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Sabine Choucair

Sometimes I have extreme feelings, I just don’t know how to put in words.

We have been performing in Tunisia for the past two day and I am in love with the Tunisian audience.

It’s exactly what I’ve been missing in the last couple of years. This extreme joy.

People here know how to be joyful, how to make the most out of the moment, how to really watch, how to really laugh and how to be really amazed.

But most of all the audience is generous in showing all of this.

And this produces a doubled mutual feeling of extreme happiness and excitement.

Yesterday, during one of the scenes where I let a person throw an imaginary ball that transforms into a real clown nose, the world stopped for a second. This little girl, took a deep loud breath in when she saw that she did magic.

Her face, her sparkling eyes, her heart pounding and that moment of stillness where everything and everyone stopped for a fraction of a second.

A moment of stillness, magic and poetry. She owned the world and I couldn’t be happier to know that I was part of it.

More of Sabine stories:

I feel blessed as always to have ended this year with one of the most marvelous clown experiences in Tunisia.

Our last show was in Nabeul. We were in a theatre for a change, full house.

The ones who watched our previous show on that day had bought tickets straight away and came back to watch it another time. And there was the new audience too.

Long story short, we performed surrounded by so much positive energy and so much love. I even had a moment of a “fou rire” when I was marrying this lovely guy called “Mabrouk” ( Mabrouk means congratulations. How awesome is this?)

At that moment, the clowns in chorus had a fou rire, the audience had a fou rire. For a moment we were all just laughing.

Not over a funny scene but mostly over a common moment of joy. And there was so much love in this laughter. and a minute later we all got ourselves back in the show.

At the end, kids and adults kept coming to me and using the same sentence I use in my scene “اينا نحبّك “ I loooove you” and they would hug and kiss me endlessly. I got a hundreds of hugs and hundreds of kisses after this show. Nobody wanted to leave

When we went backstage, all clowns were very emotional.

Apparently all together we got thousands and thousands of hugs and kisses. So we just all hugged and cried. We were overwhelmed. What a marvelous time it was.

I wish you all to give and receive thousands and thousands of hugs and kisses in 2023… and May you always be surrounded with awesome people like the clowns and the Tunisian audience


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