and land expansionist adventure in the Far-East neve experienced in history. And When Japan occupied Manchuria and the USA backed China, and japan ignored the decisions of the “international” Union of States, this institution fate was sealed.

Mussolini of Italy colonial expansion in Libya was Not challenged, a case when socialist initial ideology can turn dictatorial and colonial without political refraining pressures.

Beside, the colonial powers after WW1, Not only did Not change their expansionist mentality and unilateral decisions overseas, but their activities were precursors of further wars, against people who expected a change in world policies, a reforms on how to treat other Non-colonial and subjugated populations.

France of Poincare’ PM was the main obstacle for any peaceful understanding in Europe.

France adopted a hard militaristic political line against defeated Germany. France occupied the Ruhr region, rich in mineral and industrial installation for fabricating steel, against the opposition of England, Italy and USA.

The backlash of Poincare’ reactionary and military policies generated the following events:

A massive election turn toward the “socialist” movements. England and France elected the socialist goals in:

  1. Recognizing the new Soviet Russia
  2. Re-evaluating the war German retribution that would be commensurate to its economic development
  3. Adopting a financial program to help Germany surmount its miserable currency conditions

On May 11, 1923, Poincare’ and Millerand were defeated in election and replaced by Heriot and Doumergue

The Liberal and leftist radicals in England elected Macdonald.

The war retribution were re-negotiated according to Dawns report so that Germany would pay 350,000 gold marks in 1925 and 26. The total would amount to over 2 billion gold marks.

Germany was allowed to open trade facilities and running freely its industrial complexes, and especially Not interfering in its internal policies.

After the death of Lenin, Stalin stroke a deal with Germany: Republic Germany would dispatch its engineers to Russia and import cheap wheat. In exchange, Germany would be allowed to train its armed forces in Ukraine and produce its own ammunition and weapons and “cracking down” on German “Communist-leaning” parties

Stalin encouraged the German Republic to eliminate the communist and left-leaning German party so that the European States and USA could stop the advances of the Communist movement in Germany, France, England, Italy and the USA. This deal “benefited” Germany and Stalin.

Republic Germany needed the funds of capitalist colonial powers and Stalin had the mind of Monopolizing the ideology of Communist globally. Stalin did Not want powerful European variations on his brand of Communism

That is how to comprehend the involvement of Stalin in Spain and confronting all these “left-leaning” parties and by the Spanish communist party, those diverse parties who united to fight Franco.

This is how Germany was able to maintain its political structure and pay up its war debts

Still France insisted that Germany should be labelled a war criminal in order that the colonial powers be forgotten as the perpetrators of war criminals in the last 3 centuries.

Note: In 1923, Antoun Saadi published a series of articles in the daily Al Majalat (In Brazil) that analyzed in details the situation in Europe after WW1 and how Germany was handled in war retribution and internal intervention .

Saadi sharp deductive mind forecasted many events that will befall Europe and the world, based on the policies of the European States and a most probable war of Germany on France.

In one of his article, Saadi denounced the USA of falling in the rank of “Moral Standard” and friendly Nations due to its initial new spirit of supporting egalitarian justice and will of people for self autonomy and emancipation…

The USA took the opposite reaction by siding with the colonial powers and letting France and England become mandated powers in the Middle-East and allowing Mussolini to occupy Libya and Ethiopia.

A sharp deductive mind, based on facts and reality, can forecast future events. The single assumption is that you know exactly the Initial Conditions of the political texture




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