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The Primal Passions? The passion of justice is a primal embrace

Posted on: February 5, 2023

By: D.H. Lawrence

If you will go down into yourself, under your surface personality,
you will find you have a great desire to drink life direct
from the source, not out of bottles and bottled personal vessels.

What the old people call immediate contact with God.
That strange essential communication of life
not bottled in human bottles. 

What even the wild witchcraft of the past was seeking
before it degenerated. 

Life from the source, unadulterated
with the human taint.

Contact with the sun of suns
that shines somewhere in the atom, somewhere pivots the curved
and cares not a straw for the put-up human figments.

Communion with the Godhead, they used to say in the past.
But even that is human-tainted now, 
tainted with the ego and the personality.

To feel a fine, fine breeze blowing through the navel and the knees
and have a cool sense of truth, inhuman truth at last
softy fluttering the senses, in the exquisite orgasm of coition
with the godhead of energy that cannot tell lies. 

The cool, cool truth of pure vitality
pouring into the veins from the direct contact with the source.
Uncontaminated by even the beginnings of a lie.
The soul's first passion is for sheer life
entering in shocks of truth, unfouled by lies. 

And the soul's next passion is to reflect
and then turn round and embrace the extant body of life
with the thrusting embrace of new justice, new justice
between men and men, men and women, and earth and stars and

The passion of justice being profound and subtle
and changing in a flow as all passions change.

But the passion of justice is a primal embrace
between and all his known universe.

And the passion of truth is the embrace between man and his god
in the sheer coition of the life-flow, stark and undying

Note: Must reflect on the passion of justice for all, genders, race, life standard, living species...

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