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Many “authors” for social media try hard to “please” the USA in general.

They do their best to involve Iran in Lebanon shadowy internal affairs. As if Hezbollah was Not able to confront dozens of serious attempts at its “autonomous decisions”.

Those “faked authors” should know by now that the Protestants/Zionists deep USA abhor the concept of “Pleasures”. They actually punish violently those who gave them moments of “arrogant pleasures”

Decades of easy money has left the world with a record $250 trillion of government, corporate and household debt.

That’s almost 3 times global economic output and equates to about $32,500 for every man, woman and child on earth.

Thus, most of these debt are fictitious transfer of paper money and financial “engineering” schemes.

Almost every country (developed or otherwise are indebted to colonial powers who are lending fictitious money at high interest rates

Mind you that USA has accumulated $30 trillion and followed by Japan. And yet these 2 countries lend money!

Iran is getting rid of “morality police” institution, but actually you cannot disband an institution.

The decision follows months of protests after the death of a woman in custody who allegedly broke rules on head coverings. The decision is a way to mean: after 40 years of strict moral standards, it is about time to observe the variations in moral standards that people want to experience

After decades of antagonizing Venezuela, and sanctioning it.
After decades of forcing people in Venezuela to migrate by the millions…
USA decided to “legitimately” import oil from Venezuela, hopefully at market price and Not at EU set price.

What? All is forgiven? All is forgotten?
At least let the immigrants on the borders with USA are allowed to get in with minimal restrictions.




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