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Opinions posted on Fb. Part #12

Posted on: November 12, 2022

The political system in Lebanon does Not want the responsibility of extracting oil/gas and have to submit to a sovereign Box that is Not in its control. They want the colonial powers/Israel to just “fund’ their system to resume their merry go round on its pseudo-citizens.
Our political system generated many layers of “valid political descendants” to fill all the “critical” highest positions.

The Syrian people consider Israel as an existential enemy. The political system in Syria is Not ready to take this fundamental leap to match its people expectation.

The Russians and Iranians behavior on the ground in Syria are associated with this Syrian political system of avoiding confrontation with this racist and Apartheid created State of Israel.

The danger is that this steadfast people might have his sprit of confrontation eroded in these confusing period that has lasted too long already.

Al Jadeed is interviewing potential candidates to the Presidency with 15 questions.
The answers are basically: “We will negotiate
That is Not the answers we want to hear We need to hear: What is your Initial Positions?

Without an initial position for resolving our problems, then How are you going to negotiate and to which purpose?

“I am a guest in your land. Could you give me a swath so that I may bury what is in front of me?” Every village in the Land had a burying ground facing east. And guests, by the custom of hospitality, could be enjoying the same facilities. This polite and diplomatic negotiation is part of the Levant customs thousand of years before Abraham came to Canaan (according to one of the myths, which describe the traditions of the Land). And after they settle down? There is No more negotiations as welcomed guests, but brutal massacres and genocide of the people of the Land

The occupation apartheid policies of the State of Israel have made Israelis Stupid. The settlers in West Bank who received Homes for cheap have made Israelis Stupid.

Stupide Israeli politicians are mocking their chief intelligence agencies’ warning and ignoring their pieces of intelligence Even the US politicians are acting stupid when dealing with Israel occupation of territories in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria

Why the colonial powers had to invent the dichotomy term Arian/Samite civilizations?

First, as an axiom or evident proposition, the Europeans declared that they had the best civilization. Thus, the antithesis was that the Semitic and other “Chinese sort” of civilizations were lumped at the other extreme end.

Second, Semitic civilización had to be fabricated in order to satisfy Hegel theory of dialectical processes of history for human knowledge development.

Third, the European nations had no purpose to reaching any synthesis among civilizations: They were on a war path to dominate, win, and prove the superiority of their “Indo-European civilization”

You cannot challenge veracity with someone addicted to illusions. It is almost impossible to puncture this drug addiction of feeling good. And The nature of illusion is that it’s designed to make you feel good. About yourself, about your country, about where you’re going – in that sense it functions like a drug.

We Lebanese are still under the illusion: The more we try to feel happy, the faster calamities will vanish

Clear writing means clear thinking. First you write quickly whatever come to mind. Then: the tedious Rewriting process is the key to improved thinking. It demands a real open-mind and flexible discussion. It demands a willingness to erase verbiage so that ideas stand out clearly and remind the reader to the initial premises of the story. It should forces a writer to get up his courage and expose his thinking process to the reader intelligence.


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