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Facts are:

USA start demolishing its allies before reverting to the “imaginary enemies“. Kinds of the main enemies to the USA are their “friends”. Germany is howling: USA gas import is 75% more expensive than the Russian’s. USA is behind the snag in the Yemeni “peace treaty” and is wondering why Saudi Kingdom is reducing the output of world oil…

“Oh, what a Lucky Break”. Wrong: There was no luck in the opportunity nor the talent. The sources are in years of preparation. When the curtain rise, you face up to the level of your preparation.

And boy, every move and action reside in the seriousness of your preparation .And the ultimate of preparation is: “Dealing with the inevitability of death”, just when you lack the energy and time to prepare for that eventuality: mostly bungled.

People are so hung up with their Will, to relatives and progeniture…I say: After my death, iry bi kel shi wa kel al naass.

Worm saliva, moth larvae… contain enzymes that rapidly break down polyethylene (most common plastic) Actually, earth worms are the most important living species for nature sustainability, way before termite and ants.

USA record public deb $31 trillion and increasing inevitably every year for other record levels.

On Ownership: If I tell you the answer, I own it. If you arrive at the answer, you own it. That is the way to retain how you learned your Lessons.

The various Zionist factions, before the resolution to occupy a land in the Orient, finally agreed on two fundamental notions:

First, the spirit of Judaism is rooted in the Orient and the Jews have to become the mediators between the Western and Eastern civilizations.

The second principle was to find a land and occupy it in order to satisfy the German per-requisite of the Volkish ideology.

The end result was of being carried away with a colonial implanted State in Palestine (the worst choice of all) with all their negative ideologies of racism and apartheid system of control. And went further away in defying all common sense for human dignity and committed continuous crimes against humanity.

Why the chant “women, life, liberty” protest anthem has generated more colonial sanctions on Iran? Isn’t a reason to remove all sanctions and let the people live in dignity?

The trick to get going is to Focus on the next step. The road is long: build on a routine habit first. Don’t focus on writing a book. Focus on writing a good sentence. Don’t focus on getting healthy. Focus on cooking a healthy meal tonight.




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