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Aging? Finally, I am aware of my body: its limitations, various functions, complexities, the miracle of a living species.

Posted on: October 27, 2022

Do you remember in your childhood and youth, assuming you are a normal healthy creature, how frequently to had to piss or have a bowel movement? I don’t.

Were you aware of the flexibility, capability, adaptability, and complexity of your body in your youth, except if you are a professional athlete? I was Not.

I guess we have taken for granted that our body will serve us indefinitely.

Did you consciously exhale? I don’t recall. It has become a habit with me to exhale forcefully and for longer duration. Not as if I am tortured by dipping my head in a bucket of water. When you exhale all the “gases” in your body, the body inhale automatically because it abhors the void.

Since the organs are no longer flexible enough to absorb gases, you either exhale or fart frequently. Actually, you have no choices and options in neither cases: You are exhaling and farting very frequently. And the striking evidence is when you wake up from a sleep. You are rushing to the WC while continuously farting, farting nonstop without any control.

I don’t feel any pain, and yet I realize that I passed the age of “unconsciousness” in my daily habits and routine. And do take a long walk every day and I walk to nearby shops. And I have a daily routine for my “gymnastics” to keep all my joints awake for any eventuality.

For once, even if I like to go on a hiking trip, no team will invite you or ask you to join in: They are Not excited to assign anyone to be your chaperon for your frequent “breaks” in order to inhale forcefully. It is Not that I had contact with hiking associations. I should search for elderly hiking benevolent organizations.

And this new ailment on the block: feeling dizzy, as very nasty feeling even for a few seconds. I feel dizzy now when I lay down on my back in the early few seconds, and when I get up. I have to slowly and consciously get up, make sure that my both feet are firmly established. Kind of the “crystals” in my ears are exhausted of keeping me stable.

I get a laugh when actors in movies suddenly jump out of bed, to start shooting at attackers. Or for being late to a meeting.

Actually, when I have to go to the WC after sleeping, I feel that my gait is shaky and I have to consciously mind my walk.

And I have to consider what kinds of drinks (coffee, alcohol…) and types of food that play catalyst in “gaseous accumulation“. This new habit of barfing frequently is another form of exhaling.

Note: I meant this article to be a Notebook of my daily experiences of my aging body. Whom am I kidding? I knew that this article will eventually be posted. It is the repeated reminder that is beneficial for a “change over”

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