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Day 2:

Our day goes like this. In costume, we are constantly driving amid the destruction. We see small camps and big camps.

We stop, we get out, we turn the camps upside down with our music, bubbles and positive silly energy. We have hundreds of small encounters that stick with us and them forever. We say goodbye. We leave. And start all over again.

We did 6 shows and parades today. We focused on smaller camps where a lot of Syrians are gathered, piling up trauma after trauma. It’s absurd. You run away from war thinking now you’re safe. Then you get hit by an earthquake.

Many kids are not speaking anymore. It’s horrifying. And many lost parts of their bodies.

Today I did a lot of one on one interactions while the other clowns were entertaining the crowds.

I did a small magic trick to a kid who lost speech and a leg and was watching some videos on his phone alone in the tent. I managed to get his attention for few seconds and he agreed to watch the show with everyone else.

A show in a space surrounded by crushed buildings and how many dead people under that rubble.

It was so intense and humbling to be there. To hear laughter of kids and adults.

When we were leaving, all kids ran behind the clowns to the bus. I stayed behind interacting with adults and when leaving a woman’s voice echoed in that empty space … محلاااااااااااااااكم “how beautiful you are”.

her voice will stay with me forever.

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