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Opinions posted on Fb. Part #11

Posted on: November 4, 2022

What about the giga USA ambassy in Lebanon in the area of Awkar by the sea between Jounieh and Dbayyi? This is a Settlement where only Lebanese with dual citizenship are allowed to work and live in. This settlement will vastly expand under bogus property names. This is Not just a warning. It is an existential threat to be aware of. And it is Not the first settlement of the USA and colonial powers in Lebanon.

Colonial powers established Settlements in all the countries they occupied and were under mandated powers. After the “independence” of these countries, these settlements remained with all the privileges they acquired.

Who are the producers? They are the peasants in remote areas, no one paying them a visit, except wholesalers at harvest time. Millions working in sweat shop factories: the modern sacrificial lambs targeted to die at young age for disastrous workplace conditions.

Millions working in underground tunnels, extracting raw materials, trapped in worse conditions than taupe.

Millions working in open grounds, extracting raw materials, dying young, in polluted environment, for their daily meals. If those are the people producing something then, how come so many trillions of dollar-kind money have accumulated?

Oh Palestinians, Jordanians, Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis: You should Not cow down to the colonial powers directives that you are living on individual Islands and have to fend individually by yourselves as created States. You are one nation, one people and you have got to think, feel and act accordingly. One for all and all for one against the forces that want you isolated, weak and taken apart in our existential future.

We spend our life expecting “la7zat tajalli” (a state of grace). It turns out that Our daily behaviors are geared toward harvesting “la7zaat takhalli”

Democrat and Republican: Two buttocks in same pant
Do Democrat and Republican elites and mass media bosses cover one another back in times of “emergency”? Like mass upheaval and crimes against humanity…, in order to defend an immunity that they might one day need themselves?

The 4 characteristics in the Levantine customs (Not sure most of them still apply):

First, every region and every town has its own slang and it is the best proof of your origin. For example, the more Peter denied his knowledge of Jesus the more people were convinced that he was from Galilee. So many in any civil war were slaughtered for discovering differences in a single word.

Second, it is recommended to insist until requests are obtained; for example, Jesus had to repeat three times “Do you love me Peter?” before he divulges the most important order of “shepherding the flock” of disciples.

Third, insinuation is not understood and abhorred and thus, a clear solemn affirmation is demanded.

Fourth, the Levantine does not appreciate constraining and transition expressions such as “As I see, or I think that, or it is alleged, or it is possible, and so forth”.  The Levantine verbal expression is of certitude and feeling, compatible to his spiritual and devotional nature


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