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The civil war has Not ended in the USA. The seed/gene of racism and apartheid is self-replicating. The USA Constitution that is basically meant for a City-State of aristocrats/Old Money barons is Not fit for a modern Empire. You cannot commit genocide on the original people and the imported “slaves” can convince the people that this political process can be dismantled.

The process of electing a President for Lebanon is a striking proof that the frequent civil wars in Lebanon have never ended. The “Militia Leaders” political establishment has won the game so far. Changing to an alternative of selecting other religious sects for President cannot change anything: the social fabric is total flailing in its seams. Beside a third of the work force are in the “civil service” sector, dominated by appointment from the militia leaders

The tiny created State of Lebanon was Not meant to be self-sustaining and will always be linked to the foreign decisions. I do agree with Jubran Basil that selecting Suleiman Frangieh as President of the Republic is bad for our “dignity image”, though selecting for example Ziad Baroud, a most educated, worthy minister of the interior and highly in demand around the world for “observing” fairness in elections, will increase our “illusions” that pragmatic improvement will take place.

Dawhat in Qatar? Will the footballers be playing at nights? I sincerely expected the Emir of Qatar to announce “one minute of silence” at the opening of the games for those over 6,500 workers who fell to entertain the world and the thousands injured workers who were dispatched home without compensation.

I hear that Qatar recovered the $200 billion expenses with the sale of just the tickets. Could we expect this Emir to raise his “moral and ethical standard values” just a single notch?

Why price of gold is maintained lower than expected? Central banks in developed nations haven’t bought this much gold since 1967

India Skyroot launched the country’s first privately built rocket into space. The rocket Vikram S placed 3 satellites into orbit.

The biggest courage is defying those trying to rob us the moments of happiness

The smell of the flowers of yasmin (Jasmin) and fel are meant for a political system that smell of self-sufficiency. When the people degrade in its social fabric and “forget” the real meaning of “dignity” to All, the smell also degrades into maraheed (uncleaned toilet) wa zayt kali (fried food).

Khonfoushari? A person badly seeking a “position”, Not to serve, work or do his due diligence for the lot… but to boast and reap free privileges from the “slave souls” around him




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