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Opinions on Fb. Part #8

Posted on: November 15, 2022

The “intifada” in Iran against any “morality police” institution is the best message for all these political systems that target women, and imposing all kinds of constraint in their life.

Saudi Kingdom has instituted this kind of morality policing since its inception… and Taliban and other extremist religious sect around the world.

Hezbollah in Lebanon should get the message loud and clear to desist from social constraints in the provinces of its “control”

History in the speeches of Sayyed Mukawama Lebanon is reduced between the birth of Mohamad and the death of Hussein.
What happened before and after are mere geopolitical events. No “opportunity “in any event to to talk about the achievement and civilization of the Syrian nation throughout history

My generalized understanding of Entropy concept: We are made of “dust and dirt”. The reverse process does Not apply: You may select all kinds of dusts and manipulate all the combinations, but you cannot produce a “living species” from dust and dirt.

The same goes with energy: When you consume “live energy”, whatever alternative energy is generated from entropy is basically useless for the living species

Most of the living is mostly sort of games. The difference is the finite games and the indefinite games. The limiting games abide by rules and regulation for a winner, a looser or a few games a draw.

The Infinite games are designed to keep people on their toes, such as how to interpret a Constitution, tax laws, election laws, abortion laws… and every new government believe it is mandated to change the games plans in most fields of life.

Lesson four: External and internal public debts are directly interrelated. When a State decides to default it might start by temporary suspending paying interest on due date if refinancing negotiation failed; coupons of lesser values are issued. Property values drop 35% within 6 years; share values decline 55% within 3 years; unemployment increases 7% within 4 years, and production rate drop 9% within 2 years.  

If you notice that many of these consequences are effectively taking place then, your State has defaulted but was not transparent in declaring the difficult situation.

In the long run, I conjecture that people in all the Middle-East are One people: Turkey, Iran, all of the Syrian created States.
The continuous long history and geopolitical situation impose on us to work toward that goal.

Water resources should be shared: No one should feel thirsty or hungry in all that land. All the dams along the main rivers should be opened in time of water scarcity.
Energy resources should be shared
No foreign powers should target individually any of these nations

Give us our daily Bread and Salt“:
In the Levant, women leaven their dough overnight in clay pottery for the next day baking; the baking lasted a whole day for a week ration. The neighboring families would select a day to using the special oven dug in the ground.


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