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In the 20th century, most developed Nation-Islands, like England and Japan, experienced overpopulation due to advanced health care, drastic drop in mortality and vaccines… and observed that their agricultural economy could Not sustain such an increase, unless they incur sovereign dept for importing foodstuff..

They tried many schemes and conceived many plans on how to reduce the increasing number of citizens for lack of foodstuff and subsistence.

England in the 20th century struck a deal with its colony Australia: it dispatched over 150,000 kids (below 10 years old) to Australia, to be handled by missionaries who abused of them as slave-children… The rational was that these kids lived in abject conditions in poor neighborhood and their families were in no conditions to provide the Nation with healthy and Law-abiding citizens.

Why just kids and Not young adult who defied laws? They would be used invariably as canon feed in due time on all war fronts.

In other centuries, England dispatched its “shameful pseudo-citizens” to colonies as white slaves for having stolen anything from the higher classes… And all these families that got tired of being considered by Law as slaves in the coal mines, all the family, including the kids

Japan, after quelling the Samurai frequent civil wars traditions, discovered that annexing overseas lands is a great outlet for transferring its overflowing population of lower classes citizens.

Occupying all of Korea without much hassle, after defeating Russia in 1906, and encouraged Imperial Japan to annex all the islands in East Asia, and land nations in China, Malaysia, Thailand…

China of Mao experienced many famine periods that decimated the population.

“Historians” would claim that these famine periods were due to ill-conceived decisions in matter of economic/agricultural plans…

I say these decisions were “lucid and genocidal” plans for the upper-echelon in the communist party to enjoy luxury lifestyle and many privileges. The upper-ups wallowed in their secure Island-Nation, away from the infighting of the other colonial powers.

Sure, China of Mao had to secure its “borders” in North Korea, Tibet, Manchuria…at the heavy cost of man-powers, especially on the Russian front, by the millions of soldiers.

Later, China will impose constraint on rate of natality, favoring ever higher increase in “boys”, like in India.




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