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Opinions posted on Fb. Part #13

Posted on: November 18, 2022

The US proposed and is applying its sanctions on a price cap on Russian crude oil on countries that buy the stuff below a set price. The proposal also deny the use of Western insurance, finance, and maritime services for tanker cargoes priced above a set limit. Supposedly, India is buying Russia oil below the cap price?

And EU is unable to apply any Russia gas cap without US backing? Because France and Germany have to buy US gas 4 times higher than Russia gas?

And 95% of the global oil tanker fleet is estimated to be covered by insurers in the G7 which limit Russia export.

My conjecture is that the Germany had enough bright scientists to produce the atomic bomb. They implicitly agreed that Nazism should Not last for a 1,000 years. Period. As if the USA ideology for dominion is any better?

Cancer is written in our genes: Once this self-replicating algorithm catches on, it spreads. The cure is a preventing method to disturb this ready algorithm. With that highly poisonous environment, our immune system is unable to cope with the multiple attacks.

It is the “hundredth” blow that split a block of stone in two. And I know it was not that blow that did it, but all that had gone before

How our brains functions? Our various senses brains work as “receivers“. The signals “consciously” observed by our “talented” senses (mostly used senses, such as vision/audition) are stored as long-term memories. The tiny brain that scans these memories generate deductive/analytic ideas. The most important signals are received by senses we are Not “consciously” aware of. It is these signals that catch us unaware that we call “intuition”/ hunches… And the tiny brain starts scanning the memories for “pieces of intelligence” for “proofs” that match our Intuition.

USA entered WW1 and WW2 when Germany quickly occupied vast stretch of lands in Russia. These decisions were a NO NO: Germany was Not permitted to be totally self-sufficient in raw materials and foodstuff and become the match of the USA in world domination. Actually, the USA society and elite classes approved of the fascist and racial Nazi ideology that matched their implicit values and that is why these ideologies flourished. Twice, Germany committed the unforgivable decision to resume its military aggressive incursion on the Western Front (a region it had No strategic benefit anymore)

Since 1923, the USA viewed Japan expansion in Korea and Manchuria and deeper China vast market as its main nemesis. The problem Japan was too far away and with a navy Not at a par to challenge Japan except by using the Society of nation. In fact, the USA occupied the Philippines in 1933, Not just for the rubber plantations for its auto industry, but to send a direct warning to Japan that “We got you in close watch“. Who lodged the totally foolish idea of attacking Pearl Harbor (in this far away Hawaii island to both nations) in the sick brain of Japan military institution is the eternal question.


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