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What a difference citizens with colonial passports get in travelling privileges that all the other human species don’t ? Case of Sabine

Posted on: November 3, 2022

Sabine Choucair  posted on Fb

Note: Sabine instituted Clown-Me-In company and did many clowning tours to many Lebanese towns and travelled to many sea immigration concentration camps (like Lesbos…). She married an USA journalist and obtained a USA passport?

Berlin airport:

While waiting for my turn before the passport control, I did what a Lebanese passport holder does usually… prepared the invitation letter, the hotel reservation and the ticket to prove that I will actually be leaving.

Felt a bit anxious and prepared to answer all questions that might come my way.

I reach the guy and bammmm he just stamps my passport without even looking at me.

What a privilege to have a first world passport and how shitty it is to actually experience the difference.

I have been ( like many other people in the Middle-East and in hundred other States) thinking about trips way in advance, preparing visas, getting humiliated presenting all papers about my life and bank accounts and so on. (And most of the time Not getting refunded when visa is denied..)

Harassed and treated with suspicion at every border of every country you can think of, taken to small rooms, searched from top to toe ( of course “randomly”).

Today I am still the same person, the same clown, doing the same things but I am treated with respect and I can choose to go anywhere and whenever I want.

What an unfair world we live in.

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