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How to sustain a high level of moral and ethical standards in a nation? Only an educational system that embrace the varieties of traditions, customs, language of its “ethnic” minorities can uphold the development of its society.

Posted on: October 23, 2022

Nations that focus mainly on political policies and do Not “invest” on the moral and ethical behaviors of its people are doomed to fail.

The concepts of liberty, freedom and independence are mere means to acceding to a society with an educational system that maintain high moral and ethical standards.

A Nation that succeed to maintain high moral and ethical standards in its educational system discovers that many populations around it (who continuously inhabited the land it lives in) would gravitate toward this nation because the consequences are the availability of freedom of expression, opinions and opportunities to liberate themselves from oppressive environments.

The foundation for this developed educational system is confounding the notions of “race” and “ethnicities” as the basis for a mature developed nation.

When a nation succumb to racist movements and denigrate the other ethnic minorities… it is a strong message that the educational system is degraded and the graduating students are becoming more ignorant and lazy minded, who refuse to do their due diligence in reforming their behaviors and accepting all kinds of nefarious short cuts in their opinions.

The same is valid if Religious sects in a nation are permitted to have a say in education, social politics and laws. Their can be no solid development and fair justice in a nation that failed to institute a secular system in its political and educational systems.

Current China has no need to militarily occupy any States in the far-east: For thousands of years, Chinese immigrated to all the current States and constitute an integral entity within the social fabric, in education, trade and political status.

In the last four decades, China managed to erect a fined-tuned educational system based on moral and ethical standards that abhor corruption on all levels in the public and private institutions and graduate students with high level of skills and talents to all management fields and technologies.

In such a positive perception, it is natural that the Chinese in all the far-east States tend to gravitate toward China and increase its trade with it.

Actually, when one of these States fails to provide the necessary “standard of living”…it is the Chinese communities who pressure the required “reforms” in the political and educational systems.

This should be a strong message to this current centralized “Communist” Chinese system to refocus on moral and ethical values so that the concepts of liberty, opportunities and freedom of expression retain its attractive beacon for gravitating toward China.

The current problem in current Russia is that the state of military operations is forcing the political system into abridging many values and ethics in its educational system at the expense of freedom of expression and feeling of Liberty in daily behaviors.

The 4 provinces in Ukraine that tended to gravitate toward Russia might lose their impression that belonging to Russia systems can secure their zeal for liberty and independence.

Japan occupied almost all the lands and islands in the Far-East between 1905 and 1945, but failed to coax the Japanese to migrate to these occupied lands. Japan has maintained its “locked land policy” toward “foreigners” and other minorities Now Japan is an aging overpopulated island.

England is by far less crowded than Japan, and yet, it is currently crumbling fast after it broke up with the UE. Apparently, the USA was unable to match the EU connection in economy or finance. And the USA strategy of allying this “racist” military front of “Anglo-Saxon” nations is less convincing by the years.

France is out of luck: all its adjacent nations are full fledge societies with at par educational systems and have no inkling to gravitate toward France.

Only Germany is in a great position with great potentials to attract most of central Europe States. If it decides to make “peace” with the Russian people.

Many populations adjacent to Iran would have gravitated toward Iran, if it were Not theocratic and very limiting in freedom and opportunities.

Many populations adjacent to Turkey would have gravitated if Turkey kept its focus on its secular system and away from military expansions.

Note 1: Turkish leader Mustafa Kamal defeated the “leaders” of the Syrian people: He wrestled from mandated France a swath of Syrian land, as vast as the current Syrian State, and established a secular social system and revoked the Caliphate institution . He kicked out the Greek colonies and settlements, except from Turkey nearby islands. By International maritime “laws”, these islands should be “Turkish”, as Cyprus should be Syrian.

Note 2: The idea in this article was inspired from an exhaustive article that Antoun Saadi tried to publish in a daily in Damascus in 1931 and editors refused its content.


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