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34,000 is the number Cancer-related deaths (of the colon?) each year linked to all kinds of processed/cured meats. Is it because of Sodium nitrite and other chemicals added to the cured meat? Though the risk is Not as high as smoking cigarette 2000%

1 million tons of CO2 generated from eating meat in the USA alone. Just figured out how much China is generating.

A documentary proved that the Mennonite and later the Amish sects were created in the French Alsace province as Protestantism flourished. The neighboring Lorraine province was Catholic. The male young members had to immigrate to USA as Louis 14 dislodge them from that province and Napoleon insisted on recruiting them in the army.

Mennonite or Anabaptists refuse to baptize their members before they are 21, if they still wish. They occupied several towns and cities in Germany (Munster) before the Catholic bishops ousted militarily

The main motivation for the über rich in tax hike is how to keep this social and economic separation from the poor. Reasonably Increasing the tax rate is Not the main objection as long as the minimum wage is kept low.

Is China been considered the best model for Africa’s development? Why Not if China is heavily investing in Africa and the #1 developer of Africa infrastructure?

Japan robotic artificial intelligence at work in restaurants: “May I take your order?”

🤖 Scrubber 50 Pro: Can scrub, sweep, mob, and sanitize.

🤖 Pepper: A humanoid robot that can serve as a receptionist in stores and offices.

The public square is more public than ever, but minds are rarely changed in 140 character bursts and by selfies. We should retry re-using paper and pencil for the fundamental knowledge.

When the masses only connect to the net without a keyboard, who will be left to change the world? It is possible, but unlikely, that someone will write a great novel on a tablet.

When incurred debts are invested on infrastructure health and educational systems (Investing in people and opportunities), then, internal markets are expanded and economic growth permits increases in fiscal revenues.

When the Levantine (people living in the Near-East) tells a story he is extravagant and the facts sound too far fetched simply because he wants to amuse and impress; the listener understands perfectly the intent of the fantasy and they share a good laugh.  The supposed “rational” westerner gets the impression that the Levantine is not honest because he does not stick to the bare boring facts.

It is a fact that evolution occurs. It has not only been verified in the fossil record but also been observed to occur over small time scales. Likewise, we observe flaws in the design of the body that show that it evolved in a different environment and was adapted to a new one.

A common example in the evolutionary process is the eye which works better in water than air since it mostly evolved under the sea. Clues can be found in our DNA that point to how long ago our species split off from others. Offspring with harmful traits either die off or fail to reproduce. The effect is natural selection which vastly raises the probability that beneficial traits will be retained and carried forward to the next generation. Once natural selection gets started, you can’t help but arrive at complexity.




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