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A Universal Fact: We are “wasting our time“, waiting for the Time to come, hopefully with the least of pain. We rely on a daily routine to avoid any suicidal urge for the duration. And when the Time come, a total oblivion of who we were and what we have done

Si les interets des dettes des pays sous-developes etaient au meme niveau des pays coloniaux, il n’y aurait plus de guerre. Ce n’est pas ce que veulent les coloniaux .Colonial powers loan each other at 3% and the underdeveloped States have to borrow above 6%

The Bibles are not famous for historical accuracies: they were not written by the dozens of scribes for that purpose.

The Bibles are excellent sources as repositories of the customs and traditions in the Near East, which are still practiced for over six thousand of years.

I say: social sciences are meant to comprehend History. Once we think we can interpret history, we start re-editing social sciences principles

For most of us, we still be using the technology that was used 50 years ago., if still available on the market. Even the richest people will use the same kind of chairs, desks, utensils, beds… with redesigns slightly different.

There are 200,000 foreign domestic workers in Lebanon alone (Taking care of the house and children) mostly from Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Africa , and we complains of working Syrians and Palestinians. The pandemics and the conditions have forced many domestic workers to vacate Lebanon. The Syrian families are now taking care of Lebanese vacated houses.

Lumper-proletariat? Proletariat a guenilles des bidonvilles, shantytowns, the most abject extreme poor

L’ intellectuel communist a une idee precise de ses propre sous-classes qui le terrorise.

I guess Lebanon Communists are the most frightened of the ever increased number of Lebanon Lumper-proletariat

There is No longer enough concrete Capital (real production and export…) in order to negotiate any “peace treaty”.

Yes, China, and in a few decades India, will dominate the global economy.

Lebanon will already have vanished from the maps. As Google made Palestine vanish from the map.

Why all these wars?
For a “leader” to sustain a standing army, the army has to be kept on the Move, when the “brass” (high officers) start feeling restless for actions (at the expense of the soldiers).

Frequent turnover of the brass leave them to demonstrate their wrath by marching as Veterans

A novel needs characters, actions, easy dialogue…
Yes, life is a novel during the active periods
No, it is Not when we are left on our own, isolated, “stressless”.
It is an ideal period in older age to write theater pieces of plenty of dialogue, of us looking inside our soul.




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